What is happening to the USA policies in the Middle East?/ Elias Bejjani

We are really sad, disappointed and shocked because the US administration is not openly hailing and fully supporting by all means the courageous and wise Saudi military intervention in the Kingdom of Bahrain and instead resorting to a hostile rhetoric that simply is a mess with no positive or fruitful strategic horizon.

Myself, like many other Lebanese and Middle East human rights and democracy advocates, can no longer understand America�s bizarre and against all odds Middle East policies.

We are so confused and unable to tell if the Obama administration is actually supporting the terrorist Syrian and Iranian Axis of Evil regimes and their military tools, Hezbollah and Hamas, or still honoring its historical pro-Western allies, especially the Arabian Gulf states, Emirates and kingdoms?

Hearing what Secretary of State Clinton has said on Wednesday March 16/11, about the Arabic Gulf States� military intervention in Bahrain makes us so suspicious about the actual US agenda in the Middle East. We wonder if Clinton and President Obama want the Arab regimes, especially in the Arabian Gulf, to stay idle while watching Iran's mullahs and their local armed and militant militias topple all their regimes and do nothing.

Isn't Clinton aware that if Iran takes over Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf regimes will automatically fall one after the other under Iran's terrorism and hegemony?

Sadly, the recent US stances in regard to what is called "Revolutions", are very odd, completely unacceptable and fully serve the Iranian -Syrian destructive and evil schemes of expansionism and wreaking havoc throughout the region.

Looking back on what has lately happened in Egypt and the actual outcome, one can't but be more suspicious about the US role. In fact nothing has changed in Egypt at all in spite of all the so called historic revolution. Until now, the only tangible change that has happened is simply the replacement of President Mubarak by the strong military man, Al Mushir Tantawi. Meanwhile, the newly proposed constitutional amendments won�t even give Egyptian Christians any of their deserved equal citizenship rights! So where is the revolution?

In the context of this confusion, the US administration for reasons that we cannot grasp has returned its ambassador to Syria that recently openly granted its terrorist regime a green light with a blind eye to enforce its brutal hegemony over neighboring Lebanon and to topple its democratic, free, and pro-Western government. Is this really what president Obama is after?

Because of this bizarre American policy Hezbollah now is in full control of Lebanon and has appointed against the will of the majority of the Lebanese Sunnis, the Lebanese Sunni Syrian puppet, Mr. Najib Mikati, to form a subservient government that Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's General Secretary, will not only control, but make it a vicious tool to erect an Iranian mullah's republic in Lebanon.

We wonder if the Obama administration was not aware of the horrible and savage murder that the Iranian Hezbollah's proxy, the " Imad Mughniyah group", committed in the West Bank last week, when an Israeli family of five, including three children, was slaughtered. Or it did not hear about the Iranian weapons that Israel confiscated from a ship this week in the Mousterian Sea en route to Egypt and that would have been transferred to Hamas in Gaza. In the same realm, Egyptian authorities on Tuesday confiscated a fleet of trucks loaded with Iranian weapons via Sudan that were also heading to Gaza

We call on the US administration to stop its unexplainable pro- Iranian and -Syrian policies and to act in its historic role as a guardian for peace and stability in the Middle East and as a supporter of pro-Western free and democratic regimes, especially Lebanon.

We remind both President Obama and Secretary Clinton that one million peaceful, patriotic Lebanese citizens demonstrated on Sunday March 13/11, in downtown Beirut against the Hezbollah terrorists and the evil schemes of both its masters, the Syrian and Iranian Axis of Evil regimes. At least the US administration is expected not to side with the Axis of Evil countries and organizations against the peace and democracy loving Lebanese people.



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