May I Court Thee Your Majesty/ Feras Werr

Ten years ago in the beginning of my career as a writer I was trying to market a novel to some literary agencies in the United States. However, as the days passed by, I got nowhere through my fervent efforts to find professional representation. At that particular point I tried to contact a very famous actress on her e-mail to ask for help. I believe then she was engaged to a very famous director in the United States. After corresponding several literary agencies in New York and California I reached the conclusion that doing so is impossible from Jordan despite the fact that I granted my sister, who is an American citizen, a special power of attorney to represent me in the United States concerning this novel. It appeared that I would have to be living in the United States to successful convince a literary agency to handle the novel for me in the market. The novel itself contained a message of love and peace to the members of the three monotheistic faiths in our war struck world and especially the Middle East, as our peace is torn apart by interfaith unrest from time to time. I remember sending multiple messages through a period of three months to the Actress and also to her fiancé. I never got a response from them. I was terribly shocked at their silence and never e-mailed them again. This happened almost four years ago.  Ever since then the below poem, which I sent as a present to her, remained stored on my computer untouched and unpublished at all. However I finally opened it today and read it again after four long years. I just smiled; we can ignore requests for help as much as we want from our community. However one question just stood in my mind and which compelled me to write these words and share them with the public. Had this famous actress helped me, and had my novel been published or turned into a movie for its’ humanitarian cause, would the Middle East have witnessed the devastating bloodshed it witnessed from the so called “Arabian Spring?” Could it have had a more positive effect and bestowed some peace on some war struck countries in our world? I know what I wrote in the novel and I believe in its’ noble message. But the question isn’t about what we right, as much as will we have the opportunity to reach out to our community with what we write? I began the poem with “May I court thee your majesty” as she once took the role of a figure of ancient royalty in one of her films.    

May I court thee your Majesty?
And write about your smart beauty,
Was Eden inspired from thee?
You make it blush with jealousy,

Your lovely eyes the autumn leaves,
The trees shed softly on prairies,
Your lips are lined with sweet cherries,
Fair springs bringing their purities,

Your skin so white like falling snow,
A striking world softly aglow,
White gold has finally a foe,
Your embrace worth millions in dough,

Your Majesty,
Heiress to Ancient Royalty,
Remember my lyrics to thee,
A gift to keep till eternity,
I have a favor to ask of thee,



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