Nightmare In Egypt…Part 3/ Feras Werr

31st of June, Friday, Lake Placid
Senator Richard leaned back in the couch in his luxury yacht savoring some peace and comfort after the demanding party he just hosted. He lit a cigar and puffed gently its fragranced smoke into the calm saline atmosphere around him while pondering the produces of his conference with the general. Quite a profitable deal for him if the grounds do promise the yields mentioned in the map. If at all discovered and evaluated as salvageable for sale, he would easily smuggle the contents out of Jordan and into New York by sea where his connections waited. The figures for such sales were dazzling and made the trouble of organizing the campaign worth every single second of it; but if however unsuccessful he was safe with the general handling all the expenses. All he had to do was wait till they were back to see the outcome of things and especially the fate awaiting the general. 
The mistakes he made while handling the map and the Forest murders opened up too many eyes on them and were endangering the whole organization. The police already attempted to plant a spy between his men and this alone was an alarming signal that had to be dealt with immediately. When all would be back from the expedition Ivan would have a very big chore to fulfill for him; a chore that once done would relief him of the incompetence of the general for good. With that taken care of the entire merchandise of the expedition would be soled to his benefit alone. An excellent plan that would heave on him a one hundred percent profit.
The entire drug and antique transactions were done by men under the supervision of the general with no tangible evidence involving any of the organization members with him. The cocaine, which was bought by the Senator and the organization, would be imported in bulk sacks to New York from South America via sugar shipments registered in the name of the general's company. It was usually mixed within the 50 kg sacks of sugar and each cocaine shipment never exceeded one ton of the ships cargo making it impossible to locate. Upon its arrival the ship's cargo was trucked immediately from the port to the general's sugar stores where it was unloaded. However embedded within the stores were underground rooms where the cocaine sacks were taken and then repackaged into one kilogram sacks for external distribution to their dealers. The senator would then pay the general handsomely for ferrying the cargo into New York and send his own vehicles to pick up the packaged sacks for distribution to his dealers. 
Antiques upon availability from the organization's many world wide contacts in Arabia and the Far East were also shipped in with the sugar. The small pieces were packaged and buried deep within the sugar sacks to prevent them from being damaged while bigger pieces where placed inside completely sealed small rooms within the ship's walls and interior. Those rooms were secretly opened during the night time's camouflage or when the harbor was least active and their contents were loaded on smaller boats to be taken to safer shores. The general's men would be waiting at designated meeting points to take them to their stores where they would rest till their buyers arrive. 
So many things were at stake and every single arrangement had to be made to protect the organization's reputation and businesses interest. Since the general's shipments contained the smuggled material and his stores kept them until their sales the organization members were safe if the material was caught by the police. The general would hold full responsibility. However the members weren't fools to totally leave the general to vessel their purchases unguarded. As much as the general thought he was smart the senator always found a way to outsmart his mentality. Its' true his long years as a general in the US marines taught him a lot of things in the military world but he was no longer in charge of an aircraft carrier managing weapons and army units like in the army days. He was in a world where things were played by a different set of rules. Things were weighed by people with shrewd minds and not only by the power of guns. During his two years of service to the organization the general was an instrument to execute orders and had done so unaware of the close surveillance he was under. The Russian assistant they planted in his group never failed to report to them his movements and kept a careful record of his contacts. He gave them periodically a time list of his expected shipments and stealthily spied on all his correspondences when his master was away. He frequently broke into his company's offices and searched through the staff's bureau's for anything that might prove to be suspicious and of importance to the organization. How else was the spy uncovered if it wasn't for those Russian eyes that saw through the mistake she committed?
After her recruitment as secretary in one month she was seated in the general's office writing down a communication he wanted her to send to a contact of his company. Ivan was in the office too waiting for orders concerning a quick errand. The general's telephone rang interrupting his dictation to his secretary. He abruptly welcomed, "lieutenant" succeeding in grabbing his secretary's attention and making her involuntarily look up. Ivan studied her surprised for a couple of seconds as she sat uncomfortably then everything proceeded as normal. In one week's time the senator pulled a couple of strings and her file was sent to Ivan. Ivan took the credit to himself and told the general how he noticed her abrupt sudden behavior and how he took the time to investigate her ID, furthermore cementing his much needed loyalty to the general. If it wasn't for him the general he wouldn't have changed the dates for the upcoming cocaine transfers and all hell would have broken loose.     
The sudden light tick tocks of high heels awakened him from his thinking. He smiled as he felt her coming towards the lounge. As the door slowly opened and gradually revealed the caller to his yacht a wave of surprise suddenly engulfed him. Although expecting a Jordanian woman promised by a business contact to give him the sexual desires he wished mostly, nevertheless it was Raghda. He eyed as the fifty year old Egyptian lady with her unbelievable sexy figure walked in, her hips causing a superb aching as they swayed sideways in the tight denims she wore. Her waist long black hair that neatly flowed around her danced with every move she took. Sparkling blue cat eyes mesmerized the viewer with heavens of beauty and complimented her heart shaped face. Her white complexion gleamed under the lights of the lounge and her ample breasts that were nicely displayed underneath her low cut shirt made him suddenly sizzle with the pains of want. 
Raghda was a gift he tremendously cherished that was given to him through an Arabic Sheikh that had big enterprises in Cairo. She flew with the Sheikh to New York to entertain him while on a business trip two years ago where she met him and gained his favor. Noticing how enchanted he was with her the Sheikh asked her to take good care of him. Ever since then when ever his wife would be away or when he would be in need of her company, Raghda traveled from Cairo to New York especially to pleasure him with her visits and services. She provided him with a time out period where his deep stresses and sexual preferences would role unrestrained. 
"Come on in Raghda. How was your trip?"
"Hello Senator." She hugged him in a cold manner then sat down on a couch with an expressionless face displayed. He politely excused himself saying, "In a minute I will be at your disposal ma'am." He kissed her cheeks and departed the lounge. Within seconds the boat bloomed to life as it departed the silent dock of luxury yachts towards the dark seas. 
They sailed through the still summer waters till gradually the glowing lights of the marinas minimized in size. Achieving the required distances Richard halted the motors and anchored bringing the boat to a full stop. The breathtaking sounds of the rolling sea waves surfaced in the air that was saturated with the coast's warm humid salinity. The clear skies above shimmered handsomely with their nightly population. The horizons that sometimes sparkled with the car lights shuffling between the street lights in the roads were quite captivating from where he was. But his senses quickly drifted back to the lady that waited in the lounge. It was truly mind-blowing that she maintained such magnificent beauty at her age. She resembled a vintage wine bottle, matured with enchanting taste. She had with her a handsome gift for him and mustn't be kept alone for too long.  
He walked back into the lounge and poured his guest a drink. His senses pleasured greatly at the flowery feminine perfume that permeated the closed quarters and that contrasted greatly with the natural marine settings only moments ago.  
He asked in an inquisitive manner, "Very nice perfume. What is it called? No let me guess, Ah Sexy Eve."
His question and comment met no reply as he expected. Placing the drink on the table in front of her he sat down besides her and attempted to kiss her lips. She moved away commanding in a stern voice, "Not yet. We have something to discuss first." 
Richard's mind lighted with expectancy. He calmly began to explain. "If it's about the last time…" He paused in thought for a few seconds then continued, "Look I know I have upset you ma'am but believe me I didn't mean to. She cut her visit without prior notice and called me from the airport saying she was on her way home."
Raghda, barely smiling back at his explanation stood up and gestured him to do likewise. She gently kicked off her high heels and gave him a reprimanding look, "It looks like you're up to your mischief with me again son; and you know well when you’re a naughty boy…come here!"    
The senator's spirit began choking with anticipation as he slowly approached his sexy guest. Waves of déjà vu flashed through his mind and captivated his sexually aroused emotions returning him to his childhood days and the excellent lickings his stepmother used to give him. He swallowed hard as he saw her hands unbuckle the thick leather belt that she wore. The shuffling sound it caused as it moved around her fine waist and the clanking of its' metal buckle made his heart beats race wildly and drenched his instincts with frustrating pain and desire. She was just so sexy with that leather belt in her hand.  
"How long will she be gone this time?" 
"We have a good two weeks to ourselves. Please Raghda." 
"I will make those weeks worth your while senator. But you have to compensate me in a certain way."
She pranced the grounds in front of him explaining with the grace of a soft gazelle, "Canceling an appointment on the last minute, you made me loose a client. That will cost you five hundred dollars you know."
He replied daring her, "And what will you do if I don't pay Raghda."
"Suite yourself," She grabbed him by his left arm and attempted to turn him around. He quickly lost her grip and crouched down begging and kissing her feet for forgiveness. "Sorry but you are in for it son. This will teach you how to fool around with me."
She grabbed his left arm again and yanked him up with firmness. He surrendered into her demanding authority and swirled around like a child in her arm begging, "Please forgive me."
"Its been some time since your last whipping son…keep silent."
She dragged him to the whipping post that rested in the corner of the lounge and unbuttoned his shirt. She undressed him and tied his arms to the post firmly. A narrow mirror rested at a short distance in front of the post placing Raghda in full view of Richard. She took a few steps back. Within seconds he began screaming as he tasted her leather belt on his back. The smacks echoed through the yacht as a swift royal trio made him twist and turn madly in his place begging for mercy. Unconcernedly she raised her belt and continued the whipping reprimanding him for his behavior. Her sexy figure that swayed with the movement of her arm as she lifted the belt ravaged him with choking frustration as his body careened from the pain at every time the belt fell on his back. His crying and shrieking filled the yacht as his mistress's whipping began leaving torturing welts on his skin. Soon he began showering promises of obedience at her. But she was still a long way from finished with him. She took off her blouse revealing her exquisite voluptuous motherly breasts. She managed a slight smile as she saw his face and eyes rage with vicious want. She approached him and stood in front of him saying, "I don't want you to ever pull any funny tricks on me again. Do you understand?" 
He answered sobbing, "Yes mistress, I will do want you want. I'm sorry."
"I don't have time to play around with kids! When you call me you will have to make time for me. Do you understand?!"
"I understand mistress."
The sight of her breasts in front of him made him involuntarily tilt his head to kiss them but she swiftly pulled back and turned around with firm steps towards his back. She raised the belt giving him a powerful smack across his back again. He cried like a child as his mistress yelled back at him saying, "Did I give you permission to do that!!! Did I!!!"
The belt resumed its furious attack making him careen again with agony. Raghda's breasts shook wildly in the mirror in front of him as she raised her belt repeatedly and lashed him burning his skin mercilessly and sizzling him with woes of frustration. After a few moments the lashing ceased and nothing was heard but his sobbing and begging, "Please mistress, forgive me, I will never upset you again! Mercy!" 
Raghda untied Richard from the post and wore back her belt. He fell down to the floor weeping as she sat down on a nearby couch breathing heavily after her strenuous struggle with him. She lit a cigarette and dragged deeply attempting to ignore his childish crying and restless rubbing at the red welts that filled his back. She knew she had just ignited her partner's sexual appetite and in moments wild love making will be taking place. Seated barefoot with her large breasts that were exposed to his full view forbidden to him for a while will tantalize him even more. However deep inside herself and at every time she gave him the belt she couldn't help but pity him. Why on earth didn't he seek medical advice instead of the burning lashing just baffled her. She never liked his pathetic game that he had her play with him before he slept with her. She never used her leather belt on any of her clients as this field truly lurked with dangers but against the handsome money the senator offered she agreed that he be the only exception. After a few successful trials it became a pastime for him to enjoy her disciplining and sexual sessions. But as the days passed by his addiction to his masochist practices and to her services got more demanding and began to annoy her.  When he ended up calling her more than once a month she attempted to ignore his calls. However the worst of her fears shortly happened. He unearthed her private home address, flew especially to meet with her in Cairo and ask for her services once more. It was crystal clear to her then that he was sentimentally involved with her and could never leave her alone. Daring not to frustrate such a personality she accepted but on condition that her visits not exceed more than twice a month. Very soon she resumed her rendezvous with him on the yacht. She understood that he was a reality that she had to deal with and not resist.    
Ten minutes had passed before she decided to break her silence with him. She gave him a warm sympathetic smile and gestured him to approach her with her hand. As he came close she began stripping off her denims and lingerie gluing his attention to her. In a few seconds she was completely naked revealing the full superbness of her gleaming white complexion. His red eyes blazed with desire as she pressed his head against her breasts in a motherly way. She groaned with pleasure as she felt him intentionally give the cleavage of her breasts a hard kiss. She explained, "You know the lashing I just gave you was for your own good. You should know how to respect your appointments more son. Don't you? I love you. You know that well."
Richard looked up at her face that beamed with warm sympathy. A couple of small age wrinkles formed around the tips of her eyes and mouth as she smiled back affectionately at him. He shook his head with understanding as their lips immediately kissed and their hands roamed freely searching for ways to pleasure each other. The coming moments held nothing but the sounds of their panting and sensual love words. 
--:--, --/--/--
The two diggers were no longer in view as they restlessly shoveled the sands and deepened the two hundred sixty nine square foot hole they created besides the Pyramid of Khafra. The other worker along with Mustafa worked the pulley on the grounds that pulled out the big sand basket when full. Two electrical spot lights that were connected to a portable generator powered by diesel lit the excavated area for the convenience of the project and thus killing the darkness that the desert beasts sometimes roamed in hunting for prey. 
The Pyramids of Giza in the daytime of the summers witnessed excellent activity as it was the main sight of many tourist groups that visited Egypt and its many ancient ruins. However during the nighttime it was quiet as ever with no close towns to encourage any excursions. Countless stories were told of how the mafias and treasure-hunters used the darkness to conceal their ransacking of the different sights, thus adding an extra something to worry about for Angel and Nigel. But the police patrols that came by periodically to check on their digging site made them a bit secure, and also their private weapons that were hidden in the nearby parked jeep. Although the patrols were perplexed by the fact that they were digging at night the legal documents that they bore with them allowing their activity minimized their interferences and left their visits only to check on their safety. 
Looks of despair overcame Angel's face as the sands of time seeped through the hours with no nearing signs that the stairs ever existed in the area. She sat besides Nigel a small distance away from the digging pondering whether to call the digging off that had started ever since three hours or to wait a few extra moments in hopes of a break through. They dug at the middle point of the east side of the Pyramid of Khafra exactly where the map was indicating. Nigel's point of view suddenly felt logical and it became apparent to her that she was chasing after unachievable goals. After all anybody could have scratched down those details on the ancient papyrus. Its old age didn't necessarily mean its contents were true.
"You know love dawn is after one hour. Do you think we should call everything off?"
Nigel wrapped his arm around her and answered, "Well lengths were not mentioned on the map. They could be buried still at a deeper distance than our digging."
"I don't have the proper money to finance the required equipment for such digs, and with no guarantee that the details do exist…" 
"Don’t worry about money Angel. Our relationship is worth far more than a couple of hundred pounds if this will help you accomplish what you want."
Angel smiled back and softly said, "Thank You Nigel. I hope that someday…"
Suddenly elated cries sounded from deep inside the hole. Angel and Nigel stood up amazed as Mustafa turned around and ran up to them exclaiming, "A sealed entrance of some type was found. Come and have a look!" 



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