Nightmare In Egypt…Part 7/ Feras Werr

Wednesday 6th of July 1960, 11:00 PM, Lake Placid
The soft ripples of the ceaseless waves gliding on the surface of the sea met Marilyn Starlight as she stepped out of her Rolls Royce. The images of her husband's empty yacht floating in the peaceful marina blurred in her tearful eyes. A piece of her inner tranquility broke off and rolled down with every teardrop that fell from her eyes as the mysterious voice that called her twice in Paris to convey his messages echoed endlessly in her head. "If I were you, I wouldn't feel too secure leaving your husband quite as often as you do. Betrayal is very possible for a man with his money and stature in society. He is usually well entertained in a private undisclosed yacht at night." She demanded repeatedly that the caller announce his name but the phone would go dead very quickly afterwards leaving her soul raging with anger and shock. "Richard Browning? Her beloved husband that showered her with passion and love around the clock; sleeping with a woman other than her? Why? Just the thought of it hurt her so much." 
She was very sexy at thirty years with a superb five foot and a half fit figure, long blond hair, white complexion and marvelous green cat eyes. Her fabulous ample breasts were a catching quality of her young silhouette and her heart shaped face radiated with enchanting feminine beauty. She had everything any successful man would want to have in a woman and yet her husband it appears maintains a secret Mistress. It was so choking after five years of marriage to suddenly find hidden unexpected things in your marital relationship. He married her at twenty five, when she was extremely young and she grew up in her years not knowing any other man but him; not dreaming of being in the arms of any other person but his embrace; and yet when she's off on leisure visits he forgets his commitment and runs to the arms of a harlot? What about the times when his lips would meet with her red wanting lips and cover them with caresses; what about the committing words to her love he would whisper in her ears when they made love in bed. All this would get dumped very easy? 
She boarded the silent yacht and sat down with her clouded mind thinking about the many times she supported him with her connections to reinforce his growing businesses. Two months after their engagement she threw a huge party to introduce him into her family and influential circle of friends. Money met money at that party and within three years after their marriage his businesses were among the most successful in New York. Although starting with a thriving but single company her connections and help boomed him into a multi-million dollar businessman owning companies dealing with meat packing, foodstuff manufacture and export holding the Browning brand name, detergent manufacture and commerce. Lately establishing a car manufacture plant with his Arabian contacts was on the top of his agenda. When he wanted to run for the senate she was so thrilled by his decision and pulled a lot of strings to help him finance his campaign. She never wasted a single effort in being a devoted wife and as a reward he dares betray her with a disgusting woman. 
She looked around the lounge of the elegant yacht that Richard had kept away from her knowledge. "Quite handsome taste Richard," She thought. "And did you and your low life mistress pick it together?!" The lavish comfortable couches surrounding her; the short but elegant bar that stood silently in the corner to her right side with two semi-filled glasses of scotch still infesting the air with their powerful alcohol smell. Red lipstick on the tip of one of the glasses softly glowed under the lights of the yacht. She released a sudden gasp as she spotted the wooden post with the ropes hanging from it at one of the corners. She approached it and studied with alarm. She never knew before that her husband was into any form of BDSM. He maintained very normal sexual practices with her. Not once did he grow aggressive, not even in their wildest arguments. "So it's not all about sex senator. She likes it a little rough before bedtime." As she eyed the whipping post her feelings towards him began changing. She literally felt he was a total stranger to her. She no longer felt she was his wife with full knowledge about his life. She began cursing the hours and minutes she spent with him. Bitter hate began surfacing within her. She clutched the revolver in her purse as her mind raced with devilish ideas. Oh she felt that she could have his liver for dinner and not care; a true worthless rat that needed to be brushed away from her life very quickly. 
She heard footsteps boarding the yacht. Her husband's laughter that was coupled with a feminine voice filled the atmosphere about. Suddenly the door opened as she stood in greeting of the well dressed couple. Richard was in a black tuxedo and Raghda was in a long beige dress with flowing vertical strokes towards its bottom. It had a low cut neckline that clearly showed her bust line. Marilyn drew a triumphant smile as she saw Richard turn into a stone pillar at her sight. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped with surprise. For a full minute he stood tongue tied doing nothing but staring at her while she stood blazing with menacing smiles.  
Raghda's eyes bounced back and forth a couple of times at Richard and Marilyn before her face glowed with perception. A panicky feeling engulfed her as Richard finally requested, "Its best you go back and leave us to talk for a while."
Marilyn beaming with elegance in her white silk blouse and long black silk skirt swaggered with a royal disposition towards Raghda. Her diamond necklace that she wore around her neck, her earrings and bracelets in her wrists sparkled in front of Raghda's eyes that were radiating with shock and alarm. She commented sarcastically, "That must have been one elaborate dining experience that brought you back so satisfied and happy. Dine With Wine? Or perhaps Arabian Evenings?" Raghda's face flashed with tension. Perspiration began forming on her forehead as she stood in her place absorbing Marilyn's attitude and words. 
Marilyn's eyes bounced up and down at Raghda's dress as she continued mocking, "Well you couldn't have been dining anywhere else with that magnificent dress auntie…well you will excuse me but the fine wrinkles at the sides of your eyes and mouth do suggest your mature age." She looked at Richard and asked, "Aren't you going to introduce me to your aunt." Richard frowned and glanced on the floor beneath. Raghda turned around to leave but Marilyn caught her by her arm and turned her around continuing, "Well allow me to introduce myself auntie then…I'm Marilyn RICHARD'S WIFE YOU WORTHLESS HARLOT!!!" Marilyn raised her right arm swiftly and gave Raghda a smart smack across her face. A sharp sound resembling that of a small firecracker echoed through the yacht as Raghda's face swayed sideways. Another smart smack followed with the back of her hand thrusting Raghda to a nearby couch crying. Richard stepped in between them begging, "Enough Marilyn…."
"Your protecting her you worthless bastard." Marilyn involuntarily gave Richard a smack across his face rendering him gazing at her in total shock. "When I was engaged to you five years ago you were only worth a quarter of a million dollars owning one company you vagabond. I devotedly introduced you to people that helped you up the ladder and quadrupled your owning to a multi-million dollar conglomerate group; I helped you as a devoted wife and not once did I forsake you; and this is what I get from you; betrayal?" Marilyn took out of her purse her gun making the couple jump up startled in their places. Raghda ran up to Richard and hugged him while Richard pleaded hysterically, "Marilyn calm down please. Its just not worth it..please calm down…lets talk…just you and me." 
Marilyn spoke with bitterness, "I made you into what you are today and I’m going to destroy you. My father is going to eat your liver believe me…now start moving."
Marilyn ushered Richard and Raghda towards the controls of the yacht. They both silently stepped outside and walked the small isle around the lounge that led to the front steering area. Soon the yacht's power was on and in gear. 
Richard showered Marilyn with tense pleadings while steering, "Marilyn lets talk, I have always loved you..I have always loved you Marilyn….Let's talk. That is all what I'm asking you to do. I can explain everything."
Marilyn yelled back while eyeing Raghda whom was shaking in her place besides them, "And your disgusting mistress proves your words correct you bastard!!! Drive and keep silent!!!"
Raghda begged hysterically, "Please forgive me! I swear I will leave you and your husband alone..just don't kill me!!! Please!!!"
"Shut up you pathetic whore! You will get your just reward in a moment's time!"
Raghda knelt down on her knees and screamed for mercy as she saw the anger shoot from Marilyn's eyes, "I swear I will never ever bother you again!!! Just don't kill me!!! Please!!!"
Richard snapped back, "Can’t you forgive me for a mistake…anyone can make mistakes…"
"Get up you whore. Your voice is giving me a headache. And as for you Richard I didn't say anything about not forgiving you." Richard relaxed a bit at her statement and replied, "I knew you had a white heart and it will clear up …"
Marilyn replied, "Don't worry. It's just that you are old enough for the punishment coming your way." Richard's face changed into multiple tensed frowns again as Raghda stood up.  He looked at the gun and gulped hard. Marilyn suddenly commanded, "Anchor here Richard!" Richard complied and returned facing Marilyn whom was calmly smiling at them both. 
Marilyn checked the glowing lights of the marina and land features in the backgrounds that the distances dwarfed in size. Satisfied she commanded, "I want you both to strip your clothes."
Richard snapped back frustrated, "That is enough Marilyn." He briskly stepped towards her in an attempt to disarm her but halted as he found the gun pointing straight at his face. "Don't mess around with an angrily armed lady Richard. Right now I have love and respect for thieves and murderers more than you. You and that harlot resemble nothing more than beetles to me. Now Strip." She fired a warning shot in the air that sent them dancing around and stripping their clothes off. Eventually Richard was in his underwear and Raghda in her lingerie. 
She looked at Raghda and asked, "You know how to swim right?" 
Raghda immediately went down on the floor and began kissing Marilyn's feet and begging, "Don't please, I will drown. The shores are far away. Please don't maam!!!"
Marilyn shoved her away with her foot and fired another warning shot in the air, "Jump in the sea both of you!!!"
Marilyn cocked the revolver in her hand and aimed the gun at Richard's head. Richard screamed, "RAGHDA JUMP IN THE WATER!!!" Two huge splashes of water erupted besides the yacht instantly. Marilyn looked down at the thrashing couple and said, "The shores are quite a distance from her Richard so you have enough time to think up of the name of a good attorney for our divorce arrangements.
"Marilyn don't leave us here!!! This is attempted murder!!! Look I will do anything but throw me a life buoy!!! Have a heart on us!!!"
"Raghda hollered hysterically, "YOU ARE CRAZY!!! WE ARE GOING TO DROWN!!! THERE MIGHT BE SHARKS HERE!!!"
"Sharks in Lake Placid you ignorant harlot?! Good Bye!!!"
Marilyn worked the automatic anchor and turned on the engine. She steered the yacht away ignoring the distress cries that lied in the backgrounds. She had no pity in her heart towards them. To her they deserved what they got. 
In two days New York was rocking with the news of the divorce. The newspapers screamed with headlines in its social columns and gossips about the couple's deteriorating marriage. 
Marilyn never returned any of his calls and refused to meet with him under any circumstances. Even a third party that he sent to her house came back with a disappointing negative answer. It eventually became clear to him that their marriage reached a crossroad of no return and was to be resolved through law. 
The GBI walked into his life and began asking questions concerning his vast bank accounts and the source of his incomes. Her lawyer did a good job of unveiling the questioned bank accounts to the court and convincing the court to include them in the assets to be decided upon in the case if the GBI decides their legality. Soon enough the couple met at the law firm representing Marilyn to negotiate the distribution of the property and wealth in the midst of crowds of reporters that were following them for any possible statements. The meeting that raged with tension and bitterness ended after one hour with Marilyn leaving the law firm in full happiness feeding the gossip pens of the reporters. Richard stormed out of the building angry avoiding any of the media questions about the outcome of the meeting. The case progressed and Marilyn eventually walked away with fifty percent of his holdings that included two of his four companies. A manor in the UK also became legally hers. Richard was left with the other half of his property aggravated and in total despair. The GBI interrogations ended afterwards in a week unable to confiscate his suspected illegal incomes and fifty percent of his once anonymous bank accounts were granted to his wife. 
Despite his strong connections that kept what was left of his wealth in place wild competition raged in the markets against him. Some big chain stores that bought his brand of products and meat productions switched to other brands and his client list began shrinking. Many companies consolidated and went down in their prices to force his prices down and make him loose. Although he tried to sell at loss in an attempt to regain some cash flow, within three weeks his stores began piling up with unsold goods as the monopolies began closing in on him. His bank accounts began getting consumed to support his hurt businesses and payrolls. Merciless and illogical government taxes were hurled at his businesses challenging his unstable incomes and business stabilities further. With the general preparing for travel to Jordan very soon and the organization planning to liquidate him after his return the organization members unanimously began secretly established another shipping firm that operated via an alien connection. Smuggling operations were pending till the new shipping company began its operations. He was literally sinking on his own with no extra revenue to help him cover up his losses. The banks turned down his loan applications due to his companies' unsound progresses. Gradually he closed down one of his two remaining companies in an attempt to save what was left of his liquid money and cancelled his car manufacturing plant with his Arabian friend. This unexpected cancellation he was asking qualified him immediately for prearranged contract fines. He fought hard to try to save the detergents company and sought to find fresh sales opportunities for its products. However a final blow hurled him into hell as the sources of raw material raised their prices on his company. With the new selling price calculations the final product would be available to the consumers at very high costs than its competing brands. Very soon the detergent company closed down and the senator surrendered into his new reality with only five hundred million dollars in liquid cash left from his 2 billion dollar empire that shattered to pieces. 
Saturday, 6th of August 1960, 11:00 AM
Senator Richard swirled the cup in his hands a couple of times rocking the ice cubes within and took a good gulp of the strong Bourbon content. The redness that lit his cigar raged as he dragged deeply and puffed the dancing fumes in the air. Frustration and depression were heavily caving in on him as he calmly sat in his office at his mansion pondering the quick month of misfortune that beat him up with no mercy. The organization slyly tried to twist his arm and strike its deal with him. In return for pulling a couple of strings for him to cancel some of the heavy government taxes they asked him to oppose a presidential proposition that was expected to be debated by senate empowering the GBI to bug telephones and place them under surveillance as it sees fit for national security purposes. Despite the few voices with him that awkwardly spoke out in senate to the surprise of many senators and opposed such legislations from being passed, the majority of his party in senate supported this issue. Even the opposing lobby along with them wouldn't be enough to obstruct such legislation from getting drafted into law as his party was dominant in Senate. Deep inside he feared it was the organization's way to avoid any unnecessary clashes with his in-laws. Supporting him would mean they were taking his sides in the war and the last thing they wanted was to support a weak ally like himself. However if successful in provoking him to lobby against the proposition and block it they would have achieved what best serves their illegal business with no mercy on his suddenly threatened political career.
Nobody from his supposed circle of friends called to check in on him or offer any kind of assistance. They all stood watching him close down his companies with no initiative to offer him a helping hand to bail him out of his problems. Nevertheless, it was a lesson for the future. Although his gigantic bank account shrank by his divorce and solving the companies' problems, five hundred million was plenty to rebuild his commercial empire once again. But he needed some piece with Marilyn's family. 
Starlight Group was an American transcontinental conglomerate with a portfolio of three successful companies. It resembled a commercial giant with world wide branches spread out in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Tobacco World Company with its wide selling Voyager Cigarettes was distinguished for the handsome packaging of its very fine cigarette brands. The cigarette packaging was made out of brass and designed circularly like the steering wheel of a ship with the cigarettes lined in consecutive radiuses around the inside. Marilyn was a member of the board of the Starlight group and GM of TWC. Her other brother Anthony whom was also a board member of the group ran Starlight Fashion and Jewelry House. A successful designing and manufacturing company with an extensive elite client list and very high market turnover, it was situated in Paris with widely distributed boutiques in France, Europe and the US. Starlight Fashion and Jewelry House was famous for designing jewelry especially to match and sell with their stylish fashions whereby presenting women with complete elegant trends in the fashions world. Anthony Starlight rarely found time to come to New York as the family's booming business left no leisure room. It was usually his parents and sister that flew to see him when ever they had time to spare. 
Richard was never happy with his divorce with Marilyn. Although encountering problems like any married couple during their relationship never before were they faced with anything that led to the gravity of divorce. As the days rolled by with what they brought him of despair and although running a full business agenda, when he would enter into his mansion he would meet with the total emptiness that suddenly clothed it; a huge void three story mansion with nothing echoing in it but the footsteps of his butler and the voices of his kitchen keepers asking him about his menu preferences for the evenings. Marilyn's abrupt departure from his life gradually began casting the consequence of loneliness on him. He simply was beginning to miss her and her warm embraces; the lack of her touches of love was thrusting his life into coldness. He missed hearing the light tick tocks of her high heels and the shuffling of her shopping cases as she would unwrap her buys in his office to show him her new fashions from her shopping trips. He missed her chatter that used to echo within his mansion and her silk night gowns that used to hang besides his clothes on the coat hanger in her room. Oh the sound of her laughter when they used to sit down and have their morning coffee in the mansion's garden and the scent of her flowery perfumes that used mingle so superbly with the gardens aromatic flowers. He can still remember her sweet words on one morning when they were having breakfast in the garden while the soft breeze brushed by them carrying to them the soft aromas of their garden, "Is it you or the flowers Marilyn?"
"What are you asking about?" she replied with her sweet sexy voice,
"The perfume that I smell."
"Well it's Jasmine from Feminine Forever."
"Oh when it touches your skin it turns into awesome spring and smells so finely."
Marilyn's laughter filled the garden, "Oh honey if you like it I will continue to use it." Marilyn got up from her seat and hugged him. There lips met passionately afterwards. 
Her parting undoubtedly proved to him just how much he used to be a happy man with her. He must have been a true fool to have thought that the hidden secrets of betrayal could be kept for too long. Or was it the tough licking she gave him when she divorced him and drowned away his businesses that was bringing his senses back to him?! The only thing he was sure about was that his heart was wishing she was around him. 
Another matter of importance rested in finding out as to who had informed her of his secret liaison with Raghda. It was so superbly planned to be a coincidence. Who ever that person was, he did an excellent job at destroying his family life and his finances. He was his enemy till the last day on the face of earthly life. Raghda was such a private thing in his life and he did an excellent job at keeping her a secret from everybody for a long while. Somebody would have had to have followed him intentionally around and researched him thoroughly to have retrieved such private affairs about him; and his Swiss Bank accounts were a total mystery as to how they got to the GBI's awareness. Somebody knew that with Marilyn's knowledge about Raghda a domino effect of problems would be triggered to destroy him. He had to find out very soon as to what went on. Perhaps if at all there was a glimpse of hope that he should unite with Marilyn, he might be able to find something out from her as well.        
  If weighed according to importance, finding a quick remedy for reconciliation was a must before any movements could be done. However was a month enough time? Or was it too early for her hard feelings to have settled down. "Should I follow my heart or common sense?" he pondered. Although with no clue as to what should be done and when, his hands involuntarily picked up the telephone and dialed her number. The tone rang briefly before a hospitable voice answered, "Starlight Residence!" 
Richard panicked with his undecidedness and the greeting remained unanswered for a second's time. Shortly afterwards the servant repeated, "Hello, Hello…" as his mind raced for an answer the line went dead. 
He raised his arms and banged the desk with frustration damning his weakness. The icy alcohol that rested besides him on the desk shook in the glass cup. He picked it up and threw it towards a wall in his office. It shattered to pieces and fell on the floor leaving a stain on the whiteness in front of him. He should have spoken up and tried to ask for her. She might have answered his call. Even if it was a small glimpse of hope it could be the beginning of something of significance.
His office door shook with three small nocks. He commanded with a stiff uncomfortable voice, "Not now please."
The door opened and Thomas his butler stepped in with a big package in his arms explaining, "I’m sorry sir but the person that delivered it said it was of utmost urgency sir."
"Bring it over please."
The Caucasian English man with average height came close and placed the package on the desk in front of the senator. His white complexion and bald head beamed under the chandelier in Richard's office. His sixty years of age showed by the wrinkles of old age that filled around his green eyes and mouth. He immediately moved towards the door and commented before leaving, "Will there be anything else Senator."
"But who left it Thomas?"
"They said it was a gift sir. When I inquired as to whom sent it the man just stepped into the Mercedes and left without saying anything."
"Thank You. If anyone else asks about me I'm busy with a meeting; and Thomas what about my travel arrangements to DC?"
"Your flight leaves tomorrow at eight AM and your bags are ready sir."
"Thank You."
The office door silently closed as Richard began studying the cubed box in front of him. It was about twenty feet in volume and wrapped with brown paper and a string. "What could be in it?" he asked himself. Suddenly splendid feminine perfume filled the air around him. "Could it be Marilyn?" He knew it was highly unlikely but his soul began glowing with hope. "Maybe she had second thoughts and still harbored something within her heart towards him. Her heart was bound to clear up at a certain point." He began unwrapping the gift and opened the cardboard that rested underneath the paper. His body petrified with fear as the dials with its twelve graduations screamed in front of his eyes. The tick tock of the seconds' hand that suddenly began moving and the big bundles of dynamite that was wrapped underneath it sent waves of chills up his spine…



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