Some say love is a fragrant rose
Some say love is a torrent of deep feelings
Some say love is a fountain of endless giving 
Some say love is a powerful force of all shaking the hearts the souls 
And yet i say love is the unknown mystery drawing us towards it 
Either embracing us or breaking us

My head is troubled
My thoughts are burning 
My mind is overwhelmed with joy fear uncertainty 
Do i plunge in this sea and drown in it?
Do i surrender to my feelings in the name of love?
Or do i withdraw from this uncertain battle?

 I gaze at the clear sky
I contemplate the illuminating moon the shining stars 
Everything around me whispers in my ear how beautiful love is
And like a little innocent girl i jump dance 
But very quickly i wake up from this dream and pull back

I can not hold the tears 
I am broken
I am distraught 
I am shattered
Scared of love i am and will always be



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