Congratulating all winners of Charbel Baini award/ Dr. Safwat Riad

Congratulating all the deserved respected winners of Charbel Baini award:
1- Bahia Abou Hamad
2- Fouad N. Khoury
3- Nazar Dairyani
4- Eiad Kahwash
5- Nagui Elwasfi
6- Fouad Elhaj
7- Ismael Fadel
8- Shawki Moslemani 
Such award which include members from all Arabic speaking communities 
even overseas who have great achievements during the year. 
An award which carry the name of a great poet 
who loves without limits 
even who are trying to hurt him, 
but if he is not happy with any issue 
he confronted it with such loud logic voice; 
I believe the chosen winners have similar characters 
as the great poet they are carrying his award.
and I am very proud to say: I won this award long time ago.



  1. Bahia Betty Abou HamadMay 11, 2015 at 5:23 AM

    Thank you Dr Safwat Riad for your precious words and comment.

  2. To all the recipients of Charbel Baini’s Award May 2015: Bahia Abou Hamad, Fouad N.khoury, Shawki Moslemani, Fouad Elhaj, Ismael Fadel, Nazar Daiyani, Eiad Kahwas, Nagui Elwasfi:
    Congratulations on receiving Charbel Baini’s Award, I am extremely glad to hear that you earned this significant recognition; for it is an acknowledgement for your tireless work and continuous achievements. I wish you unlimited success in the future.
    You may allow me to mention that I earned this precious award in 1997 and I am proud of it and of our acclaimed poet Charbel Baini, who has been continuing giving awards for nearly two decades. Chabel Baini has been a great support for all the successful contributors in the Australian Arabic communities. Thank you Charbel, We all appreciate your magnificent continuous acknowledgement and we wish you all the best in your endeavour.
    Marcelle Mansour.