Police arrest two suspects over Lebanon mob lynching


Lebanese police have arrested two men in connection with the mob lynching of an Egyptian accused of killing a local couple and their two grandchildren.

The Egyptian man was with police re-enacting the crime when he was seized by angry villagers in Ketermaya, south of Beirut, last week.

The mob stabbed him to death and then hanged him with a butcher's hook from a pole in the village square.

Lebanese officials did not identify the two suspects or provide any details.

Dozens of angry residents blocked a main road in the village in protest at the arrests, and vowed to stop security officials from taking the men away.

At least one villager was armed, and some openly admitted that last week, on the same street, they participated in killing Mohammed Salim Muslem, their local butcher, the BBC's Natalia Antelava reports from Ketermaya.

Mr Muslem, 38, had confessed to the killings of the elderly couple and their grandchildren, but his motive was unclear, security sources have said.

His killing was denounced by Lebanese officials, who vowed to take action against those responsible.