The First Al-Bayyati’s Festival In Australia

By Marcelle Mansour 
The first Al-Bayyati Festival of “Abdul Wahab Al Bayyati League For Poetry, Lietrature and Culture” was held at Monamor reception, Fairfield on 17 June 2015, under the auspices of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Australia. In the presence Mr Shorsh Ako who presented the Kurds' representative in Australia, His Excellency Haval Syan; Mr Mozaffar, representing the Consulate General of the Republic of Iraq; Media Representatives and elite of the Australian Arabic communities’ members who appreciate culture.

Significant speeches were delivered by Mr Shorsh Ako, Mr Mozaffar, and the Rev Frather Yousif Jazrawi, President of Al Bayyati League. Master of Ceremony (MC) was performed by Iraqi poet Mr Haidar Kareem.

Leading Poets participated in poetry reading received awards in recognition of their contribution in advancing Arabic poetry in Australia, namely, the two Australian Iraqi Poets Mr Yehia Samawi and Mr Makki Al-Rubaie, the two Australian Lebanese poets Mr Charbel Baini and Mr Antoine Kazzi and also the writer/journalist Mr Abdul Wahhab Talabani.

Al-Bayyati’s certificates of appreciation and medals, were delivered in its first Festival this year (2015) to a number of Australian creative people including: Mr Ahmed al-Yasiri (Iraqi poet), Mr Shawki  Moslemani and Mr Wadih Saadeh (both Lebanese poets), Mr Sarkis Karam (Lebanese writer), Mr Adel Deno and Mr Namrood Salioh (both Syriac poets), the Australian Palestinian Fine Artist and Writer Mrs Marcelle Mansour (the writer of this report), Dr Sahar Alsomiei, and to the soul of the late Dean of Journalism in Australia (Botrous Indari) where his wife Lamya received the award on his behalf.

It is worth-mentioning that an honorary award will be send from the festival management to the poet Abdul Wahhab Al-Bayati’s daughter who resides in the United States of America, in the memory of her father‘s significant contribution in Iraqi and Arab literature world.

The cultural event was highlighted by beautiful music and songs of Al-Bayyati’s poems which were performed by both singers Mr Ismael Fadel and
Ms Lena Souro where the violin player was Imad Rahim.

It was a successful cultural event indeed for the first Al-Bayyati Festival. Congratulations to the committee members of Abdul Wahhab Al Bayyati League for Poetry, Literature and Culture and to all the award recipients with best wishes for more bright achievements in the future.



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