Maronite Catholic Society Youth Report

Caption (left to right, front to back):
Nelson Semaan, His Excellency Bishop Tarabay,
President Toufic Kayrouz, Ghassan Awit,
Anthony Youssef, Gebran Habib, Natalie Kayrouz,
Merae Kayrouz, Adam Youssef, Naji Kazzi,
Anthony Sarkis, Lisa Sarkis, Jocelyn Sarkis
The Maronite Catholic Society, led by its president Mr Toufic Kayrouz formally established the Maronite Catholic Society Youth Committee on Friday the 19th of July. Joined with the president was vice president, Ghassan Awit as well as youth coordinator, Nelson Semaan. We were honored to have Bishop Tarabay’s presence at the meeting, reflecting his support and blessing for the Maronite youth.
The meeting provided an opportunity for the youth to collaborate together to discuss their ideas and aspirations for the future of the Maronites in Australia.
The zealous and passionate youth has displayed an encouraging future for this committee. We wish them the best for their future endeavours.



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