Final outcome-Maronite Catholic Society’s Elections 2015 from the Maronite Eparchy in Strathfield

Bishop Tarabay blesses the mission of President Tony Khattar and his new team
The Maronite Catholic Society Executive held its first meeting on Monday 4 May 2015 in order to distribute the various Executive responsibilities in accordance with its constitution and determine the way forward in the service of the Maronite community both in Australia and Lebanon.
The results were as follows:
Tony Khattar: President and Chair of Church Liaison Subcommittee
Ghassan Awit: First Vice-President
Lichaa Chidiac: Second Vice-President
Raymond Abi Arraj: Secretary
Fahd Gitani: Assistant Secretary 
Chafic Saade: Treasurer
 Khalil Tartak: Advisor
Bakhos Georges: Advisor and chair of Events Subcommittee
Sarkis Nassif: Consultant- Special Projects
Anne Farah-Hill: Chair, Women Subcommittee
Joe Baini: Chair of International Relations Subcommittee
Anthony Hasham: Chair of Planning and Development Subcommittee
Danny Geagea: Chair, Registration of Maronites in Lebanon Subcommittee

Immediately after the announcement of the final result, Bishop Tarabay congratulated President Tony Khattar and his Executive Committee stressing the importance of the Maronite Catholic Society and the role it plays as he explained his ambitious vision which the President Khattar and the new Executive will undoubtedly would attempt to fulfil.
The meeting was also an opportunity for the new president to thank his grace for his continued support for the Society and to reach out and extend his sincere appreciation to all the Maronite parishes – priests, monks and nuns, promising to communicate and cooperate with all of them in order to uphold and support the Maronite community.
At the end of the meeting, memorial photos were taken. His grace then blessed their mission as they set out to serve their community.
For more information, please contact: Tony Khattar on 0418201902 or Raymond Abi-Arraj on 0413069004

Issued by Raymond Abi-Arraj
Secretary - Maronite Catholic Society
Sydney – 5 May 2015

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