honouring three Egyptians won seats in Australian parliaments

For the first time ever, three Egyptians won seats in Australian parliaments.

The Hon. Dr. Anne Aly MP, for Federal seat of Cowan in WA
The Hon. Peter Khalil MP, for Federal seat of Wills in VIC
The Hon. Edmond Atalla MP, for NSW seat of Mount Druitt

You are cordially invited to the Egyptian Gala Dinner to honour them and celebrate this milestone in the history of the Egyptian community in Australia.


Date: Sunday 27 November 2016
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Venue: Doltone House
Address: 223 Belgrave Esplanade | Sylvania Waters NSW 2224
Parking: Free on site
Dinner: 3 Course incl. soft drinks, coffee and tea
* An alternate seafood/ fasting (all 3 course) will be offered for the fasting Copts (as Christmas fast starts on 25/11/2016).
Please advise of any special dietary requirement.
Dress: Formal

Cost: $90 pp or $850 for a table of 10
《The event is not for profit. Any proceeds after covering the expenses will be donated to a charity》

All attendees MUST register and book through the event organiser website SimpleTix as the barcode printed on the E-Ticket will be scanned at the entry of the venue.

1. Credit card: Through the link above for SimpleTix (using Visa, Mastercard or Amex).
Booking & credit card processing fee is $2.99 (at cost).

2. Direct deposit: to the following bank account (after registering on this event site first):
BSB: 012397
Acc.: 574753933
Ref.: Your full name - MPs dinner
Please email the transfer remittance notice to: aussie.egyptians@gmail.com

RSVP: Friday 11 November 2016
No refund for cancellations made after RSVP date

For more information or sponsorship enquiries, please contact me on:
Mobile: 0400 44 66 11
Email: aussie.egyptians@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AussieEgyptians

Looking forward to seeing you there : )

Many thanks.

Kind regards,
Sam Mansour

Pictures from MIMA Awards 2016

The Meeting with H.E. Mrs. Nabila Makram in the Egyptian Consulate in Sydney on 11 October 2016


By Dr. Safwat Riad

With thanks to H.E. Mr. Youssef Shawki and staff of Egyptian Consulate in Sydney for organizing this informative successful meeting on 11 October 2016 with Egyptian community of Sydney during the visit of Egyptian Minister of Immigration H.E. Mrs. Nabila Makram.

Australia/ Tony Hanna

Australia is a beautiful country
Which indeed we love
The land and people
As special as can be
A place where everyone can succeed

Follow the road of rules
Be honest in what ever u do
Australia forever will give u love
And they'll believe in you

Help others and love one an other
And build Australia with happiness and trust
Look after the mother that looks after us all
And forever we will last

Love the country and love the flag
In which there are two
Blue white and red then green white and gold
Keep Australia clean
we've been blessed from up above
So won't u love it with me.

The Evening Guitar/ Amal Awwad Radwan

 Translated by Nizar Sartawi
You strutted down, a nightingale wet with my sunset
!prancing with my high-heeled dream
You flapped the wings of my abandoned ether
.and I took you in my arms, a gazelle of fog I carved with the awl of my fate

To a spacious weariness in the heights of imagination
the boats of my fiery life led me
And you.. have never ceased to live like a canopy
!on the bank of my ivory time

We are the ones overtaken by idiotic road-bends
Our falling life
runs fast
?!How could we salvage what’s been left of our pine’s footsteps
A handful of answers from senile needles
groping for the paths of mumblings towards you
with a smile
that takes off me my body and the spells of my apprehensions
dresses me in celibate violets
enclosed by amulets from your eyes
eternalizing me
nesting my virgin mornings
!on the throne of your chastity

I am he who embraced the twin paradises of your eyes
You alone.. can set me free from the memory of oblivion
You alone
;demand from my soul her blind night
during the phases of the dawn
and the ends of my ancient insomnia
and we... o v e r f l o w
!as a prayer of silence
,O evening guitar; be glorified
..shake like an earthquake, rejoice
turn the bosom of my sky into turquoise with a full moon’s whisper
that beseeches you
grant abundance to my heart’s river with a tattoo of joy
that dyes me with your forgiveness

From the balconies of dawn
get birds of reunion to chirp
to crack the fence of the mist
to turn me into a Lote tree with the prayers of your angels

;On the right of the throne is your Lote tree of the utmost boundary
Made so tender by your celibate breaths
!studded with the whiteness of your faithfulness

قِيَثارَةُ اْلمَسَاءِ/ آمال عوّاد رضوان
بُلْبُلاً مُبَلَّلاً بِغُرُوبِي تهادَيتِ
تَتَقَمَّزِينَ بِكَعْبِ حُلمِي العْالِي!
رَفْرَفْتِ بِجَناحَيْ أَثِيرِي المْهْجُورِ
واحْتَضَنْتكِ رِيمَ ضَبَابٍ؛ نحَتَهُ مِخْرَزُ قَدَرِي.

إِلى وَهَنٍ فَسِيحٍ مِنْ ذُرَى الخْيَالِ؛
سَاقَتْنِي مَرَاكِبُ حَيَاتِي النَّارِيَّةِ
وَأَنْتِ.. مَا انْفَكَكْتِ تحْيَيْنَ صُفّةً
عَلى ضِفَّةِ دَهْرِي العَاجِيِّ!

نحْنُ مَنْ تدْرِكُنا المُنْعَطَفاتُ البَلْهاءُ
يُهَرْوِلُ عُمْرُناَ
أَنّى نتَدارَكُ ما تبَقّى لنَا مِنْ خُطَى صَنَوْبَرِناَ؟!
حَفْنَةُ أَجْوِبَةٍ مِنْ إِبَرٍ هَاذِيَةٍ؛
تَتَلَمَّسُ دُرُوبَ التَّمْتَماتِ إِليْكِ
تَخْلَعُ عَنّي جَسَدِي وَتعَاوِيذَ هَواجِسِي
تُلْبِسُني بَنَفْسَجًا عُذْرِيًّا
تَحُفُّهُ تمائِمُ عَيْنَيْكِ
وَتغَلْغِلُ.. صَبَاحَاتِي البِكْرَ
عَلَى عَرْشِ طُهْرِكِ!

أَناَ مَنِ اعْتَنَقْتُ فِرْدَوْسَيْ عَيْنَيْكِ
وَحْدكِ .. مَنْ يعْتِقُنِي مِنْ ذَاكِرَةِ النِّسْيَانِ
مَنْ ترَاوِدِينَ نفسِيَ عَنْ ليْلِهَا الضَّرِيرِ؛
آناَءَ فَجْرِكِ
وَأَطْرَافَ سُهْدِي العَتِيقِ
وَ... نَ فِ ي ضُ
صَلاَةَ صَمْتٍ!
أيا قيثارَةَ المَساءِ؛ تجَلَّلي
تَزَلزَلي.. تهَلَّلي
فَيْرِزِي صَدْرَ سَمَائيِ بِوَشْوَشَةِ بَدْرٍ
يَتَضَرّعُ إِليْكِ
كَوْثِرِي نهَرَ قَلْبِي بِوَشْمَةِ بَهْجَةٍ
تُخضّبُنِي بِعَفْوِكِ

مِنْ شُرُفَاتِ الفَجْرِ؛
شَقْشِقِي عَصَافِيرَ لقَاءٍ
تُشقِّق سياجَ السّديم
تُسَدِّرُنيِ بِدَعْواتِ مَلائكَتِكِ

عَنْ يَمينِ العَرْشِ سِدْرَةُ مُنْتَهَاكِ؛
تُهَفْهِفُهَا أَنْفَاسُكِ البَتولُ
مُطَعَّمَةً بِبَيَاضِ وَفَائِكِ!
ترجمة نزار سرطاوي

* A Palestinian poet, writer and journalist

Racial Vilification Legislation

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his Attorney-General sought to make changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, specifically to repeal section 18C. Section 18C states that we cannot offend, assault, humiliate or intimidate any other person or a group of people because of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin. The Abbott Government wanted to get rid of this section by arguing that it restricts "free speech". Attorney-General George Brandis went further by stating that "People have a right to be bigots." We have a new Federal Government, a new Senate and, alarmingly, a cohort of Senators who are intent on revisiting this issue. Rather than show leadership, the response of Prime Minister Turnbull was astonishing, describing the call to repeal section 18C as having "worthy arguments" in favour of softening the Racial Discrimination Act but that the issue is not a current "priority" for his Government. This is nothing less than outrageous.

Adopting the proposed changes to section 18C would be a disaster for us as a nation and more so for religious minorities. In fact, the Racial Discrimination Act and Anti-Discrimination Act in New South Wales fails to address the sufferings that religious minorities face on a daily basis. There are more than 500,000 people in the Australian Islamic community and they need the protection of the law against persistent religious abuse. The abuse is so prevalent that it has become persecution on a collective scale. This collective punishment of the Australian Islamic community must stop. According to a 2015 human rights report, Muslim Australians experience discrimination, vilification and abuse on a daily basis. In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 5 November 2015, Judith Ireland and Beau Donelly stated:

During consultations with more than 130 community, legal, university and government groups this year, discrimination against Muslims was "consistently raised as a significant concern. Many participants labelled anti-Muslim discrimination a daily or regular occurrence"...

In an article entitled "Religion and the Racial Discrimination Act: Don't Muslims Also Deserve Protection?" Mariam Veiszadeh noted:

A decade-long national study conducted by the University of Western Sydney found that nearly half of Australians describe themselves as having anti-Muslim attitudes.

Legal protections would only apply to an Australian Muslim, for example, if one was abused as—excuse my language—an effing Lebanese Muslim, because their race is identified. Whereas to be abused as an effing Muslim, which is attacking a person because of his faith, will provide no protection. It has been said on many occasions that the Racial Discrimination Act has a limited ability to protect Muslim Australians. I say it has no ability because it only covers discrimination or vilification based on race, colour, ethnicity, national origin or immigrant status—not religion. Muslims are not a race of people but followers of a faith across the racial and language divide. It is therefore critical to add religious vilification offences in the Racial Discrimination Act and Anti‑Discrimination Act. I urge the Government to introduce a bill to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act to address the pain of the community.

In her article entitled "We need to call out the double standards in Australia's Anti-Discrimination Laws", Mariam Veiszadeh highlights the inadequacies in the Racial Discrimination Act and notes that women across the country have been assaulted, spat on, had their prams kicked, have been punched from behind, have had abuse hurled at them, have had hot coffee thrown in their face, have been told to leave an entertainment venue, have been assaulted and thrown off trains, have been verbally intimidated, have had their cars vandalised, and have been forced to restrict their public movements out of fear. This cannot go on without action.

I ask the following questions. Why are Australian Muslims still not afforded adequate protection under the State and Federal vilification laws? Why are Muslims in New South Wales, which has the largest proportion of Muslims, left without protection? Why do the States of Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and Northern Territory cover religious discrimination in their legislation but New South Wales does not? Is it because Muslims do not have a lobby group, or the power of big business from which to lobby governments, or is it because they do not have a powerful voice in mainstream media? Do Muslims not deserve protection? I urge all members not to sit in silence in the face of continued religious vilification against our fellow citizens. We must amend the law to provide Australian Muslims with the protections they need.

 The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC.
Opposition Whip
Parliament of New South Wales
Parliament House
Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
 02 9230 2526 || � 02 9230 2722

Luke Foley.. Lebanon visit

 By Sandra Kaltoum -
If you have recently run into Luke Foley, Leader of the NSW Opposition, chances are he has pulled out his iPhone and shown you photos of his recent trip to Lebanon. If you have been lucky enough to witness his excitement at recalling the sacred and beautiful sites he visited in a country so many of us have a cultural affinity to, while smiling encouragingly as he struggles with the names of villages like Zgharta, then you would have also witnessed his strong admiration for the country and its people, both those in Lebanon and those in Australia.

I recently met with Mr. Foley to discuss his trip to Lebanon, to learn more about the things he saw and his perceptions of the country from political, cultural and religious standpoints. Mr. Foley spent six days in Lebanon, from 20-25 April this year. He recalls that the spring weather was beautiful. Crisp with a little snow still visible on the mountain tops in the north, “I’m sure it’s all melted now though” Mr. Foley says, almost proud that he caught the last sight of the contradicting weather that exists in such a small country.

Mr Foley draws comparisons between the village in NorthernIreland where his wife grew up, Augher, also affected by civil war, and Lebanon. He laments the devastating effects that political insecurity can have on a country and its people, but remarks that the Lebanese diaspora, particularly those in Australia, remain ever-vigilant and concerned about the welfare of Lebanon. He remarks that “there is a strong political movement even among the diaspora who keenly stay up to date with the political situation in Lebanon and join parties in Australia to show there support for political improvement overseas”. He contrasts this with his observations of the Irish diaspora who, through their devastation, have turned away from political involvement in Ireland.

While in Lebanon, Mr Foley visited many political leaders. “I will be very disappointed if somebody I didn’t visit becomes the President of Lebanon,” he jokes. Despite his humour, he is sincere about his wishes for improvement in Lebanon’s political situation and agrees with me when I remark that the lack of a president is damaging for the morale within Lebanon and the perception of Lebanon internationally.  He met withSheikh Amine Gemayel,Dr Samir Geagea, General Michel Aoun MP, and MrSleimanFrangieh MP. He also met former Prime Minister Saad El Hariri, Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi, Foreign Minister GebranBassil, Speaker NabihBerri, Future Movement MP Kazem El Kheir, Lebanese Forces MP FadiKaramas well as visiting numerous other political figures and Mayors.

Mr Foley also acknowledged the strong connection between the Lebanese people and their religious beliefs. This strong connection was reflected in Mr Foley’s itinerary. Mr Foley met with the Patriarch of Lebanon, Mar Bechara Boutros Al Rai, the Grand Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Abdel-LatifDerian and Sheikh Ali Fadlallahas well as visiting numerous religious sites including the Church of St Charbel. He celebrated mass at “Mar Ramanous” and visited the shrine of the late former Prime Minister, Rafic Hariri.  He mentioned that he attended one lunch with both Muslim Sheikhs and Orthodox Priests at El Minieh. He remarked, “The interactions between people of different faiths was a great sign of the harmonious future that awaits Lebanon”.

On the last day of Mr Foley’s visit, 25 April, he attended an ANZAC Day service at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery with the Australian Ambassador, Mr Glenn Miles. The experience was a reminder for Mr Foley of the sacrifice that Australian soldiers have made all over the world.

If you ask Mr Foley whether or not he will visit again, the standard reply is “Definitely, I cannot wait to take my family with me to Batroun.”

If you would like to see photos of Mr Foley’s trip, follow this link:https://www.facebook.com/LukeFoleyNSW/videos/622516224582878/

Farewell function for Miss Enas El Ganzouri

By Dr. Safwat Riad
These are photos of the farewell function for Miss Enas El Ganzouri which was organized by the Australian Egyptian Council Forum whose chairman Professor Refaat Obeid represented an award to her as well as another award represented to her by the Upper Egypt Association in Australia by the chairman General Gaddalah GAdallah in the presence of the staff of the Egyptian Consulate in Sydney  with  Ambassador H.E. Mr Youssef Shawki and his wife.

Sharing every one the best wishes for Miss Enas El Ganzouri all the best in her diplomatic career.

Eid-ul-Fitr festival 2016

After a buildup of expectation, the two days of festivity and commemoration finally arrived at the Sydney Eid Festival at Bankstown’s Paul Keating Park. Both Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of July marked a celebratory time for hundreds of multicultural communities to rejoice with great devotional fervor and enthusiasm on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.
It was this bubbly atmosphere and vibrant diversity that made it such a privilege for the Islamic Charity Projects Association to organize this breath-taking event, and to also be an active participant in the midst of such a magnificent festival.
The Muslim Community Radio with all its staff and volunteers were also delighted and proud to convey through its airwaves, the excitement and joy brought about by the rich presentations and sensational chanting performances by the ICPA chanting band.
The day fostered a climate of warmth, togetherness and openness as Muslims greeted each other with kindness, and extended their best wishes to each other, sentiments which reflected the general aura of the Sydney Eid festival, a promotion of culture, friendship, harmony and a showcase of participation of various communities in celebrating and valuing cultural diversity, tolerance and social cohesion.
Participants were also treated to thrilling rides, enriching live Islamic chanting performances, face painting, stage entertainment, abundant stalls of food, clothing, books and home wares.
Focus was also drawn to the kid’s show which was presented live at the grounds of Paul Keating Park Bankstown. The 2MFM kids show presenters gave exclusive opportunities to many children who participated and were rewarded for their efforts. 
The second day of the festival saw the attendance of a number of dignified Islamic leaders and imams, distinguished members of the state political domains, in addition to councilors and other community leaders.  
The formal program began with a recitation from the holy Qur’an, followed by speeches from a number of key community figures.
The first to speak was Mr Mohamad Chams, ICPA Sydney branch manager who underlined some of the objectives of the Islamic Charity Projects Association.
“The Islamic Charity Projects Association, is an Association that aspires and sets an example by uniting community members towards achieving good deeds”
In his speech, Shiekh Ibrahim El-Shafie, Deputy Chairman of Darulfatwa acknowledged the significance of propagating the true teachings of Islam.
“That’s what we are working hard to achieve, to spread the correct knowledge about Islam, because Islam is the religion of moderation, sympathy and mercy, contrary to what those minorities are doing from the acts that do not belong to Islam in any way and that Islam disowns in all cases”
Ms Tania Mihailuk, MP Member for Bankstown Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services, Shadow Minister for Social Housing, Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Shadow Minister for Medical Research, also reflected the honor to be invited to ICPA’s significant multicultural festival and is proud to have an association such as ICPA in her electoral area.

Mr Paul Lynch MP Member for Liverpool congratulated the ICPA and Darulfatwa for their momentous achievements over the last two decades
“The things that the ICPA and Darulfatwa have achieved over the last two decades have been quite extraordinary, their growth has been very significant, increased institutions, and expansion, is an extraordinary tribute, first to the people who run it, to those who are organizing it and to the community in general. It is a very significant achievement in this part of the world to have done what you’ve done”
 “It is a great honor as a member of Parliament to be able to share in any number of multicultural festivals, particularly the ones with great significance such as Eid”
In his speech, 2MFM Radio chairman Mr Rafic Hussein acknowledged that the role of the Muslim Community Radio, 2MFM, is paramount in helping to build diversity in Australia.
“Our work at 2MFM over the past decade has been an integral to bringing communities together and in promoting constructive community relations, collaboration and of course engagement”
“Our work together has helped project the true and moderate teachings of Islam, to steer young Muslims away from extremism and away from those radical ideologies that we have all witnessed and of course to unite and build confidence in our diverse community”
Mrs Faten El-dana, President of Muslim Womens Welfare Association also recognized the popularity of the Sydney Eid festival.
“The Eid-ul Adha festival which for many years has been annually organized mainly by the ICPA in collaboration with other local organizations, has succeeded in gaining popularity among the diverse Muslim community. It is a special atmosphere of peace, giving and receiving as well as sharing and caring”
She also placed emphasis on many of the issues facing women within ethnic communities including domestic violence.
“As an organization focused on addressing women’s issues, it is of great concern that we address the terrifying issue of physical violence that Australian women are facing every day”.
Finally, the last to speak was Mr Abdul Ghaniyy Ghannoum, President of the Australian Muslim Youth League, who conveyed the aims and ambitions of AMYL.
“We are working very hard in teaching the religion of Islam to the youth, the religion of moderation, steering them away from violent extremism”
Finally, The Islamic Charity Project association extends their deepest appreciation to those who contributed to the success of the event. We ask Allah to endow upon us goodness and blessings from this auspicious occasion.

Amal Awwad Radwan (Palestine) Autobiography Translated by: Nazih Kassis, Ph.D.

Amal is only a green girl who emerged from the ashes of a homeland in a Phoenician nest a long time ago. Fates  brought her onto a slope of a moment that burns with impossible dreams in a tumult of darkness that flourishes with tragedies.  She is still devoting her life to chastity, playing on the flute of her hoarse sadness her cloudy radiances, and still swaying on the edges of a holy drop that is brimful with the pulse of a beam that is called "life!"

She fell in love with music and singing; she learned how to play the violin when the fingers of her childhood bloomed on the strings and musical scales. The school songs and hymns dallied with her throat, which chanted with the school chorus till her presence was donned with compulsory absence for years only to reappear in the choral of the Palestinian Jawqat al-Karawan / The Cuckoo Chorus!

Her matured feet fell deeply in love with the heritage of folk dancing; her sea steps had a watery flavor that dance with the shadows of a youth that is filled with elegance in a Dabka folk dancing group, in addition to scout activities and many other activities that fill a soul of a young girl that jumps voraciously to life!     

As for the taste of extensive reading and stories and novels, there have been  flights of desire that land on her breaths to the level of Sufism and worship since her eyes were connected with the ladders of letter decoding; the hidden pen in her pants and under her pillow has had a clank that talks to her whenever the drizzle of its pulse decreased in its  whiteness; it would open its fiery mouth, drawling its magic, as if it urged her to embrace it whenever the places became narrow for it, and whenever it became thirsty to her wine. She would fly with it in the heavens of her floods; when she sobers up, she would tear what she had written and the threads that she has woven out of her passion to erase every trace that allows the other to realize what is boiling in her soul, and because literature has a lofty place and great awe, she feared to encroach upon it or push herself into a fix, from which she would not have salvation.    

After secondary school, the period of her exile from her shining  childhood started. The snowy rooms of her university studies robbed her of the fire of her activity, and consequently, the responsibilities of marriage, family and her teaching job occupied her, and her main  role became exclusive to a new stage - building another lovable world to her, which is far from her and very close to her- the family in its whole large responsibility, and at the same time, and under the fascination of motherhood, a crazy passion for giving grew in her, despite the tenderness and cruelty of life; the incense of memories was filled with her pride, and saturated her with the perfume of the fleeing childhood.

Between the eyelashes of her days and the pillows of her nights, Amal toured in the depth of a barrenness that has no borders of emptiness; once she is taken by a nap of lethargy in exploring the past, and once she wakes up from the amazed shell of her feelings; soon the age-old gap between the I, the other, and the universe; between the buffoonery of loss that roars disturbance and the unquenched flaming cups of the inns of sins, while homeland  is lying in sighs of pain that squeeze a hope from the orchards of the impossible!

The bitter sweetness of the transparency of reality nor did the festivals of life succeed in crucifying her on the pillars of the theatres and stadia of life; she silently and quietly took refuge in the cave of the alphabet, and secluded herself in it like a hermit, possessed by the magic of meditation, where she could select meteors of letters that sparkle with ripeness, and that were about to fall accidentally into the crematory of pain, or the temptations of the roads were likely to throw burning pebbles at her, but she tried to pick with the fingers of her imagination those stinging and burning letters in order to wet the passion of her tattooed aspirations with a sobbing of salvation that might come!

The gleams of faith waved in the purity of her souls frequently, clamouring with seasons of penetration and faces of beauty into a warm future; her breaths inscribed her an engraved and coded sigh onto a gravestone of a lifetime that chases her and escapes in her wakefulness, paying no attention to a side-glance that is crowded with sorrow. 

"The Magic of Words" is my borrowed Oldman, the shepherd of my postponed waiting at the mouth of his green cave, guarding by his amulets and torches the arbors of my orchards when  the vine leaves of my heart climbed my heart and robbed memory, and my emotional texts, which are accumulated on the shelves of unpicked spaces, and which the clusters of their face lineaments were dissolved onto the plates of innocence through the Net pages, in order to eternalize the wonder of silence that moved like the wind upon the shadows of seasons and lifetime, till a fertile gleam flashed into the laps of a masked cloud from whose gown Amal Awwad drizzled, and since then, Amal's hopes have been sparkling till now with the following works:

1.    Basma Lawziyya Tatawahhaj,  (Poetry), 2005
2.    Salami Laka Mataran, (Poetry), 2007.
3.    Rihla ila Unwan Mafqud (Poetry), 2010
4.    Adamawzuki wa Tata'ashtarin (Poetry), 2015
5.    Ru'a (Essays) 2015.
6.    Hatfi Yatarama 'al Hudud Nazfi (Poetry readings in Amal Awwad Radwan (Poetry), 2012
7.    Sindyanat Nur Abuna Spiridon Awwad. (Prepared) by Amal Radwan. 2014.
8.    Amthal Tarweeha Qissas wa Hakaya. (Prepared) by Amal Radwan
9.     al-Ishraqa al-Mujannaha/ Lahzat al-Bayt al-Awwal min al-Qassida: Certificates to 131 poets from the Arab world. (Participation). Introduction by Cherbel Dagher. 2007
10.     Nawaris min al-Bahr al-Ba'id al-Qarib. Al-Mashhad al-Shi'ri al-Jadeed fi Falastin al-Muhtalla.
11.     Mahmoud Darwish / Surat al-Sha'ir bi 'Uyun Falastiniyya Khadra' 2008.

Books about Amal's poetry:
1.    Min A'maq al-Qawl – Qira'ah Naqdiyya fi Shi'r Amaal Awwad Radwan. By Critic: Abd al-Majid Amir Atmizah/ Manshurat Mawaqif.2013.
2.    Kitab bi al-Lugha al-Farisiyya: Ba'idan 'an al-Qarib. Beh Dor Az Qaywq. Amal Awwad Radwan. Preparation and Translation by: Kamal al-Nassari. 2014
3.    Kitab Istintaq al-Nass al-Shi'ri (Amal Radwan Unmothajan). By Alwan al-Salman. Printed by: al-Jazira, 2105.

•    Her poetry has been translated into several languages including: English, Italian, Romanian, French, Persian, and Kurdish.
•    Her book Basma Lawziyya Tatawahhaj was translated into French by: Farah Souames, Algeria.

2008: She was awarded the title of: The poet of the Year 2008 at Forums that join the group of Poets with no Borders.
2011: She was awarded the Creativity Award in Poetry. Dar Ni'man li al-Thaqafa in its 9th Season.
2001: She was awarded the Shield of Diwan al-'Arab, for writing a large number of articles and high-level literary texts.
2013: She was granted The Woman's Award by Mu'assasat al-Muthaqqaf al-Arabi in Sidney, Australia, for her creative writings in the Press, and her press interviews  about Palestine.
Forthcoming Books:
•    A book about the cultural scene among the Palestinians of 1948.
•    Six books that include reports about the literary scene among Palestinians of 1948.
•     The Green Cultural Scene: 48. Cultural Reports. (from 2006-2015).
Current Position: Editor of : alwasattoday:

سيرةٌ ذاتيّةٌ- آمال عوّاد رضوان/ فلسطين
آمال؛ ليست سوى طفلةٍ خضراءَ انبثقتْ مِن رمادِ وطن مسفوكٍ في عشٍّ فينيقيٍّ منذ أمدٍ بعيد!
أتتْ بها الأقدارُ، على منحنى لحظةٍ تتـّقدُ بأحلامٍ مستحيلةٍ، في لجّةِ عتمٍ يزدهرُ بالمآسي، وما فتئتْ تتبتـّلُ وتعزفُ بناي حُزْنِها المبحوحِ إشراقاتِها الغائمةَ، وما انفكّتْ تتهادى على حوافِّ قطرةٍ مقدَّسةٍ مفعمةٍ بنبضِ شعاعٍ، أسْمَوْهُ "الحياة"!
عشقتِ الموسيقى والغناء، فتعلّمتِ العزفَ على الكمانِ منذ تفتّحتْ أناملُ طفولتِها على الأوتار وسلالم الموسيقى، وقد داعبتْ الأناشيد المدرسيّةُ والتّرانيمُ حنجرتَها، فصدحتْ في جوقةِ المدرسةِ، إلى أنِ اتّشحَ حضورُها بالغيابِ القسريّ مدّة سنوات، لتعاودَ ظهورَها في كورال "جوقة الكروان" الفلسطينيّة!
كم عشقتْ أقدامُها المعتّقةُ بالتّراثِ الرّقصَ الشّعبيّ، وكانَ لخطواتِها البحريّةِ نكهةً مائيّةً تراقصُ ظلالَ شبابٍ طافحٍ بالرّشاقةِ في فرقةِ دبكةٍ شعبيّةٍ، إضافةً إلى نشاطاتٍ كشفيّةٍ وأخرى عديدة، تزخرُ بها روحُ فتاةٍ تتقفّزُ نهمًا للحياة!
أمّا لمذاقِ المطالعةِ والقصصِ والرّواياتِ فكانَت أسرابُ شهوةٍ؛ تحُطُّ فوقَ أنفاسِها حدَّ التّصوّفِ والتّعبّد، منذُ أن تعلّقتْ عيناها بسلالم فكِّ الحروفِ، وكانَ للقلمِ المخفيِّ في جيبِ سترتِها وتحتَ وسادتِها صليلٌ يُناكفُها، كلّما شحَّ رذاذُ نبضِهِ في بياضِها، فيفغرُ فاهَهُ النّاريَّ مُتشدِّقًا بسِحرِهِ، كأنّما يحثّها لاحتضانِهِ كلّما ضاقتْ بهِ الأمكنةُ، وكلّما تعطّشَ إلى خمْرِها، فتُحلّقُ به في سماواتِ فيوضِها، وما أن تصحُوَ مِن سكرتِها، حتّى تُمزّقَ ما خطّتْهُ ونسجَتْهُ مِن خيوطِ وجْدِها، لتمحوَ كلّ أثرٍ يُبيحُ للآخرَ أن يُدركَ ما يعتملُ في نفسِها، ولأنّ مكانةً سامقةً وأثرًا جمًّا ومهابةً للأدب، تخشى أن تتطاولَ إليهِ، أو تُقحمَ نفسَها في ورطةٍ لا خلاصَ منها.
ما بعدَ الفترةِ الثّانويّةِ حلّتْ مرحلةُ منفاها عن طفولتِها الزّاهيةِ، حينَ استلبتْها مخادعُ الدّراسةِ الجامعيّةِ الثّلجيّةِ مِن أجيجِ نشاطاتِها، ومِن ثمّ؛ تملّكتْها مسؤوليّاتُ الزّواجِ والأسرةِ ومهنة التّدريس، واقتصرَ دورُها الأساسيُّ على مرحلةٍ جديدةٍ؛ هو بناءُ عالمٍ محبّبٍ آخر بعيدًا عنها قريبًا جدًّا منها، الأسرةُ بكاملِ مسؤوليّاتِها الجمّةِ، وفي الوقتِ ذاتِهِ وبفعل سحر الأمومةِ، نما في قلبِها عشقٌ جنونيٌّ للعطاءِ، رغمَ طراوةِ الحياةِ وقسوتِها، وكانَ بخورُ الذّكرياتِ يعبقُ بكبريائِها، ويُمرّغُها بعطرِ الطّفولةِ الهاربةِ!
ما بينَ رموشِ نهاراتِها ووسائدِ لياليها، ساحتْ آمال في عُمقِ بُوارٍ لا يَحدُّهُ خواء، تارةً، تأخذُها سنّةٌ مِن سباتٍ في استسقاءِ الماضي، وتارةً، تستفيقُ مِن قوقعةِ أحاسيسِها الذّاهلةِ، حينَ تهزُّها الفجوةُ الدّهريّةُ بينَ الأنا والآخر والكون، وبينَ مجونِ الضّياعِ المُزمجرِ فتنةً، وبينَ حاناتِ الخطايا المشتعلة كؤوسُها بلا ارتواء، والوطنُ يرتعُ في شهقاتِ ألمٍ تعتصرُ أملاً مِن كرومِ المستحيل!
لم تفلحْ شفافيّةُ الواقعِ المُرّ حلوُهُ، ولا مهرجاناتُ الحياةِ مِن صَلبِها على أعمدةِ مدرّجاتِ ومسارحِ الحياةِ، بل التجأت بصمتٍ وهدوءٍ إلى كهفِ الأبجديّةِ، واعتكفتْ فيهِ كناسكةٍ تحترفُها فتنةَ التـّأمـّلِ، حيثُ تصطفي نيازكَ حروفٍ متلألئةٍ بالنّضوج، كادتْ تسقطُ سهوًا في محرقةِ الألمِ، أو كادتْ ترجُمها إغواءاتُ الدّروبِ بحصًى يتجمّر، لكنّها حاولتْ أن تلتقطَ بأناملِ خيالِها تلك الحروفَ اللاّسعةَ الكاويةَ، كي ترطّبَ وجدَ آمالِها الموشومةِ بنشيجِ خلاصٍ قد يأتي!
كم تماوجتْ في طُهرِ روحِها شعاعاتُ إيمانٍ، صاخبة بفصولِ التّوغّلِ وبوجوه الجمال في غدٍ دافئٍ، وكم نقشَتْها أنفاسُها تنهيدةً منحوتةً ومُشفّرةً، على شاهدةِ عمرٍ يلاحقُها، ويُولّي في صحْوتِهِ، ولا يلوي على التفاتةٍ تكتظُّ بالحسرة!
"سحر الكلمات" هو عجوزي المستعارُ، وراعي انتظاراتي المؤجّلةِ بفوّهةِ مغارتِهِ الخضراء، يحرسُ بتمائمِهِ ومشاعلِهِ عرائشَ كرومي، عندما تسلّقتْ عليها دوالي قلبي وذاكرتي المنهوبةُ، ونصوصي الوجدانيّةُ المكدّسةُ على رفوفِ فسحاتٍ تعذّرَ التقاطُها، وبعشوائيّةٍ لذيذةٍ انفرطتْ قطوفُ أساريرِها على أطباقِ البراءة عبْرَ صفحاتِ النّت، لتؤبّدَ دهشةَ صمتٍ عبَرَتْ كالرّيح، فوقَ ظلالِ الفصولِ والعمر، إلى أنْ كانتْ ومضةٌ مخصّبةٌ بأحضانِ سحابةٍ متنكِّرةٍ، تراذذتْ من جلبابِها "آمال عوّاد رضوان"، ومنذُها، وآمال لمّا تزل آمالُها حتّى اللّحظة تتلألأُ بـ :
*1- بسمةٌ لوزيّةٌ تتوهّج/ كتاب شعريّ/ آمال عواد رضوان/ عام 2005.
*2- سلامي لك مطرًا/ كتاب شعريّ/ آمال عواد رضوان/عام  2007.
*3- رحلةٌ إلى عنوانٍ مفقود/ كتاب شعريّ/ آمال عوّاد رضوان/ عام 2010.
*4- أُدَمْوِزُكِ وَتَتعَـشْتَرِين/ كتاب شعريّ/ آمال عوّاد رضوان/ عام 2015.
*5- كتاب رؤى/ مقالاتٌ اجتماعية ثقافية من مشاهد الحياة/ آمال عوّاد رضوان/ عام 2012.
*6- كتاب "حتفي يترامى على حدود نزفي"- قراءات شعرية في شعر آمال عواد رضوان 2013.
*7- سنديانة نور أبونا سبيريدون عواد/ إعداد آمال عوّاد رضوان/ عام 2014
*8- أمثال ترويها قصص وحكايا/ إعداد آمال عوّاد رضوان/ عام 2015
وبالمشاركة كانت الكتب التالية:
*9- الإشراقةُ المُجنّحةُ/ لحظة البيت الأوّل من القصيدة/ شهادات لـ 131 شاعر من العالم العربيّ/
تقديم د. شاربل داغر/ عام 2007
*10- نوارس مِن البحر البعيد القريب/ المشهد الشّعريّ الجديد في فلسطين المحتلة 1948/ عام 2008
*11- محمود درويش/ صورة الشّاعر بعيون فلسطينية خضراء عام 2008
صدرَ عن شعرها الكتب التالية:
*1- من أعماق القول- قراءة نقدية في شعر آمال عوّاد رضوان- الناقد: عبد المجيد عامر اطميزة/ منشورات مواقف- عام 2013.
*2- كتاب باللغة الفارسية: بَعِيدًا عَنِ الْقَارِبِ/ به دور از قايق/ آمال عوّاد رضوان/ إعداد وترجمة جَمَال النصاري/ عام 2014
*3- كتاب استنطاق النص الشعري (آمال عوّاد رضوان أنموذجًا)- المؤلف:علوان السلمان المطبعة: الجزيرة- 2015
إضافة إلى تراجم كثيرة لقصائدها باللغة الإنجليزية والطليانية والرومانيّة والفرنسية والفارسية والكرديّة.
*محررة الوسط اليوم الثقافي الشاعرة آمال عواد رضوان
*عام 2008 حازت على لقب شاعر العام 2008 في منتديات تجمع شعراء بلا حدود.
*عام 2011 حازت على جائزة الإبداع في الشعر، من دار نعمان للثقافة، في قطاف موسمها التاسع.
*عام 2011 حازت على درع ديوان العرب، حيث قدمت الكثير من المقالات والنصوص الأدبية الراقية.
*وعام 2013 منحت مؤسسة المثقف العربي في سيدني الشاعرة آمال عواد رضوان جائزة المرأة  لمناسبة يوم المرأة العالمي 2013 لابداعاتها في الصحافة والحوارات الصحفية عن دولة فلسطين.
وبصدد طباعة كتب جاهزة:
*كتاب (بسمة لوزيّة تتوهّج) مُترجَم للغة الفرنسيّة/ ترجمة فرح سوامس الجزائر
*كتاب خاص بالحوارات/ وستة كتب خاصة بالتقارير الثقافية حول المشهد الثقافي في الداخل
*ستة كتب (تقارير ثقافيّة) حول المشهد الثقافي الأخضر 48: من عام 2006 حتى عام 2015

Good evening my dear Charbel Baini/ Mirna Nehme

Good evening my dear Charbel Baini,
With great joy I finished reading the books which were like a sea where I was drowning in. I would never be able to find the words to express my thoughts and feelings about each book. I could see clearly how each of the poets have a great respect and admiration for you and it was definitely proven in their  writings, their poems and their letters. I guess there won't be enough words to describe someone like you who is filled with modesty, spirituality, decency, purity, honesty, kindness, compassion, affection and integrity.  Friends of mine tell me that I am blessed to be associated with a person like yourself. I thank God for this.
As for the interviews which you conducted with the winners I can really say that they deserve the award and each one of them has great talents and rich qualities in every aspect which the world is thirsting for. Congratulations to them and may god bless them.
I, on the other hand felt I am still in the very early stage of my musical journey but I thank the Lord for this  wonderful gift  which he bestowed upon me and I ask him constantly to walk by my side because without him we are all powerless.

Invitation from the Maronite Ladies of the Gospel