Hassan Nasrallah's Elective Tunnel Vision/ Elias Bejjani

The terrorist Hezbollah's General Secretary, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, is rhetorically attacking the Arabian Gulf joint armed forces that were assigned to rescue the Kingdom of Bahrain and its peace-loving people from the bloody Iranian dragons who are endeavoring to devour this small Arabian country through ongoing lies, instigations, plots and ignition of denominational strife.

On direct instructions from their masters in Iran, Nasrallah and his armed Hezbollah group leadership are angrily and loudly targeting these Arab peace-keeping forces with all kinds of fabricated accusations of betrayal and treason. Nasrallah, who has been living in an underground bunker since 2006, is keeping a blind eye on the Syrian regime's cruel brutality which was savagely inflicted on the unarmed peaceful Syrian citizens of Daraa and many other Syrian cities during the last few days, where tens were killed, hundreds injured and thousands arbitrarily detained.

The hypocritical Nasrallah is militarily helping Assad�s regime in Syria with hundreds of his armed "Mujahedeen" terrorists to oppress and muffle the Syrian citizens who are courageously and peacefully calling for the release of hundreds of innocent detainees, and for freedom and democracy.

Nasrallah's "Mujahedeen", as we recall, took a major role in oppressing and assaulting the Iranian people themselves during the massive demonstrations that erupted in many Iranian cities in response to the systemic forging of the last presidential elections. "Nasrallah is just a cheap Iranian trumpet no more no less", as the renowned Kuwaiti Journalist Ahmad Jarallah said in an editorial he published in Al Seyasi Kuwaiti daily on Monday.

Nasrallah completely ignored the fact that Syria's dictator, Bashar Al Assad, sent on Monday, March 21, the 4th Armored Division commanded by his younger brother, Maher Assad, to suppress the four-day uprising in Darra city, capital of the southern Hauran region, and blockade the adjoining Jabal ad-Druze, where a demonstration is planned for March 26 at As-Suwada. Al Assad, posted two expanded Syrian army brigades at Darra, where some 20 demonstrators were killed and 300 wounded by tear gas and live bullets.

It seems that Nasrallah has chosen not to hear the Syrian demonstrators calling on their citizens all around the country to join them at a rally to mourn those who died in clashes with police over the past three days. He has turned his head away from the oppressive Syrian scene to attack the Bahraini authorities infringing on all traditional diplomatic protocols.

The Bahraini Government did the right thing to hold the Lebanese government responsible for Nasrallah's blatant and hostile remarks, saying his statements would have a negative impact on ties between Lebanon and Bahrain. Bahrain officially condemns Nasrallah's "lies and allegations over the events in the Kingdom aimed at serving foreign interests�. The condemnation response stated that Hizbullah's leader through his "terrorist speeches" was interfering in Bahrain's internal affairs and attacking its figures and people. Nasrallah's remarks "do not serve the security and stability of the region and would impact Lebanon's interests in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Gulf Cooperation Council countries," the Bahraini foreign ministry warned. It vowed that Bahrain's people "would remain united against all those who want to harm our security and stability."

Nasrallah in a fiery speech that he delivered on Saturday said that Arabian Gulf countries sent troops to Bahrain to "defend a regime which no one is threatening to topple." "I ask some in the Arab and Islamic worlds: Why have you remained mum over the tyranny against our people in Bahrain, is it only because they are Shiites?" he wondered.

In the midst of the ongoing Arabic public revolutions against the tyrant regimes, those Arab leaders, officials and politicians who have been badly addicted to double standard stances, dhimmitude and hypocrisy, like Amr Moussa, the General Secretary of the Arab League, must be forced to step down and spare the world their fake Arabism, hatred, fundamentalism and self-centered mentality.

The Arabian Gulf states did the right thing in sending their troops to safeguard the Kingdom Of Bahrain. In the same realm, it was great to see the Free World countries' armies attack Qaddafi and put an end to his horrible massacres that he has been inflicting on his own people, but strategically it is more vital and more important that these same countries start working seriously on toppling the Baathist Syrian regime, and on eradicating Hezbollah's ministate in Lebanon, or otherwise the mullahs in Iran will keep on spreading more and more of their schemes of terrorism, violence, unrest and havoc, not only in Lebanon and Gaza, but also in all the Arabian Gulf states, Arab countries, and the whole world.

What the Western World officials and politicians need to comprehend once and forever is that all forms of rhetoric statements of condemnation are futile, a waste of time and fall on deaf ears and numbed consciences when both the Syrian and Iranian regimes are their focus. There is no shred of doubt that the tyrannical leadership in both countries understands and responds only to the military force and deterrence.

We strongly believe that the time has come for the Arab countries to have their own terrorist lists similar to those kept by the USA, Australia and Canada, and to start eradicating the terrorist groups, especially Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Muslim Brotherhood.

Lebanese people who honor peace, democracy, freedom and human rights, are wondering when the Free World countries together with the Arab world will start to see things as they are in Lebanon without any cosmetics and accordingly witness the truth and stop alleging that Hezbollah has two wings, one social and the other militant. The reality is that the USA and UK in particular are fully aware that Hezbollah by all means and according to each and every criterion is an armed Iranian proxy terrorist brigade stationed in Lebanon and has no such imaginary wings. Brutality, violence and terrorism are Hezbollah's only game plan.



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