It was a dreamy night where nothing could go wrong
Where love was the ruler
Where dreams seemed a reality
And where lovers pledged their enless love for each other

There, under the shining stars
Rakita gazed at the sky dreaming waiting for her lover
Waiting for his gentle voice whispering in her ears
Waiting for his reassuring words for her.

Like a knight on his horse,
He swept her off her feet
He took her hand for a magical dance 
He built around her an empire of an everlasting romance 
And he promised her to be the only one.

Rakita danced with him throughout the night
She looked in his eyes trusting him believing him
She adored him
She poured out her feelings to him
But she was unaware that her heart would be shattered.

Suddenly, Rakita was left alone
Her prince disappeared
He lied to her
He used her
He betrayd her kindness, her innocence
He hurt her with no remorse.

Tears rolled endlessly on Rakita's cheecks
She was distraught
Her soul was empty with no life
Her heart was broken, pierced and nothing could ever mend it.

Oh Rakita, you were a victim.



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