Palestine at a Crossroads Conference Forum at NSW Parliament

By Marcelle Mansour

The “Palestine at a Crossroads Conference” – Forum of Middle East Affairs- was held on Thursday 25 June 2015, at the New South Wales Parliament House, the Theatrette. The seminar was attended by Mr. Ahmad Farid Vice Consul of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Australia, and a diverse selection of elite in politics and journalism, culture, arts and business areas.
The Hon Shaoquett Moslemane MLC chaired the Seminar that included fives speeches delivered by five guest speakers as follows:
Professor Emeritus Stuart Rees, The University of Sydney - “The Power of Language in the Palestinian Political Struggle for a homeland.” . Associate Professor Dr Peter Slezak, The University of New South Wales -“The comparative analysis of Palestinian and Jewish rights – or claimed rights to a homeland.” .  Former Associate Professor Ahmad Shboul AM, The University of Sydney - “The Inter-Arab Crisis and its Impact on the Palestine Cause.”.   H.E. Ali Kazak, Former Ambassador and Head of Delegation (Palestine) - “Is a Two State Solution still possible?”  Mr Tony Sabella, Journalist -“The role of the Palestinian Diaspora in the Palestinian Cause.”
The Forum was very successful. It interestingly addressed various topics and covered critical analysis. All the participant speakers received “Certificates of Appreciations” by The Hon Shaoquett Moslemane MLC.  Congratulations to all and sincere thank you goes to all the guest speakers and attendees in general.  Warm thanks go - in particular - to the Chair Hon Shaoquett Moslemane MLC who organised and hosted this important event, and for being always of a great support to the Palestininan cause.



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