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In my previous article, I provided you excerpts from my article "Thoughts" the segment related to Al-Azhar University. Then some excerpts from the “Call of the revolution in response to the thoughts of Mr Anthony Wilson”, and also the part related to Al-Azhar University. I concluded the article with excerpts from my response to the “the front of the Union of Middle East Communities”, and also about the Azhar University and the theology "University".

Today, as promised, I convey to you my article about Dr. Ayman Nour. This time, I will publish the full article, which was published in each of the newspaper "Al-Mustaqbal (the future)" - Australia 19/03/2005, and "Al-Masri (the Egyptian)" - Australia 31/03/2005, and I documented it within the book, "The Expatriate" Part VI, issued in Australia in 2006.

The Article: 
"... The demonstrations that go out every day in front of the Supreme State Security Prosecution and the Attorney General and your voices that were reaching me while I was in a prison cell, these voices shook the earth beneath their feet. These voices have turned my prison into freedom and turned their freedom to prison, and I announced last Wednesday a very important announcement, I will run for the presidential elections".

These are some of the speeches given by Dr. Ayman Nour, head of Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party on Saturday, March 12th after his release from prison on bail for being accused in cases of fraud. This happened in the streets of Cairo and police did not intervene, although he said in the interview with him on the satellite channel "Today" and on "Cairo Today" program, after only half an hour of his release. I say that he said that security tried to mislead all who came to welcome him about his whereabouts.

Dr Ayman Nour spoke in the program "Cairo Today" and touched on many things that happened to him since his thinking on the creation of an opposition party to the National Party, which is regarded as the sole ruling party in Egypt. This is not new since the political parties in Egypt were abolished and the one-party system appeared in the form of a political party headed by the President of the Republic. This means that the party acts under orders of the President directly, and no doubt that all members of the ruling party, under whatever labels the party is called, from the editorial board to the National Union to the Socialist Union to Egypt Arab Socialist Party in 1978 to the current National Party, they can not oppose the party leader who is the head of the Republic. 
The fact is that it has been allowed to return the existence of parties in Egypt, and actually we find the Uniting Assembly Party which was founded by Mr. Khalid Mohie Eddin, one of the men of the Free Officers who did not agree on the way those men ruled the country and preferred to stay away and leave the country. The party is now headed by Dr. Rifaat Al-Saeed, then the Wafd Party, but not with the same strength as the Wafd Party before the revolution. Whatever the number of opposition parties in Egypt, Dr. Ayman Nour, has made it clear in a television interview that his party, the Party of Tomorrow, its age on the day that he was arrested is 89 days only. However after they tried not to approve the notarization of the party as an official party in Egypt, which the party's founders had guarded when registering it and so applied for registration with five names to ensure the choice of one name of the five and approve the registration. In spite of all this, manipulation did also happen to disable the registration. Prior to the registration of the party by three months and its recognition, all of a sudden, the party's leader, Dr. Ayman Nour, is arrested on charges of forging documents particular to the party and its establishment.

Strangely enough in this thread is the US interest in Dr. Ayman Nour, and this was clearly manifested in the words of Ex U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and also the current Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The broadcaster Amro Adib asked Dr Ayman Nour a question in this regard. His response came in a sarcastic form when he said: 
- Condoleezza Rice was with me at the university, while Madeleine was my colleague in the secondary. 
It is clear from this response that he denies he has any connection with the Americans. But truly, why all this attention in a man like Dr. Ayman Nour? Is it because he is a Member of Parliament? Is it because he represents a new party, and as he said about himself that he represents the generation of the youth of forty years?

No answers to all these questions make him distinctive and worthy of all this interest.

America is known for its resolve to apply the new map of the Middle East; a map that differs without doubt from the road map for the Palestinian cause; a map that   
is intended to divide these countries, the countries of the Middle East to small States in the sense that each country is divided into mini-states, and each mini-state would have a governor and its government. And each governor does his best to keep his seat on which he sits. And instead of having one governor for the country, the country gets divided, any country in the Middle East. And so the identity of this country gets lost and nothing is left of it except what history has recorded in the past, unfortunately the distant past, because in the recent past, we have made all the mistakes that have brought us to this despicable situation that we find ourselves in, and in which others have ventured into our existence and non-existence.

We went after the nationalities and some backward ones still see it as the solution to stand in the face of Americans and non-Americans. What was the result? Of course we all know it, weakening of the patriotic nationalism of each country in the Middle East. This weakening is the first and direct reason for the lack of faith of belonging to this country or that and this lack of faith has made the citizen look to the rulers of the others, especially in countries with more rich resources than his country, and hoped and dreamed of a quick gain and his tongue twisted and his facial features changed and his clothes which he was used to see himself in, altered.

This led us to run behind other ideologies, religious ideologies, instead of what had been nationalities became represented in religion and calling in the name of religion to gather all the countries of the Middle East under its banner and re-establishing the religious state.

All this is happening to the average citizen and he does not know which path to take, and which idea to believe, and which way to go. We called from the Diaspora and said if each state focused on its children and cemented in the minds of the children the importance of belonging to the homeland before anything else, for I am an Egyptian by birth in Egypt of Egyptian parents and thus my Egyptian fiduciary comes first before anything else, and my loyalty in my work for Egypt is the target that I am seeking.

I have not veered out of the heart of the matter that I am writing about; because the heart of the matter is to work for the homeland and the elevation of this country by raising the quality of life for the people of my whole nation without discrimination. Let's read this part of the talk of Dr. Ayman Nour:

- The truth is that I am not a candidate against anyone. I am Ghad Party candidate to run against the National Party candidate. I am also the candidate of a generation and not just Party candidate. I am a candidate for reasons not including our lack of appreciation for the role of President Mubarak. Not including that he had achieved what he could achieve in a quarter of a century that he continued as President of the Republic. But among them respect for the value of life in this nation. And that lively nations are ones that can provide worthy children able to interconnect their experiences, and can continue giving. I'm actually surprised that some people think that a nation the size of the Egyptian nation having 70 million Egyptians and having civilization and culture, and we had one day trading of power; we find that we are facing a single selection because of a constitutional obstacle.

I content myself with so much of the very long dialogue, which made me think that Dr. Ayman Nour is a strange and rare phenomenon, rare and worth a visit.

Oddity of coincidences that I saw and heard on Saturday, 05.04.2014 a dialogue that took place between the media commentator, Imad Eddin Adib "channel CBC" and Dr. Ayman Nour in Beirut. Despite the skill of Mr. Imad Eddin Adib in the dialogue, but I did not get out of that interview with something new. Dr Ayman Nour, is still in my opinion "a strange and rare phenomenon worth stopping by".

One thing I want to comment upon and it is the request of Dr. Ayman Nour that the next president be a civilian, pointing out within his statement “Hamdeen Sabahi”, because Egypt has been ruled by non-civilians, "the military", forgetting the year of the rule of Dr. Mohamed Mursi Al-Ayyat of Egypt. I think he was a civilian and not military. Isn’t that so? 
I also remembered what he said about "Mursi" in an interview with him, Dr Ayman Nour told him: 
* The distance between the ousted president Mubarak and Tarah penitentiary is 30 meters, while your distance is 30 centimetres



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