Peace, the shattered dream/ Mirna Nehme

Peace? Does it exist anymore?
Does it have a meaning? 
Does it have a taste or it has become a shattered dream?
How can we sleep while others are starving? 
How can we sleep while others are persecuted?
How can we sleep while children are deprived of their innocence and purity? 
How and how and how?
Nations are burning; people are fleeing their homelands to the uncertain unknown which is compacted with fear and challenges. 
Wars are erupting at the expense of the innocent, the universe has turned into a dark forest where tyrants, criminals and corrupts are ruling with no mercy. 
The sky is blackened, the sun is saddened and the moonlight is dimmed. 
Tears are rolling, cries, lamentations are rising loudly and sharply, hearts are dismayed and broken and the earth is smeared with blood.
Will we ever or can we ever regain peace? 
Yes, hopefully one day a new dawn will break and the sun will shine brightly but until then peace remains a shattered dream.



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