Jamal Al Jaral, A Patriotic & Courageous Lebanese MP/ Elias Bejjani

As his educating and clear crystal superb interview with the LBC TV shows, this Lebanese Sunni MP, Jamal Al Jarah proved without a shed of doubt that  he is really great in both Knowledge and patriotism. He  bravely witnessed for Lebanon and the truth.
Personally, as a Maronite Lebanese Diaspora advocate I did enjoy much his logic, analysis, self respect and love for peace and democracy. I did at the same time admire and hail  his appealing intelligence in calling the shots as they are without any cosmetics or cajoling. People like him are real Lebanese soul and heart.
In occupied Lebanon, (the occupier is the Iranian-Syrian Axis of Evil), We need his likes and those real men of his Lebanese caliber to be Lebanon's MP'S, politicians and leaders. Mean while definitely and without any sort of hesitation or any doubt the Lebanese do not want or even dream to have now or in the future any chameleons, opportunist, and heartless Lebanese dignitaries in any position that sadly resemble the derailed Maronite MP, Michael Aoun and the arrogant and pro Axis of Evil Maronite Patriarch, Buchara Al Raei.
In my own modest, but surely extreme Lebanese opinion as a Maronite, and with a peaceful conscience and full conviction believe that if Maronitism (being a Christian  Lebanese Maronite) is courage, nationalism, love for Lebanon, sacrifice, championing of freedom, independence and rights, Mr. Jamal Al Jarah the Muslim Sunni Lebanese MP, is a more Maronite than both  Maronites Alraei and Aoun.
The free Lebanese from all walks of life and denominations in both Lebanon and Diaspora have a national and ethical obligation to give all the credits that Al Jarah deserves, and the at same time expose the anti Lebanese and pro Axis of Evil stances, rhetoric, advocacy and alliances adopted by Michael Aoun, Al Raei, Bishop Mazloum and all the other 8th of March puppet Christians who are in reality notorious temple merchants.
Al Jarah in his interview listed with documentations, proves and actuality the devastating dangers and hazards of the Iranian armed Shiite Lebanese Militia on every thing that is Lebanese, peace, law, judiciary, coexistence, human rights, equality, freedom, democracy and civilization.
Al Jarah enumerated tens of out law and shameful atrocities from all kinds and on all levels that Hezbollah and his puppets like Michael Aoun and others are blatantly and openly committing, including embezzlement, bribery, stealing the Lebanese institutions, not paying taxes, trafficking, planting and manufacturing all addictive drugs, organized crime, terrorism, planning and executing mercenary assignments as dictated by the Iranian Mullahs all over the world.
According to Al Jarah, Hezbollah does not believe in the Lebanese state or in its constitution, and according directly and indirectly, covertly and overtly is endeavoring  via well organized set of schemes to destroy all Lebanon's institutions and totally marginalize its governing bodies.
In regards to the Maronite Christian, MP, Michael and his followers, Al Jarah stated that Hezbollah has bribed Aoun with the telecommunication and the electricity ministries' portfolios where Hezbollah Leadership cover with a blind eye all the stealing, bribery, embezzlement and other outlaw activities that pro Aoun officials commit on daily basis.
In reality, Hezbollah has nothing to do with resistance, liberation or any actual patriotic Lebanese or Arabic causes by any means. Hezbollah is an Iranian militant brigade, a division of Iran's notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Revolutionary_Guards_Corps). According to dozens of well documented and trustworthy reports, Hezbollah continues to run a vast, well organized and extremely sophisticated global network of drug trafficking, crime, terrorism and arms trafficking, infiltrating many Arab states, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Australia, United States, Europe, South America and numerous previous Islamic states of the USSR.
It worth mentioning that Hezbollah's leadership and its mujahedin are totally entrapped in their own world of Iranian denominational fantasies and dogmas. Accordingly, the criteria and standards of what is right and wrong to which they abide, honor and follow are totally set up and shaped by the Iranian mullahs. These anti-democratic and oppressive criteria and standards are continuously manipulated, changed, adjusted and shuffled by the Iranian mullahs to suit their dream of reviving the Persian Empire. Accordingly and due to this twisted psychological and radical Islamic religious training and breeding, Hezbollah's leadership is unpredictable and cannot be trusted by any means. They are blood merchants and sadly their merchandise is the people of Lebanon, including their own community members. They do not care who starves or even who dies. They have no actual or permanent allies or friends, only hired and temporary followers and mercenaries, who have been bought with the Iranian petrodollar "Clean Money".
In conclusion Al Jarah emphasized that Lebanon can not by any way reclaim its confiscated independence, freedom, sovereignty, endangered coexistence and actual identity as long as the terrorist Hezbollah remains armed, running his own ministate, fully controlling the country's decision making process by force and intimidation while holding with a monopoly grip on the war and peace decision.



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