Egypt is not the first in the declining status/ Anthony Wilson

Economic, social and education situation in Egypt has reached the extent of the decline, or to a level that is not worthy of a homeland as Egypt.

You may ask, and why is this level that Egypt has reached not worthy of it? History says the opposite of what you're saying for years and years, before Muhammad Ali Pasha and after King Farouk, Egypt had not have an upstanding; in the sense that Egypt, throughout its life has been in a state of decline.

I do not object to this statement, but unfortunately Abdel Nasser was the hope that Egypt will take its rightful place and its people. But I regret what I have to say; he had betrayed Egypt and the Egyptian people because he was slack with his interest in Egypt and its people and cared for the elite and the Free Officers of first class and grades that follow the first class and then his interest was in Arab unity and the like. I am not maligned against the man because as a young man in that period of time, I applauded the revolution and loved a man named Abdel Nasser.

One of the Vice Presidents of Nasser went to China and was named Hussein Shafei. The Leader of China at that time was Mao Zedong; a man who believed in communism and applied it with some differences to what was applied by Russia,

“The Soviet Union". I myself am not a communist, not for anything, but that it is incompatible with my Christian faith.

In that meeting, the Vice President told the Chinese Leader that Egypt has taken socialism as a model to be applied to the people and the government. The Chinese President got up and went to Mr Vice President and approached him and then stretched out his hand to the very dear “necktie” and said to him (you are actually applying socialism in Egypt and the biggest proof is this dearly priced necktie) . Of course, Mao Zedong was wearing a simple khaki outfit which at that time was the dress of the Chinese president and the rest of the men and women of the rule and the people wearing the same khaki uniforms. If we want to compare, there is no room for comparison, in where China has reached and what Egypt has reached. Both peoples suffered. One for the elevation of his country China and the other closed his eyes and opened them to find all his dreams had been taken over by the crow and flew away, and so Egypt did not have an upstanding . And misfortunes rolled over until the victory of October 1973 turned into a nightmare that overthrew the sweetness of victory and was entitled "sad day victory."

Anyone who lived in Egypt, whether in the flesh or in the heart and soul, will not ever have the memories of those black days after that victory erased. Rivalry and the spread of traders of religion and their infiltration in social, economic and educational life turned upside down all scales and standards and the Egyptian turned into an ewe to be driven "with regret" to perform what he was ordered by the Brotherhood and other groups, and everyone, men and women, put on “mantilla” in the form of veil or niqab or a short jilbab and pants with a long beard and Zabiba like an eagle seal above the forehead. And Egypt ended on their hands over the rule of Sadat and Mubarak, and naturally the mud got wetter during the year of the rule of Mr Mursi.

Now that we are on the threshold of presidential elections and with the low status in Egypt, economically, socially and educationally, is there hope in Egypt to rise from its stumble and go into the way of reform?! I think the answer to this question is difficult. Because we wasted a lot of time in making the right decisions that would guide Egypt in the right direction toward what we want for Egypt and the Egyptian people.

No one denies the pressures on Egypt at home and abroad. No one denies that the Brotherhood and their followers are like an octopus having arms everywhere in the world and inside Egypt. However, the Egyptian people has started to speak, to demand and to confront; and no one also can deny the role of Egyptian women wherever they exist at home or abroad and their interests in Egypt and the Egyptian affairs and their coming out without fear calling and demanding for the renaissance of Egypt. We are in front of an authentic Egyptian force that will work for Egypt. But let's discuss the three difficulties faced by Egypt, which have brought Egypt to this decline.

First: the economic situation ...
After the war in Yemen, and the wars of 67 and 73, no doubt Egypt had been unable to advance a step towards working for a strong economy based on work and loyalty. But we found the Brotherhood opportunism scouring the country and buying young people with money and jobs with the use of women to be the mean to convince the youth to hear and obey.

Bribery spread and whoever does not pay cannot achieve his own interests. Government career shifted from being government work aiming to serve the people to a government job that serves only the Brotherhood platoon by demolishing the government's authority. Women covered and veiled all the way from a child to an adult woman. Affiliates to the Brotherhood distinguished themselves by the external appearance of the men, "as I pointed to it". No one was interested in the low economic status. But the government, "presidency" cared for all who could increase the production that would yield income to the presidency group and not the Egyptian people, whose case had reached willingness to die for a piece of bread. Furthermore, the Islamic groups began to care for those who had joined them and encouraged them to lax labor and pay attention to the performance of religious duties at the expense of the working times. How was Egypt to depend on the economy based on the interest of the presidency and whoever was with it and the brotherhood and their followers.

Egyptian economy needs a boost with self-denial. A strong impetus to hard work and not on the aspirations and fantasies and the country on a full stop. A strong impetus, where wearing the khaki uniforms becomes the mode of the first civilian elected President of the Republic to the last sentry and simple labourer so that the heads would be equal and everyone knows that there is no master or slave in Egypt, and no believer nor a disbeliever among Egyptians; everyone is free in what they believe or what they disbelieve, but everyone works for Egypt. Is this possible? Or is it impossible? I leave the answer to you...

Second: social status ...
I cannot deny what Egypt was like before Abdel Nasser and in the period of Abdel Nasser up to 3 months before the fifth of June 1967 .
Egypt during the reign of King Farouk and just a bit before that was living the era of feudalism; isn’t that right?!

Owners of vast lands and mansions, cars, power and prestige, and they are a few in numbers compared to the rest of the Egyptian people, began on the rise, but the middle class remained the balancing force in social life in Egypt.

Egyptian people, like the rest of the Arab peoples are distinguished by their affection and love among the sons of the nation, no one can distinguish who is a Muslim and who is Christian, except when the Muslim goes to the mosque to pray on Friday, and the Christian goes to church on Sunday. This has been confirmed by Lord Cromer in an article by him. And I, myself, had lived it from my early age till three months before the setback. Yes, this is what happened when we listened to a trader in Al- Azhar Street while he was leading the congregation in the corner near his and my brother's place, the late Sidky; and declaring that the time has come to eliminate Jews and infidels. When we asked him about who were the infidels, he smiled a yellow smile and said: you, Christians. Then the catastrophe occurred and neither he nor the others could eliminate the Jews or Christians. The rest of the story is known to all and its effects are being lived until now, for it could have almost dissolved the affection and love between the Egyptian people; and that epic, which was among the sons of a homeland whose sons believed that religion is for God and the homeland for all, could have finished or almost finished.

The Two Saints Church massacre happened in Alexandria. Christians came out shouting for the fall of the regime. Hundreds of Egyptian young men and women joined them in the Liberation Square. Their number grew in the thousands, then millions. The Christian protected his Muslim brother while praying and the Muslim did the same thing with his Christian brother during the prayer. Hope began to appear in the return of the epic of religion is for God and the homeland for all. But the demons of destruction were able to return Egypt back to the dark ages and the discrimination between its sons.

The gap increased in the Mr Mursi rule after he sat on the chair. But the people’s flame, in their faith that Egypt is the homeland for all, did not get extinguished. Egypt was the homeland to everyone who believes that Egypt is his or her mother, no matter what his or her colour, sex or creed was.

Whoever listened to the interview conducted by the media expert, Amani Khayat, with Sheikh Ahmad Karima on Tuesday 29, April 2014, knows that I was right when I wrote repeatedly about Uncle Abdullah Al Kholi and my aunt Um Ali, his wife, whom he was reassuring about the relationship of the Christian "I" and her son Mohammed. I was not surprised by the words of Sheikh Ahmad Karima as I had understood him and memorised his words since the fifties of the last century and believed him that it is really right that religion is for God and the homeland for all. A glimmer of hope began that Egypt would regain her civilized face and we would achieve what we dreamt of, us, the older generation, of love and affection between us and that wherever we were present, the word Egyptian must be returned to its former meaning, which was among the people of Egypt.

Does the new president believe that Egypt is for all Egyptians who are loyal to Egypt and not to the terrorists and traders of religion, and he starts really and not just saying to support this national unity and not to listen to any Satanic scruple adopting discrimination as a force preventing the renaissance of the homeland Egypt “the mother of the world and as much as the world”. I hope we have learned our lesson.

Third: the educational status ...
Educational situation in Egypt, say what you like, is the biggest factor in the retreat of Egypt and its underdevelopment among the nations. "This does not mean a lack of scientists in all aspects of education, but most of them have completed or studied abroad". In order for education to rise, I think that it is:.
First, the need for legislating a birth control law. This law will reduce the large number of reproduction, which has reached unreasonable level for the patch of land in Egypt, which cannot tolerate this appalling number of children, and therefore they do not find the right place for education or for the most basic demands of life.

Second, a review should be considered of unreasonable subjects of study and which do not give the student the expanse of the mind to think and search and study, but they pump up their minds to be forced to memorise by heart in order to repeat in his answers to the questions and then evaporate.

We need more knowledge and scientific research and not composition and linguistics. The world has arrived to the sky by their innovations and their scientific research and discoveries and not by their rote.

Is there a brave official to eliminates the educational system in Egypt from the ground up to start a new educational system based on research, experiment and medical science, engineering, and astronomy and all that included progress to the people in Egypt and humanity in the world?

And click again on the limitation of reproduction for we have been competing with "rabbits" in reproduction.

There is much that to be said for the development of education in Egypt; I leave it to the professionals devoted to Egypt and Egypt’s parents. Instead of increasing the number of street children, let us increase our scientists, thinkers and inventors children...

I conclude my article by the article’s title:
Egypt is not the first in the declining status, and I cited China. But the truth is there are other countries that managed to arise and advance, as it happened in China, and the Imperial and Bolshevik Russia, "the Soviet Union", and the status of Russia’s rank currently has become feared by the West. As well as in Malaysia and Brazil. I cannot overlook the Arab Emirates state, which has taken a global stature among developed nations.

If we are not alone in declining, then we must rise in order to catch up with the developed countries and for Egypt to have a role in education and other walks of life .



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