Nightmare In Egypt…Part 27/ Feras Werr

The general's face beamed with menaces. His eyes glowed with threats as he looked at her and David. "I need you" a deep hair-raising hoarse voice bellowed from his mouth. He walked closer to her as she shook with horror. David attempted to pull her towards him while he stepped backwards towards the entrance but failed as she was heavy as tons. Stacy cried out terrified, "David help me I can't move! Don't leave me here!" She suddenly shook uncontrollably in her place, her teeth clattering wildly as he came closer with his mad looks. She opened her mouth to cry again but nothing came out from the hysterical fear that was ravaging her body and soul. 
David took a desperate mad dash towards the general attempting to move him away but he smacked him with his hand and heaved him off his feet hurling him to the wall. His body slammed with a big thud and fell down. Everything around him swirled in circles as he regained his consciences. The hoarse beastly voice commanded, "Don't try anything foolish! She is mine!"
David got up on his feet and stared unbelievingly at the classical horror that was directly in front of him. Tears filled his eyes and chills soared up his spine repeatedly as her wild cries filled the tomb. The supreme pains were jolting bloodcurdling yells that erupted from within her souls. Her body was releasing wild spasms as the general's teeth dipped deeper into the flesh of her neck drinking from her life. He removed his mouth and calmly said, "Your blood is fresh for my sacrifice."
David exclaimed, "I will be back for you Stacy!!! Hang in there!!!"
The general answered with his sinister deep voice, "She won't be alive."
David stormed out of the tomb panicking at what could be done to release Stacy from the captivity of her fiendish assailant. As he left the iron door smashed into its place. Another thunder clap sounded from above as he ran up the ancient stairs cursing the hours that brought him to this hell hole. Very soon another series of yells sounded from beneath. He closed his ears and continued his way up, arriving within moments to the crater. "Zuhair!!! Zuhair!!! Are you still there!!!"
Zuhair peeked from on top and threw a line down towards him. Soon his body rested lifeless. David quickly tugged the rope checking its security. Seeing it was sturdy enough to handle his weight he heaved himself upwards climbing the wall of the crater, the sound of flesh tearing in the backgrounds not succeeding in capturing his attention at first. As he climbed out of the crater another thunder clap filled the skies and dense rainfall began. He checked Zuhair whom was in a very pained and feeble condition, breathing his last breaths of life. A pool of blood surrounded him. 
"Oh my God, Zuhair what happened!!!" David yelled out. All of a sudden he noticed the vicious lacerations on his wet clothes at his waist. "Zuhair who did this to you!!!"
Zuhair barely made out, "It has began, the final apocalypse,"
He picked him up within his hands and asked, "Don't speak any more, your bleeding, I'm going to my truck. There's a first aid kit. I need you to be a strong man till I come back!"
Zuhair caught him by his shirt and pleaded, "I have bled a lot. My wounds need stitches. Despite my tough army training I couldn't survive and kill it."
"What is this that lashed at you?! And tell me what apocalypse you are speaking about!"
Zuhair answered as the rain drops trickled down his wet hair and face, "God's wrath on the world, when he would surrender this evil unforgiving world into the hands of the unforgiving and revengeful. This philosophy is in all the monotheistic religions. Here take this" His right hand barely moved from the weight of the revolver in it. A stream of blood soon spilled from the tip of his mouth as his body instantly grew lifeless in David's arms. Tears dropped from David's eyes again as he placed Zuhair's body down on the wet sands. He closed the dead man's eyes and softly said, "May God have mercy on your soul good man."
He took the revolver wondering at the warnings and stood up. The sound of fierce flesh tearing soon surfaced in the distances. David froze in his place. It was coming from behind his back. He gulped hard as he noticed that the entire dig site and camp was silent as can be aside from the sound of the beastly play and the rain drop trickles around him. Even Stacy's distress cries were no longer audible. God only knows if this was because of the distance between them or due to her death. Another flesh tear sounded followed by vicious bone snapping and chewing. What ever it was, it was certainly big and hungry. 
He took in a deep breath and loaded the gun. He turned around and aimed directly in front of him, his arm spanned out at almost one hundred and eighty degrees. It was feasting on the workers corpse that they buried earlier. It lifted its head up and gave him a loathsome look. It stood up on its hind legs revealing its lengthy seven foot stature; a creature with a human body and a bull's head stemming from it. Its body was all covered with hair and had at the end of its hands and feet long sharp claws. On its head were four long bull horns. A set of sharp beastly teeth showed behind its menacing smile. Mini chunks of bloody flesh were smeared all over its mouth. It gave a chilling beastly roar as it charged towards him. Petrified at first from its gruesome look he couldn't move his fingers to pull the trigger. But as it got closer he shivered from its awesome aggressiveness and began clicking on the trigger of the gun. Nothing came out. David screamed hysterically with panic as the reality smacked on him. He threw the gun away and braced himself for the clash with the beast. The beast smashed into him making him fall to the ground with a cry. He rolled a couple of times before he stopped, lightheaded from the collision, crying from its spiteful looks. He rolled on his back and found it hovering above him. It raised its foot and attempted to step on him but he grabbed its foot before it could reach his stomach. His arm muscles flexed superbly as he battled with its heavy strength for a couple of seconds. The claws of the beastly foot dipped into David's hands making him cry with pain. Blood streams began to flow from his hands and fill his arms as he gradually succeeded in lifting the beast's leg upwards. Suddenly with a powerful cry he shoved it back making it fall on the ground on its’ back. David got up and ran as fast as his feet could carry him towards the truck. He opened its door and climbed up the mini ladder at the bottom of the truck's door. He hopped in the driver's compartment and closed the door behind him. He looked around but caught no trace of the creature. For a few seconds all was silent. Nothing was heard but his panting and heavy breathes from the clash. He clasped his hand as the blood continued to trickle down filling his clothes. Suddenly the truck quaked at the weight of heavy steps. They were coming from the trucks rear cargo compartment. A heavy thud followed making the roof cave in a little. David knew the creature was on top of him. Suddenly he noticed a small 10 liter gallon of gas resting besides his foot. Some long pieces of material lay besides it with a cigarette pack and matches. His head lit with an idea. The creature began pounding the roof in an attempt to break through it. Meanwhile he wrapped some material around his hand to stop the bleeding and so he could be able to perform his plan. He opened the gallon cap and dipped a cloth inside it saturating it with gas. He left its tip inside and closed down the cap a little firming it in place. He scratched one of the matches and lit the end of the cloth. Suddenly the creatures hand smashed through the roof but he succeeded in opening the door and jumping away from its grasp. The creature grabbed the gas gallon and raised it upwards through the opening it made. David ran away from the truck as a miniature explosion erupted behind him. Vicious beastly howls filled the air around him as he turned around. The creature was dancing madly with pain on top of the truck while the flames engulfed him from the explosion. He fell down shortly afterwards and dissolved into the sands he came from. David drew a cross on himself and thanked God that this encounter ended with him alive. He looked back at the crater and wondered what was going on down there that had just released these fiendish creatures.
Stacy's body convulsed with the immense pain as the channels that were carved in her body drained her energy slowly and painfully. Her body that was suspended in thin air dripped with its red blood to the delight of her brutal captor. He looked up at her as she hung helplessly from the ceiling, her hands tied above her head with a rope. "Stacy Hamilton," The entity's deep hoarse voice announced, "Didn't you know that you would be honored one day with the pleasure of this sacrifice?" She looked at his face that was screaming with happiness at her torture. "Or did you think that you were going to the mercies of heaven with your unrepentant stealing habits?" 
The general walked around her as the blood trickled down her body dropping into the pot underneath her, "Do you know why the likes of me exist in your world? I don't come here but get invited." He looked up and giggled as she released a painful moan, "It’s the hateful nature of people these days, they loath each other for praying, when ever I see an empty synagogue, church or mosque I celebrate the foolishness of man kind and rejoice with triumph. Do you know why?" He continued as he walked around, his boots releasing a light tick tock sound, "If they are not full of goodness what are they full of? I will tell you, stealing, corruption, embezzling, waging their bloody wars on each other, slaughtering each other. I will give you an example; the president of my nation and superiors take the decisions to fight behind their bureaucratic desks then send us to get killed by their enemies." He laughed aloud as her vital signs were almost dying out, "You see, the chap lying in the tomb and me are of the same breed and have one master to worship. Die my sweetheart; die for you are surely going to hell, my realm." 
Stacy managed with a feeble voice, "This is for our forgiving Lord to decide," then rested lifeless. The pot that was an eon old was a quarter full with blood and ready for the ceremony. He broke the lid of the decaying wooden coffin and placed some wood chips underneath the pot. Soon the big fire started. Within short moments the thick nauseating smell filled the chambers. Within short moments dense mist gushed from the heating pot and spread all around him diminishing any visibility. 
The mist disappeared back into the pot revealing their macabre contents. It spoke with a voice that quaked the dungeon they were in and caused rocks to chip from the ceiling above. "You have done good by summoning me!"
The general knelt before it begging with his hoarse voice, "Please, I'm your servant please!"
"You have always been with me! You are two thousand bodies old, the hatred and evil within you is strong! The people that died by your white merchandise have fortified your name and credits in our realm." It looked at Setekh whom was resting calmly in the covered sarcophagus, "He wanted power and authority but only in a foolish way. He sold himself to me and was one of my men. But he was naïve and didn't know how to wage his war, unlike you, although his adversary was a brave one!"
"Do you wish for me to complete his unfinished task?" the general asked enthusiastically. 
Oxen walked up to the pot, his footsteps thudding and shaking the grounds underneath. He picked up the iron container with his paws. He drank some of the blood residue with satisfaction and commented, "Your sacrifice is fresh and have come to my liking evil man. You will take orders from me. You are mine now! Nartor my brother, whom was this man's lord, was killed and I have his blood to avenge from Humanity! This will greatly please my master!" Oxen's eyes grew wide with more fierceness and hate as he swore, "I Oxen lord in the evil realms swear by my masters that I worship that I will not rest till my brother's revenge has been taken." 
The general shook from Oxen's madness and promised, "I will do as you please and will never forsake you master. I swear."
"Summon your army of death now for our ancient enemies have already risen general. When you lit the fire underneath her blood you ignited with it the next apocalypse that will decide our fate on earth against the pathetic humans. You will command and wage the evil world's next war on humanity. Your mind will be enlightened by our knowledge."
The human bull disappeared within seconds leaving the general and his dead sacrifice in the room. The general tore the iron door from its place and walked up the rocky steps. Soon he was climbing up the rope and in full view of David whom was in the semi burned truck trying to radio for help from the Jordanian Headquarters. David looked attentively as he saw the general in the midst of the rain and thunder raise his hands up and scream out loud, "GATHER YOURSELVES FROM THE WET MOUNDS OF EARTH, RISE AND COLLECT YOUR FIGHTING STRENGTHS THAT ARE EONS STRONG, QUAKE THE GROUNDS THAT ARE NOW YOURS TO KEEP, RISE MY BRETHREN FOR THE TIME HAS COME TO RULE HUMANITY!!!"
David closed his ears as the ensuing thunder claps filled the skies and the lightening bolts lit the gloominess around him. Within short moments the unexpected happened in front of his eyes. Mounds of earth shot up from the grounds, forming, as they grew in size and length. The incalculable mounds filled the desert around him as far as his eyes could see. The showers grew in intensity and the skies thundered massively as the mounds shaped into creatures just like the one he blew up. But these were armed with sharp spears. David's ears whistled with pressure as the fierce beastly howls erupted from them while they circled around the general. "March towards Sinai! Egypt is yours! Revenge Nartor's death and kill every living human in your wake." The grounds shuddered underneath their marching as the thousands of flesh eaters began their trek. 
David ducked as the giant army made their way surrounding the truck towards their destined Sinai. For long moments he stayed down in his place not daring to move a muscle as the truck shuddered in its place from their mass march, their footsteps releasing loud splatters in the muddy earth of the desert. "Zuhair was right." David's tense mind thought. 
"A feeble voice from the radio suddenly answered in a very weak English, "Yes American Expedition, we received your communication."
"A miracle is happening," David thought, "But even if I tell them, will they believe what I’m seeing?"
A plain concrete room, a central radio device and two men on duty with cups of strong Arabic coffee in their hands met general Riyadh as he stormed through the entrance. The men stood up instantly and saluted the general. Intermittent messages sounded form the speaker as he ordered his two men on duty to initiate contact with the frequencies sent in by their headquarters. He was soon calling, "American Expedition, do you copy?!"
A very soft signal came in, "This is Dave from the American Expedition, do you copy?"
"Yes David, what is going on?!" 
"General I need you to hear me out."
"Speak a little louder. Your signal is weak."
"I'm unable to speak any louder. Our Expedition was wrecked and we have sustained loss in life. We are about one hundred and sixty kilometers southward of the desert from the main roads. These are all the coordinates I can give you."
"Where is general Cannons David?"
"We lost him. General Riyadh we need armed back up from you."
"Who attacked you exactly? Are they mobsters?"
David paused for a moment's time not knowing what to report, panicking at the same time of the outcome if he didn't convince the general to send armored back up. The general radioed back, "David to you copy," as he made up his mind to try although he felt that the general will probably render him drunk and not answer his request, "General this is not a joke, the ancient treasures we were seeking turned out to be all cursed and I'm surrounded by thousands of armed flesh eating demons. We have succeeded in provoking a big curse…"
"David are you drunk or high on something?! You are speaking to a superior in the Jordanian armed forces and unless you have something worthwhile to tell me don't bother me." General Riyadh handed the speaker to his men and turned his back to leave when David's last words made him hesitate for a while.
"General I'm really Colonel David Smith and I'm a high ranking superior in the New York Security Department in New York State. You can verify this information with NYSD themselves directly. Please don't walk out on me and terminate communications. I'm here in an undercover assignment with the knowledge of the Government Bureau of Investigations in the US tracking the general whom is a major suspect in big cocaine and antique smuggling operations in New York. The general was in pursuit of a very ancient map promising treasures buried in Wadi Rum Desert with the will to illegally sell them in the black markets. The general was to be apprehended by NYSD upon his return to the US."
General Riyadh began steaming with pressure and anger. David didn't sound drunk nor was his tone of voice belonging to a man hallucinating. He walked back to controls and asked bitterly, "If what you say is true why didn't your headquarters send communiqué concerning this to our security department? This is unacceptable conduct. If any undercover bullshit is going on in my country we should know about it!"
"General really big names are involved in this back in New York. Please check back with GBI and if you don't get your armies down here in the deserts those demons are going to ravage and devastate the entire southern side of your Kingdom. We have unintentionally dug out an ancient cursed tomb and I swear it just spilled out thousands of vicious demons. Why do you think I'm unable to speak any louder? They are marching around me towards the south."
"General no one had the slightest anticipation that it was going to lead down to something involving national security."
"In half an hour I will verify the information you gave me through headquarters. As for the freaks you are telling me about that are loose in the desert, although I find it hard to believe but…I know what to do. In the mean time keep a low profile where ever you are till I get you out of there. Riyadh out."
"Give me our frequency once again."
Within seconds the general was calling, "Desert Rage, Desert Rage do you copy?"
"Yes sir, Colonel Hafeth with you sir."
"I need your two battalions to keep an aware eye during your training exercises for possible hostiles that were reported coming your way. I need two surveillance units to move one hundred kilometers north of where you are exactly to search for an expedition camp that was under attack. Only one survivor rests in the camp under siege by the hostiles. Any irregular movement is to be reported to me immediately. Your surveillance unites and battalions have approval to engage in immediate combat when under attack. I repeat you and the surveillance units have permission to retaliate any attack immediately."
"Yes general. The units will be on their way. But what should we be expecting."
"I don't know exactly but be prepared for anything, the expected and unexpected."
General Riyadh ordered, "Get me the Joint Chief of Staff immediately on the phone."
The Valley Of The Kings -/-/-
Professor Charles Baker stood proudly with his two Egyptian aids at the entrance of the ancient Egyptian tomb in the Valley of the Kings, looking at the steep corridor decorated with breathtaking paintings and that preceded the main burial chambers of its royal owner. For a lengthy three thousand years its owner slept within its' rooms that were full of sacred contents, sealed by the priests and his family, and believed to be savoring the comforts of the afterlife. Today after his quiescence the casing that covered his sarcophagus will be cut open and he will be exposed for the very first time to the air of the twentieth century. 
The morning sun shined superbly in the skies above as all of them waited patiently for the VIP and his assembly to arrive. Professor Charles burned with anticipation as he stood on the look out, wiping the sweat off of his bald head and face with his handkerchief. The two stout five foot seven inch workers with their tanned complexion and long sleeved brown tunics were a bit more tolerant to the Valleys' heat as they stood besides him dwarfing him with their heights. Their white turbans were successful in reflecting a huge amount of sunlight away from their heads making their work underneath the sunshine more bearable. Growing up in Luxor also made them used to the hot environment that prevailed in their area, unlike their boss that was used to the cool climate of New York.  
The Valley of the Kings would be swarming with admiring visitors in the midday and afternoon hours. Tourists of different nationalities and locals would be filling its pathways posing a tough challenge for security that would be so necessary for the VIP's movement. Accordingly it was the professor's idea to host the event during the morning hours, making use of the calmness the Valley would be enjoying at that time. Suddenly Medhadt El-Selehdar, the minister of Antiques, appeared surrounded by an assembly of eight civilians, and a big number of journalists descending the steep red sandy paths between the miniature hills and the excavated tombs of the valley. The professor ordered the men to go downstairs and wait besides the casing in the burial chambers. As the men left a wave of Camera clicks and flash sparkles followed immediately, photographing the minister and the professor shake hands warmly and shower each other with greetings.
Medhadt with his lengthy six foot build looked down at the short bald chubby fellow saying, "My friend you never fail to amaze me with your will and work,"
"Your Excellency it is the ancients' of these lands that have a lot to tell us and that is what is keeping us busy. I would never have forgiven myself if these moments were to happen without the proper formalities."
"Let us make haste and see what we have found here."
Professor Charles smiled back at Medhadt that was beaming with elegance in a handsome navy blue suit and replied, "I shall make my announcement and then I will guide you through the chambers."
He began with a formal tone of voice, "It pleases me to announce a major discovery that many Egyptologists have waited for in the past decades; the royal burial Chambers of Ramses the Second. We were much perplexed as to where his final resting place was as apparently, from what we understood from the glyphs in the burial chambers we are about to see, that his body was moved several times to prevent thievery; a very hindering element in our work. His body was last moved here, to a resting place intended originally for a head priest named Pinudjem II, where he remained till our present day discovery. As we worked our way, clearing the debris that was probably used as obstacles to block the tomb from any treasure hunter's mischief, we were under the impression that it belonged to the head priest hadn't it been for the information in the burial chambers. I will fill you in on the necessary information regarding this tomb as we proceed down its chambers and corridors. Due to security reasons we were informed that photography is prohibited. Your Excellency, gentlemen, follow me please."
The assembly walked through the entrance slowly, looking and admiring the colorful painted images on the walls to their left and right. The professor paused his advance and was about to explain the importance of the paintings in relation to the religious burial practices when suddenly was interrupted by a loud clattering and banging. The commotion sent the assembly looking at each other with wonder. "What is happening professor?" the minister asked in a panicky voice.
"I have two men waiting down there but…"
Suddenly blood curdling screams tore out from within the depths of the corridor making the assembly jump in their places. Panicky distress cries echoed between the walls, "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!! HELP!!!" while another yelled out, "THIS PLACE IS CURSED!!!"
The minister screamed his orders, "SECURITY GET DOWN THERE AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON."
Four security men from the assembly withdrew guns from their shoulder holders and instantly ran towards the havoc. Halfway downwards multiple screams erupted and they all came back running with the workers with awe struck faces screaming, "GET OUT OF THIS PLACE EVERYBODY. HE IS COMING." They ran out of the tomb dragging the panicky minister with them. The assembly dashed hysterically out of the ancient premises leaving the professor behind. 
The macabre ancient body escalated the path in full armor, slowly walking towards the professor. As it met the first glimpse of the sunlight it stood directly in front of the scholar whom was shaking with horror. Sweat tickles filled his bald head and face as he studied the walking dead breath with life again. His teeth clattered together as he barely made out, "Please don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me."
The mummy spoke in its language with a deep royal commanding voice, "Move out of my way. My battle is not with you but with whom your breed has awakened with your black hearts."
Goose pimples flushed all over the Professor's skin as he understood the language and immediately ran out of the corridor. He ran half way towards the assembly that stood off of a distance then stumbled and fell down, his legs turning to petrified wood from the scare. He screamed out "HELP ME!!!" as the mummy stood at the entrance looking at him. The minister's security ran up to the professor and helped him up moving him to where they gathered. The professor yelled hysterically, "I DON'T BELIEVE IT, IT SPOKE TO ME!!! THIS IS INSANE!!!I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!"
Suddenly grey clouds began creeping up on the skies and dimmed the morning sunlight. The grounds underneath the assembly released tremors as the mummified bodies broke out from their undiscovered tombs that were adjacent to the excavated ones. Scores of others tore through the solid rock of the grounds with deafening battering. Within a minutes time incalculable mummies stood on the cliffs up above them in the valley and screamed their allegiance to Pharaoh Ramses with husky tones of voices full of fighting spirit. The entire army was with full armor as they stormed down the cliffs and paths passing by the assembly and surrounding Ramses. The minister with his assembly hastened back up to their cars and within seconds were off Towards Cairo. They watched with awed spirits as more mummies broke through the solid grounds filling the fields that were spread out as far as their eyes could see and ran towards the Valley of the Kings. 



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