Lebanon's New President Will be Appointed By the Iranian Occupier/ Elias Bejjani

Sadly, and unfortunately, our beloved Lebanon and up till today is merely an Iranian occupied and oppressed country by all means and in accordance to all global standards. 
In this occupational and oppressive context, and despite all the on going presidential derailing day dreaming and delusional media rhetoric chaos, confusion and false debates that we are encountering, the Iranian occupier through its denominational, criminal and terrorist Army, Hezbollah, will appoint the new Lebanese Maronite Christian President no matter what are our stances or wishes.
In reality, and according to the current occupational status quo, the Iranian Lebanese appointed president will be totally a puppet and will be entrusted not to serve the Lebanese people, Lebanon's interests, or safeguard the Lebanese constitution, but to blindly serve the Iranian occupation, and its Mullahs' colonial expansional, denominational, terrorist agendas and schemes against both Lebanon and all the regional countries.. 
This appointed president no matter who is he, will actually be a Trojan no more, no less and his name will make no difference at all.
Our last three presidents, Elias Hrawi, Emile Lahoud and Michael Suleiman were all appointed by the Syrian occupier, and not elected or chosen by the Lebanese, and this same humiliating and devastating scenario will keep on replicating itself as long as our beloved Lebanon remains occupied and UN Resolutions 1559 and 1701 are not implemented.
It is worth mentioning that in 2005 the Syrian occupation was over, but since than this occupation was replaced by an Iranian one through Hezbollah Army, with the evil help of a punch of Lebanese mercenary political parties and politicians like Micheal Aoun, Suleiman Frangea, Walid Jumblat, Nabih Berri, and many others including prominent clergymen among them our derailed Maronite Patriarch, Bchara Al Raei.
In summary, Lebanon is still an occupied country by all means and standards, and the occupier is the Iranian Mullahs' dictatorship regime through it Hezbollah terrorist army.
The new Iranian chosen Lebanese president might be Suleiman Frangea, Michael Aoun, John Khawagi, John Obeyed, or any one else that is cut from the same mercenary garment, while politically, enslaved and castrated. 
Accordingly, all the Lebanese efforts and on levels and all domains needs to be focusing on ending the Iranian occupation which is the main cancerous and devastating problem, and not to naively and stupidly be totally pre-occupied with the symptoms of this occupational cancer and keeping a blind eve on the disease it self.
In the realm of Lebanon's Iranian occupation we, the sovereign and free will Lebanese citizens from all sects and walks of life be in Lebanon or Diaspora are ought not to be fooled by the blinding evil manoeuvres of the current rotten politicians in both 8th or 14th of March coalitions due to the fact that the majority of them are puppets, merchants, cowards, opportunists, hypocrites and their priorities are to serve their own interests, riches, personal gains and not the country and its citizens.
In conclusion, with the current status quo, and as long as Lebanon is occupied by the Iranian Mullahs regime and its army, Hezbollah controls the country and oppresses its people, the Iranian Lebanese appointed president will make no difference no matter who is he.

*Elias Bejjani



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