Nightmare In Egypt Pages 1-8/ Feras Werr

August 20, 2009, New York, 
Memories Of A Requiem To A Near Past
The graveyard around him suddenly filled with shuffling and low murmurs of condolences as the brief requiem came to its finish. The priest blessed the coffin that lied silently besides its final resting place. Within seconds it was lowered down with its deceased contents to the deep hollowness. The shovels began their work shortly afterwards, heaving on it the dark soil, inflaming the sorrows in his heart to burdening climaxes he never knew before. As his hands moved to meet the forming line of relatives of the deceased to accept their condolences, he wept, the tears trickling down his cheeks like a helpless child. She was totally gone from the mortal world, departed on the final trip of no return to meet what lies after the realm of the elementals. The line of people eventually came to an end and soon car engines filled the atmosphere in the near distances. He was eventually left alone in front of her grave. 
To her right rested her mother and to her left her father, both murdered in 1959. Soon a third gravestone was added reading, Angel Forest, died in the sacred line of duty, somewhere in time in 1960. Nigel suddenly snapped out of his memories and jumped in his place startled as he felt the hand tap his shoulders. He leaned on his walking stick and stood up to meet the new arrival. 
"On the same day of her funeral for every single year and for fifty long years you have managed to come to her grave," Said the old exhausted figure.
Nigel replied with a sad breaking voice while his senile hands shook on top of his walking stick, "Her death left a wound in my heart that took a long time to heal. I just cannot forget her easily Dave."
"I’m sure she is very happy with your faithfulness. I’m sure she is smiling upon you in heaven Nigel."
"We just said it to each other dozens of times, for better or worse, till death do us part. I just didn't know love can be so strong and last so long after death as well. Even after half a century's time, I still miss her. We would have married if she remained alive."
Both old men walked down the walkway between the graves, their footsteps on the green grass leaving a light crackle in the atmosphere, the brisk autumn breezes brushing against their wrinkled faces and making their hair sway in its wake. 
Dave's eyes radiated with admiration as he consoled Nigel, "Your love married you together spiritually. It was your faith and love for each other that crushed your assailants in that battle. You enjoyed something that married people seldom experience, a spiritual bonding faithfulness for your love."
"Every time I kneel by her grave, I pray that she be in heaven where she should belong, I cry sometimes, and I can just feel her around me. It's as if her soul is besides me for a while there."
Soon the asphalt that leads to the cemetery met them. Dave's chauffeur stepped out of the black Rolls Royce and circled around towards them. In moments the door opened for both of them. Dave got in and Nigel followed afterwards, positioning his walking cane between his knees, making himself comfortable in the luxury seats, as the chauffeur closed the door. Within seconds the chauffeur hopped in. As he turned on the engine Dave commented, “You know I never met her at all. I came to respect her from your words and love for her. She must have been one magnificent lady to have left such a deep impact in your life. Her bravery, courage and will to revenge her parents death; she seems a total fantasy being such an excellent lady of society.”
“A truly fabulous person with the will to explore, the heart to take on a new adventure, and to uncover the past. Just when I would tell myself that I know her I would discover something totally new about her in each day of our relationship. This is one of the things that made me just love her even more.”
For a long while nobody said anything while the Rolls eventually reached Manhattan’s Central Park West and sped down its path. As the American Museum of World History began focusing in the distances, Nigel suddenly asked the chauffeur, “Stewart, can you drop me off at the Museum.”
“Nigel what do you want from there.”
Nigel nodded his head as he decided it was finally time to tell his friend. He stated calmly with a light smile drawn upon his face reflecting his satisfaction for his upcoming statement, “For two major reasons. Despite my advanced years, the proprietors of this fine establishment have been begging me to accept the post of Deputy General Manager. They will pay me handsomely if I present my expertise to their service along with the working staff there. Secondly I have to pay some tribute to Angel Dave.” 
Dave shot a confused glance at Nigel, “What do you mean? We were just at her grave.”
The Rolls came to a full stop near the premises of the museum as Nigel explained, “Remember two months ago, the breaking news on AONC, when they broadcasted the discovery of the Royal Mummy of Sekhmet, One of Seti the first’s wives, in Egypt? Who do you think was in her tomb…”
For a full minute Dave did nothing but glance at Nigel in full surprise, his heavy eye lids that were usually half closed were totally raised from his shock from the impacting news. He felt a chill up his spine as the words reverberated in his head over and over again. Nigel in return was studying the large museum that dominated the area with its grand ascending steps and grey entrance. “Whom do you think convinced the authorities in Cairo to bring her here for research and then keep her for exhibition in New York, to be close by me?”
“Then who was in the coffin back there in the graveyard? My friend, I fear you have gone Senile, with all due respect. Don’t worry, I know a fine doctor…”
Nigel replied assuring, “I’m still as aware as can be Dave.”
“Then tell me what really happened out there?”
“In Christianity we don’t believe in soul reincarnation. It was in reality a calling from her past that clashed with her present for a brief period of time to help us win the battle with evil.” 
Dave swung his head in total bafflement a couple of times and exclaimed "So Angel is in the graveyard and mummified in the museum…How can she be buried twice?!"
"No Dave. Angel lived in the twentieth century but was buried three thousand years ago. The woman in the coffin was someone else. You see ancient Egypt was just a major part of her past; it was something she accepted easily…you just should have seen her gorgeousness in royal Egyptian attire when we were lost in that time maze. Had someone told me I would have doubted this Dave. It happened in front of my eyes.”
“Look Nigel. It's true I was in Jordan back then and battled with those vicious beasts at the same time. I know we were up against the paranormal. But this story, you are just going to have to explain to me." 
Nigel began explaining, “It all began in…"
The Summer of the 30th of June 1960, On a Thursday in Giza Egypt
The bulky desert sands of Giza posed no threat for the powerful mechanics of the CJ-3B as it sped along its road towards the three pyramids that stood proudly within the glowing sun set in the distances. The Jeep was state of the art equipment with its unforeseen 4 cylinder Hurricane engine and dual transfer case transmission system. Driving it was a fantastic experience especially when its high tech engine was challenged with great speeds and rough roads. Its steering systems maneuvered perfectly with the uneven dusty roads and seemed to totally harmonize with the language and handling of its' well experienced driver.
Nigel Promise looked back as civilization disappeared behind the sandy hills of Giza leaving him and his partner with the hospitality of the dry wilderness about. He never welcomed the idea that Angel talked him into but nevertheless that was his best friend whom was asking him for guidance to the pyramids and to the dark network of dangers lurking beneath the titanic ancient structures. It was the only thing she wanted to do presently and he couldn't do anything but to surrender into her steel will of launching her into where men have went before, but have not returned at all. Several times during the long ride from Aswan to Giza he regretted his decision and powerful urges erupted inside to demand that she call off her wild plans. But he knew how much firm minded she was especially when she locked her mind on to something. "Oh how much he longed to convince her of the need to change as this can invite troubles for her," he thought as he saw her hands shift the gear stick to low gear in preparation to ascend an approaching miniature sandy hill. 
That was Angel, the person he came to be fond of ever since they met during an archeological mission in Jordan three years ago. Breathtaking ancient roman sites were discovered in the Northern provinces and well experienced archeologists were invited by the Jordanian government from the UK and the States to aid in excavating the ruins. He was forwarded from the UK and Angel from the US. Teaming up together and the amount of work that prevailed during the digs created a strong business bond that eventually was the basis of a yet stronger friendship during the duration of their stay in Jordan. The days even proved to be only establishing of the success of their joint efforts in their excavations and very soon an excellent recommendation from Jordan to their superiors brought them to Egypt and its wealthy basket of discoveries. In no time their plane landed at Cairo's International Airport and work was underway. However after several weeks from the commencement of an excavation at a site near the Sphinx, Angel received a telegram holding bitter news for her.      
Unlike his divorced parents that owned and managed a prosperous bank in the UK along with influential partners, Angel's parents were very average people that resided happily in New York. Her father, Charles Forest, owned a family inherited bar in Lower Manhattan and her mother Sarah was a professor of archeology at The Academy of Modern Sciences. They both were very loving parents to her as she was their only daughter and supported her tremendously through her studies. Her happiness was a nonnegotiable matter that had to be fulfilled at all expenses and as the days raced away with what they held with sorrow and happiness their daughter aced through her schooling and post graduate years making them very proud. Angel feeling that her parents hectic working days were repaid graciously by her academic success settled into a local job besides her parents. However soon the winds of change blew at her neighborhood when her superiors offered her the overseas Job in Jordan. Finding it interesting she decided to take the offer unaware of the shock her decision would bring to her family and friends. Nevertheless her firm mind was in control of the situation and after a thorough discussion she convinced her parents that part of the reason she chose archeology was to travel and discover the past unknowns around the world. She felt that a voyager's life in pursuit of the mysterious was her destiny and decided to follow her dreams at all costs. Feeling unable to break her will to travel her parents settled in to her decisions and within one short week they bid farewell to their twenty seven year old young daughter hiding their tears and sorrow in their hearts. They knew deep inside that their Angel was off to build a career for herself and it was their duty to help her pilot independently and strongly as she had no siblings to rely on. 
Nigel envied Angel's loving household and the undivided attention her parents gave her. Being a single child never won him any affection from his parents even as a child. His parents, Henry and Stephanie Promise, were divorced ever since his late elementary school days and his peace was torn apart by their wild fights. They seldom gave him the proper attention he deserved as they either were busy running their huge banking corporation or attempting to navigate through their ruff marital seas. Upon their separation he frequently bounced between their homes and suffered bitterly from his stepmother's strict temper. His mother not choosing to repeat a second marriage in fear of history repeating itself turned into a workaholic and spent most of her time at her office maintaining the welfare of her shares in the bank. Nigel always fought within his frustrated self to give them excuses for their ignorance and for depriving him of a loving family atmosphere by their divorce. But he would lose the battle at every single time finding nothing to plead for them in his life. 
The cold world he lived in soon broke loose and tore at his parents when they tried to force him into staying besides them in London. Upon his request to meet with them to tell them of his will to travel to Jordan for the job offer and against his expectations they both showed up on time for dinner at his father's luxurious villa. Food was served in the villa's grand dinning room but the usual tension poisoned the atmosphere of the evening and chocked any elaborate elegance they were supposed to have enjoyed with their son. Nigel attempted to ignore the impatience that was building up within himself and managed the proper words to announce his plans during their meal. Nigel can never forget the looks on their faces when they found out. Their faces went blank with shock as they began to forbid him from travel. The reasons were his young twenty seven years in life and the fact that they needed him to get involved more with the bank's business. They told him that they had to go through enough when he decided to study archeology instead of banking at university and that he was going too far with his decisions. Dialogue and discussion were not in their books as they spoke about the huge expectations they were holding on him and that his plans were very unacceptable. At that point he broke loose and scolded them expressing how much their constant fighting and divorce anguished him. He told them of how much his childhood, that should have been full of happy memories, was saturated by their screaming voices and insulting fights. He made it clear to them how much his life was empty of their love and their presence as influential characters in his life. He spoke of how much he felt deprived by their extreme concentration on their business and ignorance towards his needs. He confirmed to them that his decision was final and that he had only asked to meet with them to tell them and not to ask permission from them. He declared clearly his full intentions of breaking away from them and the family business, at least for a while, till he relocated some peace in his life and built something for himself. Nigel immediately afterwards made the travel arrangements and in less than a week was off to Jordan to discover what the future had in store from him. 
The jeep trembled restlessly as it moved up and down the dangerously twisted terrains. Its' tires dominated the thick undisciplined yellow sand and released bursts of dust around and behind it clouding any possible visibility at the side mirrors. Nigel's heart beats raced wildly and his stomach turned at the suspenseful ride he was in. He literally felt he was on the back of an untamed stallion in a rodeo and tried to brace himself to the seat he was in to restrain his body from shaking. If at all there was an appropriate time to call it quits with Angel, now was the best time; but her resilient serious looks as she drove and the silence she kept made him realize how determined she was. When she had those facial features it meant don't mess around with me. Oh he knew better than to swim against her tides of anger. She was ready to drop him off in the middle of this wilderness and drive off to the Pyramids alone if the occasion calls for it. After all, those were her parents that were shot at their home in New York.
Nigel's world swirled around him in circles a couple of times before he felt the burning material make its' way up his esophagus. He begged, "Please Angel stop the jeep!!!" Angel stepped on the brakes restraining the motors to a full stop. Nigel stepped out of the jeep and crouched on the grounds. The material burned him superbly as it erupted from his mouth. His coughing and AAAAYYYHHHSSS filled the atmosphere about. Angel stepped down from the jeep and hurried to where he was. She showered him with questions, "Nigel is everything alright…what is wrong? I have a hot herbal drink that can help."
"I will survive…" the coughing and vomiting commenced once more for a brief period of time then Nigel sat down leaning his back on the front wheel of the jeep attempting to savior some rest. Angel sat down legs crossed besides him eyeing his face and his paleness. She felt guilty at her hasty driving but it was necessary to reach there before sunset so Nigel can drive back as quickly as possible before midnight. 
"Thank You Nigel for coming with me."
Nigel replied in an exhausted tone of voice, "I'm still lost if we are doing the right thing or not. We are two people in the middle of one of the wildest deserts on earth headed to check out if a total legend exists."
"Nigel I saw it and I showed it to you." She took the small sized papyrus in her hand and looked at it with what the setting sun provided of light. "All our tests dated it back to the nineteenth dynasty. Look." Nigel looked at the map that had a picture of the three pyramids with an arrow underneath the pyramid of Khafra specifically pointing to exactly the middle of its east side. Then a couple of steps were drawn underneath with hieroglyphics saying "To Great Ramses's Treasure Room." The papyrus ends at a tear afterwards when it begins to mention something pertaining to "Death Lies."
Nigel answered back in deep thought, "What if it’s a hoax. What if we will only waist our time looking around the pyramids till night time prevails for nothing."
"Nigel we have nothing to lose. Mustafa and his three men he promised to meet us with will do all the digging. What if there were really stairs leading to something down there. Ever since I discovered this map by coincidence in my mother's study that was ravaged by who ever murdered my parents and I have had the urge to discover its details. It was carefully kept inside one of the books on the library shelves, as if my mother intended to hide it away. Apparently it was overlooked or perhaps they didn't have time to search every single book in my mother's extensive library. Oh I only wish the police were able to discover something. Perhaps the fire in my heart wouldn't be so wild and I wouldn't be so feverishly trying to discover something about their mysterious deaths." Tears fell down from her eyes as she remembered the funeral last year and what she went through at the sight of her parents being buried in front of her. Nigel took out a tissue and wiped her eyes carefully. He smiled back and answered, "I don't blame you Angel. I know what is going on inside you."
Angel's eyes sparkled as fresh tears washed over them while she continued, "I swear by my parents graves that I will track down that filthy dog and make him pay dearly for what he did.
"You are even beautiful when you are mad Angel," Nigel thought as he watched her blue cat eyes tear and sparkle repeatedly. She was so beautiful to be devastated and at such an early age. At six feet in length she maintained a super sexy figure, milky white complexion, a friendly heart shaped face and long red hair that reached till her waist. Her sexy cat eyes were an entirely distinguished paradise of beauty to him. But his feelings for her were predestined to wait some more as her parent's death prevented him from opening any serious relationship matters with her.  
Angel smiled back trying to fight back her sadness and patted Nigel on his hands. Nigel was more than a best friend for her. He always was there for her and supported her during work countless of times proving his loyalty to their friendship. If it wasn't for him at the funeral in New York she would have collapsed into waves of depression and sorrow rendering her totally handicapped. He was such a handsome smart character and glowed like a jewel in her eyes. He was at a towering height of six feet and a half with broad wide muscular shoulders from his heavy daily workouts. Despite his bulky body friendly looks complimented his heart shaped face. Thick black hair and a pair of black eyes that shot looks of confidence never failed to glue her sight on to him and ignite fires of want inside her. When he hugged her to console her from her sadness at her parents funeral she felt so comfortable and right being in his strong muscular arms. But her feelings for him had to wait. Her parent's death came first in her newly organized agenda of tasks. She had to verify the details of the map. If they were true, somebody out there would have been after her mother to use her as guide to the treasures of Ramses. This was the only explanation to what is going on. When she refused, she already knew of their presence and killing her was the only way to guarantee the secrecy of their operation. To her it was a pure mafia at work, nothing more and nothing less. 
Nigel gave her a sincere look and answered, "I just would have felt more secure had the police been notified of this buried treasure. They would know how to catch those murderers…"
"The police will never be able to catch them. Those people know how to do the crime and cover their tracks well. I can't wait that long." She gave the pyramids a good luck and continued with a menacing tone of voice, "When I contact the police I want them to be caught red handed. I will be the trap that will lure them."
Nigel jumped up from his place startled and picked Angel up, "NO Angel!!! I forbid you from doing that!!! These guys murdered your parents in cold blood!!! They will step on anyone that stands in their way!!!"
Angel cried and shouted back, "And who will avenge my parent's death Nigel! The police don't have the slightest clue as to even who shot them! From what the forensics could tell, the bullets were fired from a pump action shot gun! Their brain tissue was found splattered all over the library! That is all what they have to go on!"
Nigel hugged Angel as she surrendered into frustrating crying and tears. "I'm sorry sweet heart. I'm dearly sorry. I will stand by you and support you. God help me sweet Angel." 
Suddenly dancing rays of light shined superbly from around the pyramids as the sun hid itself behind the ancient structures. Angels' tearful eyes squinted from the bright lights and made her realize that they were loosing time. She pulled herself back from Nigel's warm embraces and said, "Nigel it's getting late. In minutes dense darkness will prevail. We have to pick up our travel."
"Yes darling." Nigel brushed her hair and said softly, "Even if you are facing death itself I will be with you to support you sweetheart."
"Thank You Nigel. I appreciate it."
Nigel's heart pumped with life at Angel's warm embrace. Her sweet caresses awakened rivers of passion and want within him and renewed his spirits that were deteriorating from the bumpy ride moments ago. How much he wished for those moments to last till eternity. He unintentionally hugged her again and approaches her lips but Angel jumped back embarrassed, "Nigel…now is not the proper time…I can assure you…my mind is much to clouded."
Nigel suddenly awakened from the sugary world he released himself into. He glanced towards the grounds, face blushing with red and discomfort, realizing the improper position he caused for both of them. He apologized, "Please forgive…I…I don't know how that could have happened…please forgive me…I swear I didn't mean to…"
Angel said nothing and began circling around the jeep. Nigel opened the door and both hopped in. Angel turned on the engine and geared the jeep into life. A silence prevailed all through the way as both in reality didn't know what was to be said after their close encounter. However, deep inside Angel felt a slight uplifting sense of happiness begin to make its way into her heart. She was not alone. Her parents did leave to heaven but it seems that the heavens were also smiling down upon her to bless her with another person that loved her. Could it be that they are trying to compensate her for the love of her departed parents?



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