Aoun & Nasrallah Are Lebanon's enemies/ Elias Bejjani

Micheal Aoun is a real cancer that is devouring the Chastain's presence and coexistence in Lebanon piece by piece in a bid to serve his own selfish agenda and presidential delusions. He is not going anywhere with his evil dreams and will never ever sit on the Baabda presidential chair or carry the title.

Practically the man is completely detached from reality, lives in a world of his own, hears only his voices and sees only his scaring and distorted image via his broken home mirrors. This politically and patriotically derailed Micheal Aoun has no actual conscience or any values at all. Aoun has with no shame what so ever sold himself to the terrorist Hezbollah and to its two Syrian and Iranian masters.

Meanwhile his childish and arrogant disgusting son-in-law the dwarf Jobran Bassil is a cheap trumpet and a greedy and vulgar mouthpiece for the terrorist Hezbollah. This political merchant, Jobran Bassil has nothing to do with the Lebanese Christian's representation, hopes aspirations and fears.

In the same context, sadly the Maronite Patriarch Bchara Al Raei and his close team of clergy and politicians are totally pro the Iranian-Syrian Axis of evil. Simply they can not be trusted and those who naively do always harvest failure, disappointments and humiliation.

On the Hezbollah's frontier, apparently the Shiite community in Lebanon is not able any more to tolerate more human loses in Syria. Nasrallah is trying to contain its anger by lies, fabrications and through playing on its fears.

At the present time, Hezbollah's vicious and criminal scheme is evidently a bloody denominational cleansing of the Sunni Ersal Bekaa town. Its leadership wants the Lebanese army to carry this dirty job. Aoun, Bassil, Lahoud, Rahme and all the other Trojans of March 08th coalition are advocating for this massacre through threats, lies and instigations.

In conclusion Hezbollah is an occupier and an Iranian terrorist army and accordingly all those Lebanese who support him are partners in his occupation and in all the crimes that he is committing in Lebanon, Syria and all other countries where its men are fighting Iran's battles.



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