Douma, Deraa Undaunted, Syrian press gets more inventive

Rather than trying to shed any lights on the real issues driving the protest movements, Bashar Assad chose to go ahead with his plans to form new government, with the former Minister of Agriculture, Adel Safar, as the new PM.
Meanwhile, Dounia TV, a channel known for its close links to the Assads, aired a program that named me, Radwan Ziadeh and Ammar Abdulhamid, among other colleagues in the opposition, as being the masterminds of the revolution, operating in league with the CIA and the Mossad. We’re faltered of course, although, masterminding this revolution is an honour that none of us can seriously claim, despite the role we play in supporting it.
On the grounds, arrests continue, especially in Homs ad many Damascene suburbs. But the protesters are undaunted. Indeed, the city of Douma today hosted a major gathering, with over 20,000 people in attendance, as part of a public funeral held for two of the fallen heroes that fell on Friday April 1st. Calls of “The People Want to Topple the Regime” were echoed loudly, and the protesters carried banners denouncing the shooting of unarmed demonstrators, and calling for national unity.
The inhabitants of another Damascene suburb today, Irbeen, also held a protest of their own, and refuted in their chants claims that their revolution is a revolution of the hungry, insisting that dignity is the main cause.
Meanwhile, Deraa continue to swim in its own orbits, with Deraa City inhabitants playing their daily deadly game with snipers, and the inhabitants of nearby towns rushing to their aid.
Tensions mount day after day throughout the country below the layers of normalcy that the Assads try to project. And so it seems that just as the revolution came as a surprise to everyone, except the few masterminds of course, so will the eventual implosion of the state. There are too many willfully blind around to read the writing on the wall, and to see that it is written in blood.



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