St John the Beloved Arabic School Program

Doing a great job in the education of future Maronite generations in maintaining their language and preserving their identity. The Arabic Language is at the heart of Australian Multiculturism supported by all spheres of Government. One can speak volumes about all the benefits of learning a maternal language and about the great benefits of Bilingualism and even Triligualism etc.
To mark the end of a successful school year the students put on a play. It was quite entertaining and the little angels amazed the audience with the stadard of their performances and their ability to deliver the Arabic language which they have been learning at the Community Arabic Language Centre at St John the Beloved.
In attendance were Bishop Tarabay represented by the Vicar General Monsignor Marcelino Youssef, Mr Albert Vella, President of NSW Federation of Community Languages Schools, Mr Raymond Abi-Arraj, Head of the Maronite Diocesan Arabic Language Schools who was also representing the Maronite Catholic Society, Mrs Amal Bousamra, editor of eMarounia, the Parish Priest and Reverend Fathers at St John the Beloved and a great number of the parents and Community members.
“As Head of the Maronite Diocesan Arabic Language Program and on behalf of Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay I take the opportunity to extend our deep appreciation to both Federal and NSW State Governments for their support to our five Arabic Language Centres operating within our Maronite Diocese” Mr Abi-Arraj said.

“Further I wish to thank Nada, the Coordinator of the Program at St John The Beloved Arabic School and to her beautiful angels for their kind invitation and for their hard work in achieving a great and successful night enjoyed by all”.

In support of the Arabic Language Program, Mr Toufic Kayrouz, President of the Maronite Catholic Society donated $300. The amount was presented to the Program Coordinator, on behalf of Mr Kayrouz, by Raymond Abi-Arraj, Hon Secretary of the MCS.



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