To the soul of my beloved cousin Marie Baini

Do not be saddened if an angel left this world
For angels of heaven always return
A true believer will never perish,
Her soul will always glitter in the sky.
I came from far and my eyes welled in tears
To say goodbye to my beloved cousin,
Who touched a chord in my broken heart.
She is a flower, if the flowers can talk…
They are created to adorn her wedding.
This can’t be my sister’s wedding day…
Which we long waited for 
Her wedding is  turned into grievance.
Marie Baini who dazzled all minds…
Jesus dreamed of her arrival in heaven.
Her mother named her after the Virgin Mary
And today, Rahil weeps her bridal girl,
Mary the Virgin appeared, shedding tears
And leaning forward to kiss Marie’s forehead
 My cousin who proudly carried Mary’s name,
Even the cedars of Lebanon wept for her,
And Mejdlaya’s church, where she worshiped,
Took a bow and tolled its bells.
Like a brother and sister, we lived many years,
And now, I’m deprived of my sister’s voice
No matter how many years will lapse
Marie’s impeccable repute will surely live on
For her eyes only, families will pray.
 She was loved and was everyone’s favourite,
And she was welcomed in everyone’s heart
She packed her bag and went to her father,
To eternally reside in Jesus’ kingdom.
After your departure, you little bride,
A change descended upon our families
Your tomb will always be a shrine
For relatives and friends who fill the world
And our paths will lead to the same resting place.

                                    Charbel Baini    30/07/2013
Translated by Elie Shaanin



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