Good Friday at OLOL Cathedral

At 11am on Good Friday, the Honourable Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia, walked into a packed Our Lady of Lebanon’s Cathedral to join the Maronite Community in the holy liturgy.

Worshippers came from all across NSW to attend the Good Friday Rite of Adoration of the Cross celebrated by Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay and to listen to his sermon and here is some of what he said: “There is a unity between the cross and the Crucified. When we adore the Cross, we adore Jesus”.

In the Liturgy “we pray the traditional prayer in Aramaic and it is at the centre of our Liturgy” which means “Oh Jesus who were crucified for us, have mercy on us”.

“Jesus prayed that His Father would open their eyes to see their sins, in order to repent and be forgiven. Jesus was fully human and fully divine on the Cross. His mission was to save the world with His suffering...”

The Bishop was aided by Mgnr Marcelino, Vicar General and by the OLOL Parish priests headed by Mgnr Shora Marie.

The Readings were done by Prime Minister Abbott, Mirella Khattar and one of the Sisters at OLOL..

Following the liturgy, Bishop Tarabay, accompanied by the Prime Minister and his First Lady, the Ruddocks and some VIPs: Mr &Mrs Anwar Harb, Mr & Mrs Joe Khattar, joe Rizk, Wally Wehbe, Mr & Mrs Joseph Assaf and Raymond Abi-Arraj.... they adjourned to the Community Centre next-door for some nibbles to break their fast....

A very holy day well spent in the presence of the One Who died for us...

With my best and most blessed wishes at Easter. Have a happy one!

Raymond Abi-Arraj



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