Patient visit/ Anthony Wilson

Patient visit is a sacred thing for relations between the people and each other in such an event; the event of
visiting a patient if he or she got sick, whether at home or hospital, if his/her illness requires hospitalization.

The cause of holiness of his holy thing "patient visit", as I called it, is that the visitor when visiting the sick raises the morale of the patient and he or she feels the presence of parents, relatives or friends in his or her neighbourhood, at the time of distress. There is no more severe difficulty than that of illness.

Every visitor must take into account the circumstances of the patient, not to prolong the time of the visit, not for anything but first to make room for other visitors, and secondly so as not to wear down the patient with the length of the visit and the talking that when he or she starts asking about the patient and gradually goes to talk about things that have no taste nor smell in such situations.

The visitor tries to impart something of “filling" time to talk sometimes about the type of disease and its severity or any talk about the disease and methods of treatment, and his or her opinion about hospitals or doctors, which cuts the time of the visit, so that they do not say that he or she does not understand or does not care.

There is also a visitor of a special and strange kind in relation to the subject of the patient's visit. This type of people likes, after a brief period of greetings and good wishes, to sit down and speak about this and that and on so and so and what is happening here and what is happening there and go on telling something that may be related to him or her and some about other people .

The “harm” that this type of visitors causes to the patient is very dangerous, because the importance of the patient's visit is to soften the atmosphere with an encouraging word and a supplication for healing. The place of visit is not for gossiping and talking about the biography of people.

Will they ever understand and have mercy on patients from their visits? I wish...!

The patient visit is something sacred and a duty to be done if we can afford to…
Comment by Dr. Safwat Riad

This is one of the best Mr Anthony Wilson wrote. You must get Nobel prize for it. 
I hope it is translated not only in English but all languages of the world and framed in our hospitals especially emotional speaking countries as Arabic, Italian, Greek ...etc

Safwat Riad



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