It was on a summer night
The shining stars filled the sky
The moon smiled and illuminated the dark earth
A sweet gentle breeze blew refreshing the atmosphere
And lovers held hands gazed in each other's eyes and whispered the words of love

 I stood there in a corner watching wishing to be in love 
And in a blink of an eye i was swept off my feet drowning in the sea of love 
Unaware of its cruelty unaware that i would be crushed and deceived

I danced i rejoiced
I sang loudly in the name of love 
I cried tears of joy tears to be replaced in tears of pain and agony

He knelled poured out his heart reassuring me of his endless love 
He swore by me 
And i believed

Suddenly i was left alone 
I looked around heartbroken dismayed disillusioned
My dream vanished
A lie i was living a lie 
And love became a deceitful love



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