Syria's rogue regime is doomed to fall/ Elias Bejjani

Indeed, the term "rogue", accurately describes the savage and brutal practices, as well as the evil and murderous mentality of the dictatorial Syrian Baathist regime that has been in power since the early sixties via force, murder and oppression against the free will of the majority of the Syrian people. In reality it is the both the number one enemy of its own people, and the most diabolical worldwide regime that masters and performs all vicious tactics of initiating, hosting, embracing, recruiting, financing, exporting, using and manipulating all forms of terrorism and fundamentalist and Mafiosi terrorist groups.

For many years, Al-Assad�s Syrian regime has been overtly and covertly spreading throughout the whole Middle East an ongoing havoc, chaos, instability, schemes and terrorism, and obstructing the peace process. The Syrian ruler�s deadly terror acts and destructive schemes have targeted most of the region's countries through their criminal offshoot organizations, especially Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, and many of the Arabian Gulf Emirates and kingdoms.

The Syrian dictator, Bachar Al-Assad, in conjunction with his Iranian mullah allies, fully trains, arms, hosts, sponsors and supports Hezbollah and Hamas, as well as many other Palestinian radical groups. It is a well known fact that the majority of the worldwide terrorist groups are either hatched in the Syrian terrorism incubator or are fully coordinated with the notorious Syrian Intelligence Services. (Al Mukabarat)

The Syrian regime is totally alienated from its own people and does not in reality belong to the 21st century's mentality, culture or civilization. It is par excellence a poisonous global epicenter of terrorism and fundamentalism. Since the early sixties, it has been ruling Syria with a merciless iron fist, holding the Syrian people hostage and hindering the whole peace process in the Middle East.

Because of its awkward, criminal, and terrorist nature, this Stone Age era regime cannot reform under any given circumstances. Therefore, it will stubbornly and foolishly keep on escalating the bloody war against its own people till its last day in power. Meanwhile, it is doomed to fall no matter what, and this is only a matter of time. The Free World will no longer be able to protect this regime and keep a blind eye on its criminal repression and oppression of the majority of the Syrian people.

The Free World ought to know very well that the only language that the bloody Syrian regime speaks, understands and responds to is power. In this context, all kinds of economical and political sanctions, all sorts of rhetorical condemnations, advice and recommendations will be in vain, a mere waste of time and effort, and will definitely fall on the deaf ears, hardened hearts and numbed consciences of the ruling Al- Assad family members.

Both the Syrian and the Iranian rogue regimes look at the countries that abstain from using the language of force to communicate with them as weak, indecisive, cowardly and afraid of engaging in war. In this realm all the sanctions that were applied against these two regimes have failed miserably and did not deter their dictators from striving to develop weapons of mass destruction, including the nuclear bomb, or stopping their expansionist schemes.

Psychologically, the massive peaceful and civilized demonstrations of the courageous unarmed Syrian people all over Syria have broken the shield of fear, and will not stop no matter what force is used against them until the regime is finally toppled. The use of force by the regime is going to make things worse for its brutal rulers, and as more innocent victims fall in the streets, the stronger the public uprising will become.

It is really sad and disappointing the American Obama administration, the world champion of freedom, human rights and democracy, is not yet openly supporting the Syrian peoples' uprising, but instead is still fantasizing that Al-Assad will change his regime�s oppressive behavior, reform it and break all ties with Iran. This is merely delusional and will never ever happen.

It is so bizarre and odd that President Obama and his administration have played a crucial role in toppling the USA�s two prime allies in the Middle East, Egypt's President Mubarak, and Tunisia's President Zien Al Abedien, while still waging an actual war to force their friend, Libya's Al Kaddafi, to quit. Meanwhile, the same administration is shamefully cajoling and appeasing the Syrian regime, the number one Iranian ally and the well known terrorist and anti-USA and anti-Western regime.

Most of the countries justify their no action stances against the Syrian regime with an alleged fear of the unknown substitute, that to say, those who will take over the ruling of Syria once Al-Assad regime is gone. No matter who shall rule after Al-Assad, things can't by any means be worse because no one can practice more cruelty, terrorism, corruption, and bribery than the current Syrian regime.

We call on the USA, Europe and all the Arab countries to overcome their hesitation, tame their timidity and start immediately and openly to support the Syrian people who are longing for freedom and peacefully challenging their regime's corruption, dictatorship, brutality and repressiveness. The courageous Syrian people deserve the world's acclamation, attention and support.



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