A letter to the Ambassador Terje Roed Larsen

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution
Representing the hopes and aspirations of many millions of Lebanese in Lebanon and throughout the Diaspora
2300 M Street NW Suite 800, Washington DC, USA 20037
Phone (202) 506 9540, Fax (202) 293 3083

30th April 2015

Ambassador Terje Roed Larsen
UN SG Special Envoy for the Implementation of UNSCR 1559
President of the International Peace Academy
IPA, 777 UN Plaza
New York NY 10017

Your excellency,

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution is delighted to acknowledge your continued commitment to the full implementation of UNSCR 1559. Lebanon has suffered much since our last meeting is Sydney Australia. 
-   The Lebanese politicians don’t seem to have the political will or courage to elect a new President.
- Neither the government nor the army seem to have the capacity to halt the continued dangerous involvement of Hezbollah in the Syrian conflict.
- The government is making every endeavor, but is finding it extremely difficult to carry out effective administrative and productive business operations without the presence of an elected President thus allowing the rule of the gun to reign supreme rather that the rule of law.
- As you know only too well that public and border security are virtually non-existent and the refugee problem is rampant.
- Our previously foreshadowed dangers for the people of Lebanon, it economy and its sovereignty, resulting from the Syrian civil war, have come to fruition.  

We have been awaiting for UNSC positive action for a longtime.

Your strong recommendation for the Security Council to meet in Lebanon could be a very powerful move if it is intended to re-ignite the confidence of the people of Lebanon towards Law and order, security, self-determination and sovereignty.
However, you could encounter difficulties, if for example you were to rely on any anticipated conciliation between Hezbollah and the Future groups, we all will be waiting for a very long time and we may never see it. If you were to hope that one terror organization such as Hezbollah, will protect the people of Lebanon from ISIS, we shall all perish before this happens, for they are both evils from the same source.

The UNSC must arrive at the conclusion that it must provide 
- strong Military support to the Lebanese Army
- Enforce the democratic process of the Lebanese constitution and elect a President
- Preserve and protect the sovereignty of Lebanon.
The most crucial part of the UNSC’s mission is to take action forthwith

Once again we acknowledge with gratitude your continued commitment and look forward to a renewed
Effort which will result in peace and stability for the people of Lebanon.

For and on behalf of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution

Joe Baini Tom Harb

Joseph P Baini  

Tom Harb
Secretary General



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