A special letter from Ralda Nouneh

Good morning Charbel,

Hope you are doing well. We missed you all.

I wanted to share this with you as I know that you love and appreciate music.

Last month I participated in a fund raising campaign for the "Symphonic Orchestra of Youth of Montreal " (http://www.osjm.org/). The idea for this campaign was that the three candidates that accumulate the most donations from their friends or realtives will win a special evening when they will conduct the Orchestra during a piece of music that they choose.

Since, as you may know, I adore music and I am with choir since long time and it was one of my dreams to conduct a choir or an orchestra, I worked hard and guess what - I WON.

Last Wednesday was the big event and I conduct the Symphonic Orchestra during "Radetzky March" of Strauss. It was an exceptional and unforgettable evening for me. Joseph and the kids were very happy and proud.

I put the photos on facebook and I am sending attaching them as well.

Regards to you all




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