Good evening my dear Charbel Baini/ Mirna Nehme

Good evening my dear Charbel Baini,
With great joy I finished reading the books which were like a sea where I was drowning in. I would never be able to find the words to express my thoughts and feelings about each book. I could see clearly how each of the poets have a great respect and admiration for you and it was definitely proven in their  writings, their poems and their letters. I guess there won't be enough words to describe someone like you who is filled with modesty, spirituality, decency, purity, honesty, kindness, compassion, affection and integrity.  Friends of mine tell me that I am blessed to be associated with a person like yourself. I thank God for this.
As for the interviews which you conducted with the winners I can really say that they deserve the award and each one of them has great talents and rich qualities in every aspect which the world is thirsting for. Congratulations to them and may god bless them.
I, on the other hand felt I am still in the very early stage of my musical journey but I thank the Lord for this  wonderful gift  which he bestowed upon me and I ask him constantly to walk by my side because without him we are all powerless.



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