"The international youth initiative supporting the establishment of the Palestinian state ( 6thJuly 2011)

Slavery has gone and Palestinian people still under the severity and the violence of the Israeli occupation intending continuously to execute our national Palestinian identity and our legitimate rights . Our initiative comes from the strong belonging to a holy Palestinian land and from our deep faith in freedom as a part of this free world where human rights prevail This initiative intends to gather and mobilize all world liberals in favor of our stolen historical right to create a worldwide public pushing situation to support the independent Palestinian state on the 4th of June 1967 borders and its capital east Jerusalem in conformity with the UN
resolutions 181,242 Nations have been agreeing since the establishment of the first international organization on the safeguarding of the humanitarian dignity , promoting peace and protecting the self determination right, but we are  still facing the Israeli arrogance protected by the American veto that refuses our right to establish our independent sovereign state.
For this we call all the world liberals to support this Palestinian dream by participating in the first public pushing movements marches on the 6th of July 2011 in front of the American embassies all over the world protesting the American policy and the damper president Obama's speech on 19th May in which he is denying his promise that was on the 23rd of September 2010 before the general assembly about the full membership of the Palestine in the United Nation The public pushing movements will continue in the United States and the rest of the world countries till the State deserving.
Together to freedom All for a Palestinian state and ending the occupation … on this land what deserves to live for."
Coordinating Committee and the briefing to the global youth initiative to support a Palestinian state Ahmed arar / 00972598702035
Moaz al-Tllaa/ 00972599950596
Youssef Nouri,/ 00972599187031
Khalil al-Wazir/ 00972599930030
Selim Al-agha /00972599602803
Ibrahim al-Tllaa/ 00972599248347
About the vision of the coalition:
independent legal Representing the ruling body of a Palestinian youth of Palestinian personality, the 21 youth group representing various shades .society goal, to unify the Launched the Coalition for a lofty and noble national .Palestinian ranks and end the division carried out by This was the groups involved in activities and events different actors with civil and other student frameworks for the after that gathering Has been the formation of the body .Palestinian cause for the unity and this noble goal and we decided to be part of a real actor .future of the nation Palestinian youth in Gaza Where means the coalition of all the issues of Diaspora, in all areas and the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem and the .of social, political, economic and cultural rights
their problems Work to defend the rights of young people and interest in their and concerns, and support their initiatives and to activate .participation in decision-making order: education, Coalition seeks to activate the role of many reforms in ٣social health, employment and economic opportunities, political and to participation, and support young people with special needs, in addition .activating the rights of young people
and the ،The coalition will work to develop various life skills the establishment of And .development of creativity and talent of youth .real development projects for young people .their rights Create and enhance opportunities for young people to know.



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