Open Letter to General Aoun

In light of the projected escalation by the Tayyar and the call to demonstrate on the streets I suggest that the message and the means be reconsidered. To force a unilateral confessional confrontation in these times of deadly radicalization is a fraction of what is needed.

Demonstrating against Christian confessional discrimination is falling into the role of the victim. We, the Christians of Lebanon are not victims! We are the architects of this nation and of our future.

The real discrimination that needs to be addressed goes beyond confessional limitations. The target of this blatant offensive discrimination is the Lebanese citizen. The message that needs to be conveyed is a national message.

The political paralysis, the state of emergency around the waste matter collection and disposal, the financial abuses, the dismissal of constitutional authority, the power-mongering and profiteering and many other issues affect all Lebanese equally.

Please take your time General Aoun to rally allies from all sides - from traditional allies, from the silent majority, from civil society, from independent politicians with a conscience and others as well. The crisis is beyond the confines of March.

We also have to clarify that the army is not the culprit , the culprit is the self-serving motivation that drives all the political choices in the country.

General Aoun you are right to be angry but you are not alone, we are all angry and feeling the pressure of our powerlessness to bring about change. Do not let them make you feel as though you are isolated in this frustrating situation.

I ask you not to fight your battles on your own. Call on all the Lebanese not just the Tayyar to come to the table and create and to stand against the compounded violations that the decent citizens face.

"To fight alone is valiant, to resist together is powerful." I urge you to delay the vehemence of your rebuttal by coalescing a front to combat the problems that we face as a nation and not just as Christians. In this national fight you will find unanimity.


Tracy Chamoun
Baabda - August 2015



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