Nightmare In Egypt…Part 29/ Feras Werr

Ehude felt his body hair rise in its place as he whispered back, "Not a word. Stand still." He was sure they were being watched. He quickly removed his revolver and aimed it at the ceiling. It snarled wildly back as it clawed the ceiling defying the laws of physics. Isaac yelled bitterly with terror, "Holy God!!!" as he watched its hostile face looking back at them. It suddenly dropped to its feet with a big thud, a seven foot beast, with a pale white human complexion and black fierce eyes. Remnants of Solomon's army clothes were still on its body that was covered with a thick coat of hair. It slowly walked towards them snarling repeatedly, displaying its sharp beastly teeth and fangs. Ehude tried to fire at it but the gun was jammed. Running away wasn't an option as it stood between them and the door. Ehude was paralyzed with panic. He had no idea what should be done. He and Isaac stepped back as it advanced forward. Isaac's mind snapped with an idea. He quickly snatched a shot and retrieved a volume of sedative from his pocket as his soul raged with hysterical fear. The beast watched the doctor as he stabbed the shot in the closed plastic container and sucked its liquid into the shot. Suddenly it attacked Isaac aiming at his neck making him scream with fear. The ward door rattled for a couple of seconds in its place as the hospital staff attempted to open it. Isaac successfully dipped the shot in his arm and released the content of the shot. The beast drew panicking Isaac towards him while Ehude attacked him with his full strength. A powerful shove from his adversary hurled him to the floor. Isaac wailed wildly as the beast's jaws moved towards his neck. Another series of rattling shook the jammed door. Suddenly the beast wavered in his place, his grip lightning on the doctor’s arm. Ehude helped Isaac move away as their assailant fell to his knees. Suddenly rounds were fired shattering the door and hurling it open. Two armed soldiers and a nurse stormed in. They gasped as the beast went out cold. 
The gigantic army of one hundred thousand Egyptian soldiers stood on the beach of Hurghada waiting for Ramses's orders to begin their departure out of Egypt. Ramses stood amongst the multitude of rallying soldiers praying in front of the blue waters for a miracle to happen. He announced looking at the skies up above, "Hail God of the Holy Ankh whom helped me conquer my enemies and save Egypt from the evil shrewdness of Setekh, grant me and my army a bridge to cross over the seas and fight for our rightful throne. My adversaries seek ill of my lands and the dispassion of the humans, whom slumber in their infidelity towards you, have heaved upon our worlds evil and its' allies once again. Although I never knew you before you showered me and my nation with your mercies for you are a kind and loving God. I beseech you to grant me and my people the vessel we need to repress evil once again." Hail cries soared through the shores as the gigantic army screamed with a one man's voice, "Hail God of the Holy Ankh! Hail God of the Holy Sunrise!"
A massive earthquake began on the shores. The seas in front of them filled with huge ripples as a schism broke dividing the grounds they stood on in half. The grounds trembled and the skies filled with the spine chilling thunders of the waves as they filled the growing schism. The opening deepened inshore forming the shape of a small gulf, thick clouds of mist rising from the face of its waters. Within a minute’s time the trembling stopped and the small body of sea boiled like water in a pot. The surface of the waters filled with bubbles as the waves towered in height from the energy of the heat. Suddenly colossal amounts of lava spilled out from the unfathomable bottoms and gushed through the small gulf gradually spreading towards the sea. The Egyptian army waited patiently as the lava cooled down and traveled deeper into the blue oceans heaving more thick clouds of mist into the air. Gradually the sweltering hot molten rock settled down and solidified from the surrounding wet coolness forming into earth in front of them. As what nature would need eons to do was ready within minutes to connect them into Sinai, its farther molten material still spreading deeper into the horizons, Ramses cried out, "Advance men!!!"
The enormous army treaded the wide solid bridge screaming, "Hail God of the Holy Sunrise," as bursts of mist drifted across the face of the blue waters. One hundred thousand soldiers that were firm believers in the power of the Holy Ankh and its’ God with their horses and chariots treaded the newly formed earth legion after legion towards Sinai to face the growing evil in the modern world. Shortly a depression began taking form fed by the vapors. Powerful lightning and thunders in the skies heaved their rainfall on the migration.  
Sarah stood at a distance watching the sleeping beast behind the wall of thick steel bars in prison cell number thirteen of Eilat's army base. The cell was double fortified with three additional steel bars crossing its’ entrance horizontally, and high voltage electrical currents traveling through the steel wall of bars. Five well built soldiers stood with their automatics on guard surrounding the deadly cell, with orders to kill upon the slightest misdemeanor of their captive.  
Three hours had passed since his slumber began. His image sleeping on the grounds, tied in steel chains that were secured to the three concrete walls surrounding him, blurred behind the tears that swept down her eyes. She can still remember his sweet proposal to her just moments before the incident occurred at sea, as he knelt down on his knees like a pure gentleman with a red rose in his hand, softly saying, "I want you to be my fiancé sweet Sarah. Ever since I knew you and my life turned into sweet heavens. My heart never ceases to pump with life every time I look into your sweet sexy green eyes. Will you be my fiancé?"
"Yes she said. Yes Solomon." His tall handsome build moved superb womanly feelings inside her. His abundant black hair, black eyes and broad muscular shoulders, his white complexion that gleamed with youngness; she hugged him passionately afterwards. Despite being thirty and older than him in three years the huge amount of love they harbored for each other just made the age gap seem so small to be a barrier in their relationship. Would he be cured of this present menace? Would she be able to see him again? 
A wave of pain flashed through her breast as she knew the hopeless answers. No medical cure lied but God's mercy to his problem. Doctor Isaac told her that his young complexion was totally changed to some beastly inhuman image. But Solomon still has to be alive inside him. It’s the same heart and beautiful mind; it's probably just clothed with some ghastly entity. Just one more look at him won't hurt; just a farewell look won't be of harm. Within her pains she ordered, "Open the door soldier."
The soldiers surrounding her looked back with surprise. One of them answered, "Ma'am I'm sorry but Brigadier Ehude ordered…"
She snapped back, "I don't care what Brigadier Ehude ordered. Just open the door and close it back behind me once I step in."
"Ma'am, I'm sorry, I'm unable to comply!"
"Then don't you dare obstruct my path." She clutched the high voltage lever that laid a short distance away from the entrance and pulled it down. A siren soared through the premises. The beast awoke, rattling the chains that held him. The soldiers looked at him with fear as the clattering reverberated from inside the cell. She clutched the handles of the bars and moved them to the right, one after the other, till only a turn of a key rested between her and her fiancé. She ordered firmly as the sirens increased in volume, echoing through the empty prison cells, "Give me the key soldier!" The tall young man looked back at her totally perplexed between refusing the command of a superior officer or complying. In seconds she screamed back, "Soldier give me the keys now!" All four soldiers looked with deep tension as Sarah took the keys and turned the lock. They shivered as she opened the heavy door, its' hinges squeaking, their automatics aimed at the creature that battled with his chains. The lights of the cell placed her in full view as she stood at the entrance. The soldier that gave her the keys blurted out with a panicky voice as he closed back the door quickly with a loud slam, "Our orders are to blow this cell to kingdom come if our prisoner is loose! That door will just not open back up till everybody in the cell is sodomized ma'm! Are you aware of this?!"
She looked at the beast and said silently, "Till death do us part. Activate the security soldier."
Within seconds the bars were sliding back in their place and the high voltage was running through the cell silencing the alarms. The corridor of the cells suddenly boomed with loud thuds as Brigadier Ehude and Doctor Isaac with ten soldiers came running towards the cells. Ehude screamed at the soldiers on duty, "WHAT THE HELL IS GIONG ON!!!" 
The soldiers saluted the Brigadier and said, "Major Sarah insisted on breaking your orders sir and ordered us to grant her access to the cell."
Ehude snapped back, his face blazing with madness, as he looked at Sarah approach the beast who was restlessly toiling to break free from the chains. "YOUR ORDERS WERE CLEAR SOLDIER!!!"
The soldier shook from the anger of the Brigadier as he replied, "Sir I just got confused as she refused to comply with your orders sir. She personally cut down the voltage and entered on her own risk sir."
"SARAH WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING. COME BACK!!!" Ehude's voice thundered through the cells.
Doctor Isaac screamed back, "Daughter don't do this! He is no longer human! Please come back!"
Sarah looked back at Ehude and Isaac for a couple of seconds then ignored their warnings completely. Despite the two gentlemens advanced age and experience in life they stood watching the brave women with no clue as to what could be done. She headed towards Solomon slowly and carefully as he toiled with his binding steel. He released a roar from time to time annoyed from his captivity. She stopped under a light that placed her in full view. He stopped his thrashing about and looked at her. A chill raced down her spine as she looked at his extra ordinary gigantic seven foot build, the thick patches of fur that partly covered his once handsome face and that filled his body, the long beastly claws that spurred from his hairy fingers and toes, his heavy breathing that spurred a soft current making strains of hair on her head sway with it; his entire appearance was just so shocking. She hated to admit it at first but doctor Isacc's words were true. 
The beast hurled a menacing frown towards her and pulled at the chains once again. Ehude yelled out a warning again, "Sarah you are too near. We won't be able to do anything if you are in danger."
"And leave him to die! It’s worth a try!"
The beast gasped as he heard her voice. He calmly looked at her with a blank expression as she said in a calm voice, "Solomon. Don't you remember me? Solomon its Sarah, your Sarah that you love." She knelt before him savoring some comfort at his silence, "Yes its' me Solomon. I know you can remember me."
Ehude's heart thundered with panic as he saw her kneel down and approach him more. He ordered sternly , "If she so much as says ouch, aim directly and fire at him."
The soldiers aimed their weapons towards him in anticipation of any emergency as Sarah stretched out her arm and touched his furry hands. The beast looked at her gently, his eyes suddenly filling with softness and warmth. 
"Don't you remember my gentle touch, how my skin feels against yours' Solomon. I knew you would remember me."
He released a rough growl as she patted his hand. He raised his other hand and placed it on top of hers'. Sarah's heart skipped a bit as she saw the tears come to his eyes. She knew he was in pain. 
Solomon's body was bound by iron chains and his soul was bound by viciousness and hunger for blood and violence. Suddenly his body rocked with the will to free itself of its strong bondage. A horrid voice sounded in his mind, "She is human. Kill her. Don't spare her…kill Solomon…kill her…" He resisted it and closed his eyes but it just kept running through his mind like an automated message. His body released spasms and his chains rocked with his thrashing. Sarah jumped back startled from the scene as a shower of bullets struck different areas of his arms. He roared with pain as the bullets tore at his flesh. The pain made him rattle the chains more powerfully making them break off the wall. Sarah screamed, "STOP!!!" as she jumped between him and the soldiers. The soldiers eyed with fear the beast stand fully erect behind her, his arms bleeding from the shots. Ehude screamed, "SARAH LOOK OUT!!!"
Sarah looked back with horror at Solomon whom was walking towards her. She moved away from his path as he released husky moans and covered his wounds with his arms. Drops of blood trickled down from his body massively. Ehude panicked and ordered, "Shoot!" Another wild wave of bullets tore out making Solomon dance and roar wildly in his place. Sarah begged hysterically, "STOP PLEASE YOUR HURTING HIM!!!" Solomon fell to his knees and looked up at Sarah. He managed in a human feeble voice, "It told me to hurt you…but I couldn't…" He fell down lifeless on the grounds. Sarah released an anguished yell and hurried up to him. She knelt in despair crying hysterically at the bloody sight. She screamed from the depths of her soul, "Are you happy now!!! He is dead!!!" her crying thundered through the prison cells as she hovered over him. 
The cell door opened. Ehude and Isaac slowly entered followed by the soldiers whom circled the sight. Isaac knelt besides her calmly, touching her shuddering shoulders with his old senile hands, "I'm sorry Sarah. There was nothing else we could do. We thought he was going to hurt you."
She looked towards the ceiling lamenting, her abundant tears trickling down her face and dropping on the body underneath her, "Dear God I only need your sympathy with me. Please God give him back to me!!! Please!!! Have mercy on me!!!" 
Ehude walked up to them unable to fight back his tears. He wiped the wetness off his face with the back of his hands and whispered in Isaac's ear, "Leave them alone for now."
As the cells echoed with Sarah's grievances Isaac decided to heed Ehude's request. He was about to stand up when a sudden inner tuition made him look back at Solomon. Sarah hadn't noticed what was happening from the despair that was clouding her soul and mind. Something was going on. Isaac looked with wonder as the hostile features gradually diminished from the young man. His fur completely disappeared and his claws fell off his hands. His body gradually returned to its normal size. His chest began to incredibly move with breath. "Sarah move away from the body."
"Just leave me alone doctor."
Isaac picked up one of his arms. The human skin of his wrist twitched with pulse as he felt it. He exclaimed with hope, "Sarah your prayers have been answered. Our Mighty God must have heard you. Just look at Solomon!"
Sarah's eyes widened with surprise. She gasped as she looked at the body. 
Isaac blurted out excitedly, "This is a miracle; and he still has pulse. Soldiers move him to med center quickly. We have to operate quickly."

Tension filled the diplomatic world as news of the paranormal activities flashed like a lightning bolt from the Middle East across Europe, and settled finally in the White House. President Helen Evergreen sat behind her bureau astounded by the calls that informed her of the situations. Tides of uncertainty thundered through her as she picked up the telephone and ordered Sue her secretary, "Don't let anyone in my office for the next half an hour till my guests arrive. I just want to relax a little bit."
"Yes Madame President," said the obedient young voice as she closed the telephone. 
"What is going on?" she asked herself. "Who is responsible for releasing this hell on Earth? Was it a cult? And what about the two gigantic sinister armies that are heading towards Sinai to clash with their very conventional weapons?" Her spine chilled from the incidents. "And to top her fears, the confrontation with the vampire and the military crew on duty in Eilat that almost succeeded in transforming the victim of the happening into a similar replica of the assailant." These things were supposed to be happening in cine films only.    
Contrasting superbly with her fears were the semi relaxing feelings that would calm her down when she would look at the clock and see its' advancing hands move her closer to the meeting with her guests. Cardinal Joseph Leaves, The Pope's Ambassador to her country, Sheikh Zaher Al-As'ad Dean of Egypt's famous Islamic Azhar University, and Rabbi Ariel Aaron Professor of Judaism and Philosophy at New York's Good Faith University were due in a short while. Being successful personalities and holding sensitive posts in the world of monotheism, big hope lied with their religious experience and theological knowledge of the scriptures. At least for sure they would relieve her of the lethal solution General Thompson proposed in their telephone call moments ago. The A bomb certainly wasn't an option on her agenda. It solves a problem but opens a series of others' within the devastation it causes. What would become of the human beings in the surrounding areas after the explosion? The general couldn't give her any safety guarantee for the people in the neighboring cities. Not everything to her was measured through military success but success remained in how effective and damage free the resolve was.
"Mother of all crises should a military personality hold a diplomatic post or run against ethics and decency," She thought. The general came to her mind at these words. The last of the reports GBI gave her about him was his travel to the Middle East to pursue some treasure; and what the GBI found out about his connections was totally incredible. The late Senator Richard Browning, Daniela Charles, Jennifer Redford, Jeffery Tailor, Anthony Fleming, and Leonardo Milano, were all big names owning companies and big bank accounts. However suspicious dark operations lurked very close to them. Drug trafficking, black market operations, and tax fraud were some of their upcoming worries once GBI finishes gathering the evidence against them. At her knowledge of their criminal activities she personally swore that their licking will be enough to make them spend the rest of their lives in the slammer. If it is something she hates, its betrayal and disloyalty. 
The organization, the general and the late senator were all of the same type and their loyalty was not for their country but for their private interests. They polluted their society with poisons, stole money away from their tax dues depriving their society of income that would have been spent on their state’s welfare, and unrightfully conducted trade on stolen antiques worth fortunes. What was next on their list? God forbid that they be rendered any longer in society to add any further felonies to their criminal achievements. Why don't people want to make money the decent way? Probably taking those people to court for their doings won't solve the entire crime problems of the US but as long as she was in office it was her duty to do the best she could to keep her society as clean as possible. 
Helen took off her high heels and gave a sigh of relief as she enjoyed the softness of the thick furry carpet underneath her feet. The rims of her high heels that she wore since the early morning hours left soft marks just above her toes and around the back of her ankles. She leaned back in her seat savoring some comfort and relaxation after her long day at work. Don't nation leaders get tired like the rest of the human beings from their full agendas and work behind their offices. Nine till five for her was understating the burdens on her shoulders. Its' not like after five she would close her office and retire home, leaving any unfinished ends till tomorrow. She was the president of the United States of America in her office and outside of the white house, whether she was enjoying a cup of tea with her mother whom she visited in Brooklyn at times or when off on some entertainment while trying to balance out her work pressure like she would do sometimes. It was a reality that has been attached to her 24/7 for two successful terms and will be the new reality of the upcoming counterpart whom she hoped will be an efficient person that will carry her nation into more success in the future. Suddenly her telephone rang. She answered, "Yes."
"Madame President your guests have just arrived."
She answered as she quickly wore back her high heels and stood up, "Please let them in."
She walked to the door that connected her to her secretary's office with a warm smile, her attractiveness beaming from the chic light blue dress she wore as Sue hospitably ushered the religious figures in. She welcomed them and walked them to the couch set saying, "A thousand pardons for my very quick invitation but I hope the details I had to give you on the phone will plead for this unannounced conference." 
All three sat down with obvious unsuccessful attempts to smile back at her hospitable welcome. The Rabbi's expression's informed his on looker that he was aloft in another world. It wasn't hard for her to know that the men in front of her had a lot going on in their minds just from the first glance at them. 
Cardinal Joseph Leaves was a very spiritual person with a calm disposition at sixty years of age. He was a thin fellow with average height although his black clergy wear veiled his figure somewhat. He had a heart shaped face with obvious old age wrinkles at the edge of his black eyes, the sides of his mouth and on the top of his hands. The showing areas around his pink cap that he wore on his bald head shined superbly underneath the office chandeliers contrasting with his tan complexion. He was the first to answer back Helen, "Madame President I'm enchanted greatly to be in your office again."
Sheikh Zaher Al-As'ad was a short chubby fellow at fifty five years of age. He had a circular face with a white complexion and blue eyes implying to the viewer a Caucasian decent. A very pacified expression characterized his normal facial features as he looked back at Helen with his chubby cheeks and calm disposition. He was clothed in a beige tunic. A white turban wrapped the top of his head and that was commonly worn by the Muslim religious figures. He spoke with excellent English to his host, "When his Excellency Omar Sidki asked my university to call me in from my vacation to your council, I was extremely elated with the invitation Madame President. The religious forum I am attending currently in D.C. will definitely not keep me from your conference."
Helen asked with interest, "You speak English like a pure American Mr. Zaher."
"Yes ma'am. My mother is a retired American archeologist currently living in Egypt with my father. My father was an employee at the Ministry of Tourism when he met my mother at an excavation expedition in Cairo. It just happened. Within less than a month they married."
Helen replied courteously, "Love knows no boundaries, race or color."
Rabbi Moses Cohen suddenly snapped involuntarily, "That is it!"
Helen jumped in her place as the other two guests looked at him with surprise. The man with an oval aged face, grey hair reflecting his advanced seventy years and shaky bony hands that were clutched on his walking stick that rested between his knees, commented with a wavering voice, "A powerful dose of true love that is enough to penetrate through man's cruelty and hatred, and combine us regardless of race or religion together with the love and compassion that we are losing from our hearts. I'm sorry daughter for my abrupt intrusion but ever since you told me the reports of what has happened in Israel and the rest of the surrounding states and I have thought restlessly about what might have been the causes."
Helen's eyes bounced between the three gentlemen as they sat silently contemplating the Rabbi's words. She asked, "I'm extremely troubled about the reports. Had they been channeled to me through any other source I wouldn't have believed them, but the nation heads have contacted me with concerns. I didn't know who else to turn to as this is not a problem I felt I could tackle through my usual authorities."
Cardinal Leaves looked at the Rabbi and said, "Rabbi Moses your words are true. Our churches are a lot of times rendered empty even on Sundays and sin is very widespread these days in our world."
Sheikh Zaher agreed, "I fear our Lord is greatly upset because of the lack of faith and love in our human hearts. War is erupting everywhere in our globe. Greed for money has infested our hearts instead of our will to love and sacrifice. As we continue to solve our problems through aggressiveness rather than compromise and love, our Lord will never be satisfied with his subjects."
The Rabbi looked at the President, "Being human beings means mistakes are bound to be committed. Our history and scriptures have taught us that when our God would be angry with us for our trespasses as humans, a lot of times his fairness willed that we would be surrendered into our enemies' hands. Fine ancient examples are our bondage for four hundred years in Egypt that came after the great famine years and our captivation by the Babylonians. Our God is a very just God but there is a reason why he goes angry and disciplines us. Now I'm not saying that it was his intension to cause the fiendish activities that you told us about."
Helen asked perplexed, "Explain to me more."
The Cardinal explained, "Well it is enough that our Lord withdraws his blessings and The Holy Ghost from our Lives and communities. Then our lives would be rendered without any true Sanctity."
"Without God's blessing in our lives and His sanctity, we would be left without his protection." Sheikh Zaher looked with concern at the assembly and continued his comments, "I fear we need to inform our parishes of what is going on…"
"And announce a day of prayer in our respective worship houses. Our churches have always encouraged our people to do so."
"Although we will need at least four days for our cables to effectively reach all our Synagogues it is a step we have to take."
"I can only imagine that this wonderful day of united prayer will move our God's compassionate heart towards us again. It has always been my wish for a united global prayer day involving all our mosques together around the Muslim world; and now we have an opportunity to do so with the rest of the monotheistic faiths. This is unsurpassed in the history of mankind."
The Cardinal looked at Helen and asked, "Our Pope will issue a declaration to all our parishes, calls to our international community, and all our warring nations that violence has to stop and cease at least on that particular day of national prayer."
Helen looked with concern at the three religious figures' suggestion and sat silently in her place for a moment's time. "What they are saying is correct. Without a joint act of faith such as a national day of prayer, there present predicament will never end. She spoke, "I will draft the announcement immediately. When do you propose this to happen?"
The Cardinal smiled back at the Rabbi and said, "I foresee it coming in five days, on next Saturday evening."
Helen replied contently, "Saturday is sacred in all our faiths."
Sheikh Zaher explained, "Saturday in Arabic is pronounced "Sabt" which is derived from a root word meaning stillness. That is why the seventh day of the weak when our God finished his creations is called "SABT"
"Splendid day for joint prayers," replied the Rabbi contently. "Our God declared this day as the holiest day of the week in our Bible as well; and its evening time according to our ancient calendars, is counted as the beginning of Sunday which is a blessed day for the Christian faith. That is why Easter Sunday Mass is preformed Saturday Evening."
Cardinal Leaves asked, "Madame President, after your permission, next Saturday at six in the evening D.C. time, joint prayers will be available to the seekers of spiritual asylum of our faiths."



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