Acid attack leaves man 'looking like a zombie'

By ninemsn staff

A man is facing a life sentence after an acid attack on 25-year-old Briton Awais Akram left him horrifically disfigured and "looking like a zombie".

Mr Akram was attacked due to his relationship with a married woman, the UK's Daily Mail reported.

He was targeted after he made contact with a married businesswoman, Sadia Khatoon, via Facebook.

Relatives of the woman lay in wait for Mr Akram to exit his flat and then poured concentrated sulphuric acid over his head.

The court heard that the woman lured him out of his flat via mobile phone. Ms Khatoon and her husband, Shakeel Abassi, have since disappeared to Pakistan.

The woman's brother, another man and a 17-year-old boy were arrested in relation to attack, which damaged 47 percent of the man's body.

The brother of the woman, Mohammed Vakas, was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and is facing a life sentence over the attack.

The court also heard that the men tried to our acid down Mr Akram's throat. "My whole body started to burn," he told the court.

A witness said he looked like a "cross between a zombie from a horror movie and the Incredible Hulk".

The man now faces a lifetime of treatment for his disfiguring injuries and is severely traumatised.

He said he finds it painful when he steps outside his house and is stared at by passersby.



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