On hearts and minds: Contesting the narratives of violent extremism

In recent years, radical religious organisations have been making headway in their efforts to recruit new followers to their extremist causes. Harnessing new technologies, decentralised groups like ISIS, or “Daesh” can now spread their messages far and wide across borders, sometimes without the need to make face to face contact with their coverts.
Instead of reacting blindly to these narratives of hate, which have inspired in recent years increasing numbers of lone wolf and small cells’ attacks around the world, the challenge is to take control of the
narrative itself.
In this lecture, Dr Abbadi, one of the most respected Islamic scholars in Morocco, will share his views on how we may be able to shape our own narratives in this battle over hearts and minds.
The Speaker: Dr Ahmed Abbadi
Dr Abbadi is the Secretary General of Morocco’s League of Mohammedan Scholars, one of the most influential Islamic organizations in the country. He received his PhD in Islamic Studies from Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakesh, where he is a Distinguished Professor of Comparative History of Religions and Islamic Thought.
From 1999 to 2000, he was a Fulbright Scholar in Residence at DePaul University and the University of Chicago. Between 2004 and 2006 he had served as the Director of Islamic Affairs at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. He currently heads the Committee for US‐Morocco Strategic Dialogue and Morocco’s Higher Council for Education. Dr Abbadi has written numerous articles and books on Islamic thought and jurisprudence.
01 November 2017,
Quad Refrectory
Room H113
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Abe Quadan



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