The 3rd Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards

The 3rd Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards Presentation dinner was celebrated last night at NSW Parliament with over 145 representatives from multicultural and Indigenous media outlets, joined with by many Members of Parliament, community representatives and joined together with many distinguished consular representatives to recognise and celebrate the achievements of multicultural & Indigenous media.  

The night was made extra special with the presence of The Former Premier the Hon Bob Carr and of course with the presence of a number of parliamentary colleagues including amongst others, the Hon John Robertson Leader of the Opposition and his Deputy the Hon Linda Burney who delivered welcome to country. 

“The third annual Multicultural Media Awards, now proudly re named the Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards celebrates the achievements of remarkable people in multicultural and Indigenous media”.  Mr Moselmane said

Today multicultural and indigenous journalists have the capacity to bring news to every household like never before.  They also break down social and cultural barriers as well as prejudices faced by new and indigenous Australians alike.” Mr Moselmane said

Multicultural Media and Indigenous media combined have become a wonderful and effective tool for dissemination of information empowering migrant and indigenous communities. 

This empowerment of Indigenous print, broadcast and other news mediums, are engaging our nation, and, importantly, has highlighted stories long untold, stories of hardship, stories of oppression and stories of injustice brought upon our First Peoples.

“You as Indigenous media have given great urgency to the rights struggle of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and for that you must be commended.

“Indigenous media, focusing on the challenges faced by First Peoples of this continent, helps in elevating the struggle and highlighting the inequalities for all to hear, see and read”. 

“Finally congratulations to the award winners and I encourage all to participate in the 2015 MIMA”. Mr Moselmane Said.

Shaoquett Moselmane is the Chairman of the Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards Inc. 

Contact: Shaoquett Moselmane 02 9230 252
The Award Winners were:

Category Winner and Media Organisation
Journalist of the Year Malarndirri McCarthy (NITV)

Kumud Merani (SBS Radio’s Hindi Language Program)
Photographer of the Year Romeo Cayabyab(The Filipino Australian)

Freedy Handa (The Indian Telegraph)
News Reporting Maja Jovic (Neos Kosmos)

Geoff Bagnall (National Indigenous Times)
Editorial Reporting Mr Gerry Georgatos (The Stringer)

Dr Woolombi Waters (National Indigenous Times)
Coverage of Community Affairs Miss Lok Hei (Feemi) Lai (Sing Tao Daily)

Online News Coverage Mohamad Taha )Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
MIMA Hall of Fame for 30 Years of Service Mr Paolo Rajo (La Fiamma)


Ms Malarndirri McCarthy: Executive Producer of NITV nightly news and experienced journalist. Leads SBS’s NITV nightly News with a distinctive edge to Indigenous reporting, and also presents and produces ‘Week in Review’ – a dynamic weekly wrap of Indigenous stories.  Former ABC newsreader and journalist and former Parliamentarian and Cabinet Minister in the Northern Territory.  

Ms Kumud Merani: Accomplished journalist, documentary maker, author, actor and SBS’s Hindi Language program Executive producer. Kumud dedicated many years of professional commitment to multicultural broadcasting.


Mr Romeo Cayabyab: Photographer, editor and producer of The Filipino Australian’s winning entry of Walk for Respect, It’s Story in Photos, from the “The Walk for Respect” march in Lakemba in early 2014.  The photos were published in The Filipino Australian and on the web to inform the readers and social media followers about retention of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Mr Freedy Handler: The winning photo (Bar Bombay) was published on the cover of the Indian Telegraph.  It captures a Bollywood dancer member of the Indian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.  The photo illustrated a special report supporting Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Indian community at Sydney’s Mardi Gras 2014.


Mrs Maja Jovic: Reporter from the Neos Kosmos. Her winning entry was entitled Family Violence Confronted (In Victoria), a story which focuses on the high level of unreported family violence experienced by newly arrived migrant families, in particular the Greek community.  It also explores the Victorian Government’s action to protect women and children and victims of family violence.   

Mr Geoff Bagnall: Reporter from the National Indigenous Times. His winning entry was Warning another Stolen Generation looms as Grandmothers fight to save their families.Geoff’s story highlights the anguish of grandmothers of children who were removed by child protection services in NSW, and their placement outside of their culture instead of with suitable extended families.  It articulates the need to prevent another stolen generation and apology by the Prime Minister.


Dr Woolombi Waters: Reporter from National Indigenous Times, winning title was Our greatest concern is creating Unity. Dr Woolombi Waters’ brave, visionary and inspiring editorial explores how the Indigenous community can move forward.   He asks his people to question what the legacy hey want to leave future generations of Indigenous Australians. It is a powerful report on reconciliation both within Indigenous communities and between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Mr Gerry Georgatos: The Stringer, with winning entry:  What will it take to end Aboriginal disadvantage and inequalities? Gerry Georgatos’ editorial blends  years of investigative news reporting and feature writing, reflecting on hundreds of visits to communities. His answer on what will it take to end Aboriginal disadvantage and inequalities?  A multitude of voices in a humanity born out of respect and difference. 


Miss Lok Hei (Feemi) Lai:  From the Sing Tao Daily Print, with winning entry: Chinese community stood up against the proposed changes to Racial Discrimination Act.  The piece provides an in depth coverage of the Federal government’s attempt to amend Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act in March, leading up to the abandonment of the amendment in August.  It canvassed a wide range of opinions from the community, public consultations, Politicians and others; revealing the dynamic issues arising by cleverly surpassing the language barriers.  


Mohamad Taha: Journalist from the ABC, with the entry: Teachers, pupils on mission to tackle racism in Australian schools. This multi-media online piece articulates its treatment of racism in schools.  It provides a good online resource to help young people overcome racism using hip-hop.  It examines, the roots of racism, existing programs, effective strategies, successful models, the role of government, anti-racism organisations, and what students think should be done as they talk about their first hand experiences.


MIMA Hall of Fame for 30 Years of Service proudly presented to Paolo Rajo for services as a journalist, La Fiamma in the presence and support of Armando Tornari. La Fiamma first edition was published on the 15th April 1947.
Pictures by Moustafa Hijazi



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