Candle Art, lighting candles to support freedom and democracy in Syria

Federation Mall, in front of Federal Parliament, Canberra

Friday 17 June 2011 at 4:00 PM
The Australian Syrian Association with the support of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia Inc. is holding a 4000 candle display in support of the Syrian people in their demands for freedom and democracy. The display will be in Federation Mall outside the federal parliament on Friday 17th June 2011. (Official Program to commence at 4:00 PM)

Since 18 March 2011, the Syrian regime has attacked unarmed peaceful civilian demonstrators with most brutal and barbaric savagery, it has tortured, maimed and killed men women and children, including 13 year old Hamza AlKhateeb who was tortured and severely mutilated before his body was released. To this date, a number of Syrian cities are under siege with some residents not having had access to food for weeks. Many thousands have attempted to flee the brutality into neighbouring countries.

A team of Australian Syrians have been joined by Australians of all backgrounds to work with Australian candle artist Jorge Pujol from early in the morning on Friday 17th June to present a 4000 candle message in support of freedom for Syria. A Friday prayer service will also be held in Federation Mall at 1 PM. The official program with speeches and candle lighting will begin at 4 PM. Media are invited to take photos of the display and interview participants. Aerial photos by Mr. Stefan Postles will be made available free of charge by 7 PM at the following site:, you will need to use the password: Syria

"We hope that this peaceful message will provide the moral support to freedom supporters around the world, especially the people of Syria, that we are with you and will continue to stand with you in your march towards freedom." Said Keysar Trad, President of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia on behalf of the Australian Syrian Association and the participants in this event.

"The Baathist regime's crusade against the people of Syria is doomed, no regime that maims, tortures and kills its own citizens can remain in power for long. We tell the regime here and now, quit. We tell supporters of the regime outside of Syria, your support of the Syrian Baathist regime makes you accomplices in war crimes. We appeal to our Australian government to take a stronger stand against the savagery of the brutal fascist Baathist Asad regime of Syria." Said Mr. Trad.

A sample of our artists work is at:

Authorised by: The Australian Syrian Association
Media Contact: Mr. Keysar Trad 0410 336 922
Mr Fadi El Haje
Postal Address: PO Box 21. Punchbowl NSW 2196
T: 0404050403



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