Sandra Kaltoum, Candidate for National Policy Forum

Government is often considered the most intrusive organisation. Governments are held accountable for the welfare of their constituency. I am nominating for National Policy Forum (NPF) because I would like the opportunity to communicate with Labor Party members and reflect their concerns back to the decision makers.
I am optimistic about Labor’s future and would like the opportunity to be involved with the NPF because I believe it provides an opportunity for greater community consultation. I hope the outcome of my participation will be more widely representative policy.
The recent NSW Council Elections demonstrated that we have lost touch with our Labor voters. Many traditionally Labor supporters were alienated, particularly in Western Sydney. It is imperative to reconnect with the reform and zeal of the Labor past and reaffirm our commitment to those most dependent on Labor.
I am a law and economics student, studying at the University of New South Wales. I am a second-generation Australian. Both my parents are Arabic Speaking. I currently work part-time for both the Transport Workers Union (TWU) and the Finance Sector Union (FSU). I am a young member of the party, have been involved in many Labor campaigns and ran on the Holroyd Labor ticket in the recent Council Elections.
I joined the Labor Party because I believe it is necessary to defend the rights of the working class, to improve the circumstances of the disadvantaged, to engage with sound economic policy that ensures the future of this country and improves equality. I know these are core Labor Party ideals. I am motivated by these ideals and would ensure they are prominent considerations in all the NPF’s decisions.
Having worked in an Electorate Office, I appreciate that there is often varied community interest and opinion on policy. I will strive to ensure that all views expressed to me are properly considered. I believe the NPF will provide an opportunity to rebuild our strong Labor ideals and ensure the future. It is necessary to embrace a new way of thinking and to support members who have relied and depended on Labor. The NPF should be utilised to create innovative and sound policy, allowing us to revive the party and rejuvenate our approach. I would love the opportunity to be involved with this on your behalf.
Voting opens Monday the 5th of Novmeber 2012 at 9am. You can vote by following this link:
Sandra Kaltoum
0425 391 911
Our mailing address is:
3/254 Pitt St,
Merrylands NSW 2160




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