Invitation to a seminar: Domestic Love instead of Domestic Violence

Yesterday, Sat 20/9/2014 at 7.30pm; OLOL Parishioners prayed the Rosary while walking from (St Patrick’s Cathedral- Parramatta) to (Our Lady of Lebanon’s Cathedral- Harris Park). 5 Policemen were walking behind
-“Domestic Love instead of Domestic Violence” is a campaign requested by His Grace Bishop Antoine Charbel-Tarabay, spearhead by the “Aus-Leb Christian Women Community Association ALCWCA” for the sake of our Lebanese Children.
The Statistics are grim, two thousand children die in outburst of family violence each year; 140,000 are injured physically and emotionally. In at least half of these cases there is evidence of child abuse.
Do you think our Lebanese Children have the right to have a peaceful mind after what..?

It is our duty to assist in paving the way…
Many thanks in anticipation.



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