Syrian Revolution News Round-up

Protests in Syria are no longer restricted to Daraa City, but now expanded to included many of towns and villages nearby, especially Jassem, Daael, Sanamain and Inkhil. Still several arrests were reported and hundreds are reported missing.

In Jassem, the demonstration began when Imams called out from Mosques saying “People of Dignity, People of Honour, your folk in Daraa are being slaughtered.” 1,500 gathered within minutes. “The demonstration came in response to the siege of Deraa City” one eyewitness said. “We walked in the direction of Abu Tammam Square… People wanted to go and throw stones at the District Director, but we insisted on keeping tings peaceful by chanting “Silmiyyah.” Party officials came to us and asked us what we want, we said: “freedom.” That ended our communication. “

In Inkhel, the inhabitants destroyed the local party headquarter, and tore a posted of the President. It seems things will continue to escalate until next Friday. The demonstration ended in Inkhel without a single security officer showing his face.

In Daraa, the statue of Hafiz Al-Assad in the main square was demolished yesterday, all posters of Bashar were torn, and “Down With Assad” slogan was sprayed on walls of many of schools.

In Qamishly, Kurds poured into the streets to celebrate Newruz. Though no clashes with authority were reported, speakers at the celebrations called for ending state of emergency, release of political prisoners, and respect for political freedoms. In a gesture of support to the revolution, protesters raised the Syrian flag on the stage. At night, celebrations turned to protests, with protesters filling the narrow streets of the city, shouting “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom” and cars honked their horns.

Small demonstrations continued to take part in various Damascene neighbourhoods and suburbs, including Kafar Sousseh, Douma, Mouaddamiyah and Al-Hajar Al-Aswad.



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