The time is here for the Kfarsaroun Charity Association Fundraising Event.

As you are all aware we haven’t been able to hold our functions for the last two years due to the pandemic. Having said that, our work is never done and we would like to continue to help the people of Kfarsaroun. 

This time around our fund raising will be different. As a charity we have collectively decided to send much needed supplies, via shipping container, to Kfarsaroun. These supplies include (but not limited to) medications, powdered milk, long life foods etc. 

We have been in contact with many people from Kfarsaroun and they are in desperate need of these items. The situation in Lebanon is extremely difficulty right now and people don’t have access to the essential items required day to day. 

As President and as committee members we would like to ask for your kind donations regarding this cause. Any amount that you can donate will go along way to assisting us with this container. 

Since the charities incorporation of 1975, we have never asked for any donations, all previous monies raised in the history of the Association have always come from our annual fundraiser. The charity is committed to assisting the people of Kfarsaroun and this container will go a long way in supplying many villagers with the essentials they need to survive.  

The Bank Account Details are as follows:

Arab Bank

BSB               917111

ACCOUNT  700043890

Please also insert name which the donation is on behalf, as a reference number.

No donation is too big or too small, the Kfarsaroun Charity Association sincerely thanks you in advance for your kindness.

If you have any questions relation to this fundraiser please contact either of the following people.  

Elias Nassif

Kfarsaroun Charity President   0425 230 649

Samia Elias                  0433 773 779


John Ashak                  0414 799 049




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