The Association For the Development of the Arabic Folk Poetry in Australia and the Arab World Incorporation (ADAFPAAW), T/A Association for Poetry and Heritage, together with its Committee Members, are pleased to advise that we have organised an Honorary Function on 15 November 2017 at the Parliament of NSW , for our precious and great Virtuoso , from the Arab Republic of Egypt, namely Dr. Magdi El Hossiny, (Musician, and Famous Organist) , Born in Assiut, the largest town in Upper Egypt (South Cairo), and an old city which was first settled in Pharaonic, having regard to his unique, brilliant, distinguish, unprecedented, and meritorious achievements in Music. 
Venue and particulars of the Honorary Function The Honorary Function was held at the precincts of NSW Parliament House – The Jubilee Room on 15 November 2017, at 2:30 pm.

The purpose of the abovementioned Function is to reward and present our sincere gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation to ‘ Dr. Magdi El Hossiny’ who 39 Wattle Street, Punchbowl, NSW 2196 – Phone (02) 97597633 – Fax: (02) 9758 2479 Mob: 0414 299 773 – Email:
has excelled throughout the years as an 'Organist', and has played an adverse role in elevating the image of ‘Music’ to its utmost glory and pride. 
The Honorary Function is unique, important, and most significant. It praises the tireless and unprecedented work of a High Profile Musician namely Dr. Magdi El Hossiny, who is labelled as ‘The King of Organ’ and the ‘Most Famous and Fastest Organist in the Whole World’.
Doctor Magdi Al Hossiny is an Egyptian keyboardist. He used to play in the band of the famous Singer Abdel Halim Hafez until the latter's death in 1977.
The ‘Golden Era’
We say with utmost pride that during the ‘Golden Era’, Dr. Magdi Al Hossiny was the Shining Light and Star of Egypt, and remains the same to date. 
It is with utmost pride and nobility, ‘Dr. Magdi Al Hossiny’ presented the work of the Greatest Singer in the Arab World, Umm Kulthum.
Furthermore, ‘Dr. Magdi Al Hossiny’ via “Al Massiyah” Orchestra has also presented and with great success the works of famous Artists, Composers and Singers from Egypt and other countries as well namely Mohamad Abdul Wahab,
Farid El Atrash , Abdul Halim Hafez, Fayza Ahmad, Warda Al Jazairiyyah, Wadieh El-Safi, Sabah and others. Doctor Magdi Al Hossiny had worked with many composers namely Baligh Hamdi, Sayid Makkawi, Kamal El Taweel, Mohamad El Mughi and others, who no doubt were and remain the Greatest Music Celebrities in the Arab World.
The Guinness Book of World Records
At one stage, the Guinness Book of World Records clocked Dr. Magdi Al Hossiny as the World’s Fastest Organist.
Transmitting of Culture and Heritage
Throughout the length and breadth of Egypt, Dr. Magdi El Hossiny, had worked tirelessly to reflect an impeccable image of the Country of Nile.
Furthermore, Dr. Magdi El Hossiny, had transmitted throughout the years the Egyptian faith, traditions, culture, values, history, and heritage to the Egyptian Wider Community, and the Whole World as well.
Doctor Magdi El Hossiny is a man of nobility, a man of the arts and of refinement with a keen interest in the Egyptian heritage. His visions has an adverse impact on the Australian / Egyptian/ Lebanese/ and various other communities as well. Such visions have created tolerance, solidarity, and a particular combination of meditation within same.
Doctor Magdi El Hossiny is no doubt a great and precious Asset to Egypt, and the World.
Pieces of Music for PEACE
Throughout the Function, Dr. Magdi El Hossiny will play various ‘Pieces of Music’. More importantly, Dr. Magdi El Hossiny will play ‘Pieces of Music’ which will be chanted by various Singers for ‘PEACE ‘, in the presence of various Members of Parliament, wishing that such Peace reigns over the Whole World.
All attendees at the Function will be carrying ‘Glowing Candles’ throughout the music session.
Rewarding Virtuoso , Dr. Magdi Al Hossiny, Musician, and Famous Organist We say and with great humility that the services rendered by Dr. Magdi El Hossiny to ‘Egypt’, and the ‘World’ and in particular to his Students must be recognised, and his vast devotion to ‘Music’ deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded.
In light of the above, we are of the opinion and verily believe that Dr. Magdi El Hossiny deserves to be rewarded.
We hereby seek that, your Excellency present Dr. Magdi El Hossiny with an ‘Award’ on behalf of your Association ‘Al Ghorba‘ having regard to his unique talents, and meritorious achievement in Egypt, and the World.
Name and Title
The name and Title of Dr. Magdi El Hossiny are set out hereunder for your assistance:
Musician ~ Famous Organist ~ Piano Player
Copy of ‘Curriculum Vitae’
For the sake of Assistance and consideration we enclose hereto copy of a ‘Curriculum Vitae’ pertaining to Dr. Magdi El Hossiny in all its richness and diversity.
The Grand Music Festival – Second Function This Festival will be held at the precincts of the Bryan Brown Theatre in Bankstown on 17 November 2017, at 8:00 pm.
We hereby request the pleasure of your company, together with your partner at this most significant celebration. Copy of Invite attached.
Links to Recorded Music Performance by Dr Madgi El Hossiny As a token of respect and appreciation, please find enclosed herewith links to Recorded Music Performance by Dr. Magdi El Hossiny.
Our sincere thankfulness
We thank you for your understanding herein, and look forward to receiving a notification of your prompt response at your earliest convenience . We embrace this opportunity to present our sincere thankfulness to your Excellency, and wish that Peace, serenity, and love reign above our beloved Lebanon, Egypt, Australia, and the Whole World forever.
Yours faithfully
Association For the Development of the Arabic
Folk Poetry in Australia and the Arab World
Incorporation (ADAFPAAW)
Dr Bahia (Betty) Abou-Hamad
Lawyer, Public Notary and Founder
Ambassador for Peace –UPF



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