Father Estephan Frangieh an impressive friend…

Considering his extremely busy schedule within his current visit to Australia, Father Estephan Frangieh took time last night to meet up and have a cosy dinner with friends at a quiet restaurant in Parramatta. 
The softly spoken father Estephan, who is well known as the President of Al Salam Soccer Club in Lebanon and as Head of Zgharta hospital ( Mustshfa al Saydeh) amongst other things, last night impressed me as a true man of God who preaches love and harmony. 
It ought to be mentioned that the Zgharta El Salam Soccer Team recently won the Soccer Lebanon Cup and the Club is now geared to represent Lebanon in the up-coming Asia Championship Cup. We all pray and wish all the best to Zgharta El Salam and we are sure that, with the leadership of Father Estephan, they will do us proud and keep the name of Lebanon on a high pedestal…
Father Estephan also struck me, as the others, as fully conversant with our Australian Lebanese Community affairs and all the wheelings and dealings….He appeared privy to details that many of us are oblivious about…A true leader with insight and vision…More importantly he was warmly welcome amongst friends…
Father Estephan was accompanied by Joe Mekary, President of BaTal Lubnaan’s Association and Peter Wakim, both good friends and colleagues in the Maronite Catholic Society (Al RaaBiTah Al Marouniya) and Ted Doueihi together with Father’s other members of the delegation: Charbel Azizi and Badoui Gitani.
Also in attendance were good mates: Ghassan Awit, former President of the MCS, George Tamer, Bakhos Georges, Current MCS Deputy President and Joe Khoury, OAM, Chief Editor of “Future Newspaper” and we were all pleasantly surprised by the attendance of Parramatta City Councillor Mekary accompanied by Deputy Lord Mayor Paul Garrard who wished to personally say Hello to Father Estephan whom he had met upon his visit to Lebanon..
A great company, good friendship ambiance and a serene and harmonious atmosphere…..sufficient recipe for a splendid evening enjoyed by all.
Raymond Abi-Arraj



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