There is still Time/ David Mikhael

- There is still time to make for lost time.
- Dark days……after….. bright nights.

- And even if life does not rhym.
- There is still time 

- Strong winds motions killed the notion…
- Voice is quite…..despair speaks loud….

- Hit the will with the wind and chime.
- There is  still time!!

- Aims are too high, my slope is deep….
- Hands are too short… can’t reach……..

- Reach the cliff with the eye and climb.
- There is still time!!

- Now and my there are apart in space….
- Dreams stillborn …won't be buried.

- Create your gold out of the grime.
- There is still time!!

Poem: "Hypocrites"

Some only belive what they only wish to belive, lest;
They might be exposed out of their self-decorated vest. 

Their ignorance is uttered with close mind and open chest. 
Awarded themselves the marks after they invented the test.

The fools bragged and promised this is not yet their best. 
I dusted off: may you give your brains a lasting rest. 



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