Michael Douglas' Hometown New York Night


Michael Douglas stepped out in his home city of New York on Tuesday to premiere his new movie, 'Solitary Man.'

The film not only premiered in New York, it was also filmed in the Big Apple. "I live in New York, so it's great because it's nice to go home at night and see the kids and your wife. It's a great city to film. And it's just worked out between 'Solitary Man,' and [my upcoming movie] 'Wall Street,' I've been shooting here a lot," Douglas told ET at the premiere.

The iconic actor said that the next days will be full of "planes, trains, automobiles, and hopefully no volcanic ash," as he heads off to the Cannes Film Fest, then to Los Angeles, and then back to New York.

"The Office" star Jenna Fischer, who plays Douglas' daughter in the film, promised, "This is a great movie to see quintessential Michael Douglas. ... It's a great performance, he's amazing."

Jenna also had words of encouragement for Barbara Walters, who announced Monday that she's having heart surgery. "I wish her well," she said, noting, "I'm a big fan."

'Solitary Man' stars Douglas as a former car dealer who lost his business after he made some bad decisions. In the film, he's on the verge of bouncing back when his own choices could, once again, make everything he's worked for go up in flames. Susan Sarandon and Mary Louise Parker co-star.

'Solitary Man' opens in theaters on May 21.



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