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** Trial of the century:

The world will be watching on Monday, November 4, 2013 what may occur during the transferring of the "deposed" president by the will of the Egyptian people, Dr Mohamed Morsi Issa al-Ayatt, from his whereabouts under guard to the court for his trial based on what the prosecution has filed against him for crimes he committed before taking office and during his rule against the right of safety of the nation of Egypt and the Egyptian people.

This trial has been given the name of Trial of the Century, although it had already been given to the trial of President Mubarak, who "abandoned the administration of the country" to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, to please the demands of the people who came out calling for his ouster. Contrary to the insistence of the "deposed" president, by the people will which did not occur in the history of any country in the world, that he is still the legitimate president of the country. Here, is the horse stall for this trial. Because we are in front of a man who belongs to the group which does not recognize the demand of the people, who said their word when they came out on June 30, demanding the departure of Dr Morsi and not recognising him as the president of Egypt, because he became a deposed president by the will of the people, but he does not want to admit it.

Here is the awaited anticipation for this trial of unpredictable events which raise a lot of concerns, especially for that surprise visit by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, and the magnitude of the orders he carries from the White House. We ask God to save Egypt from the evil of bloodshed.

** Are the ones ruling Egypt now not having the authority to rule?

A question that raises amazement in me and it might afflict others with surprise like me.

We received with Joy a new government that was chosen with precision from the President of the Republic to the Prime Minister and ministers, to prepare Egypt to the next step, when the parliamentary elections and then the presidency or vice versa would take place after the approval of the Constitution for which a committee of 50 members was formed, not to issue a new constitution, but for "tinkering" the constitution that had been prepared by a backward committee of groups unrelated to Egypt and the Egyptian people. So, where to flee to?

A constitution, which should be a catalyst for Egypt to progress and keep up with the civilized world; unfortunately, we find it taking us to what was wanted by the banned group that almost took Egypt to the path of the abyss in the name of religion and the succession of Ali Baba’s dreams ...

It is a confusion of ideas between the will of the people which rejected the brotherhood and all the forces of the Islamic political current, and between those who want reconciliation and want to re-exist and suggestions about some of them taking leading positions. How would an ordinary Egyptian citizen feel reassured that tomorrow would be better than yesterday and today?  

This new administration, from the presidency to the prime minister and ministers carry the burden of the functions precursor to the future of Egypt. They make up the foundation upon which the future Egypt would be built on, in the form of elections based upon citizenship and law, and both coming out of a constitution which has no wrapping or rotation, that maintains the Egyptian’s human freedom and safeguards his full rights equal with the other sons of Egypt, no matter what their religion or creed, shape or sex "male or female." With profound regret, not even a little gleam of light promises that this administration is to do what is imposed on it to perform. It is not an interim administration waiting for the end of the period and leave. Quite the opposite, it is the management of a radical change in all walks of life that is the hope of every Egyptian lover of Egypt for all Egyptians.

I hope to find an answer to my question, which I started. 
Are the ones ruling Egypt now not having the authority to rule?

** The most beautiful TV interview I have seen:

We who live in the world of estrangement away from Egypt cannot keep up with everything that goes on the homeland Egypt of events and changeables. We missed Mr. Osama Kamal, the simple and calm media personality, who draws you to follow his program and listen to what he says at the beginning of the program and what he discusses with his interviewees or guests or, as it happened with the guest "on the program and not Egypt" the Kuwaiti writer, novelist and screenwriter, Ms Fajr Al-Saeed. We were happy with his return and we enjoyed the most beautiful TV interview that I had seen for a long time. This does not diminish the value of the rest of his programs and those of others, but hosting a writer of this cultural stature has another taste.

A virtuous lady whose beauty is inseparable from the beauty of her thoughts and her words that come out of the heart to reach the heart directly, without an intermediary. From the brotherly Kuwait, has aspirations that are similar and consistent with every woman in the Arab Gulf and in Egypt. I felt jealous of her love and respect for Egypt and the Egyptian people. How sweet it is to listen to her saying that Egypt is the Arab tent pole. What harms Egypt's stability hurts Arabs stability. Egyptians are the ones who treated me. Egyptians are the ones who taught me. Egyptians are the ones who encouraged me in artwork.

Mr Wahid Hamed was the one who helped me and encouraged me to write the script, and etc…

Her stance with the Muslim Brotherhood was as clear as the sun rays and its light on a day in the intense summer heat in Kuwait. She talked with the bravery of a writer who knows well the vocabulary to speak to you in expressive sentences with sincerity and honesty about her inner self and dazzle you with the capacity of her education and knowledge of what is going on around her in the Arab world or the West.  

You were ingenious in this interview, although the interviewer is not an easy man to talk to. Thank you Mr Osama for what you present in your Cairo 360 on TV channel "Cairo and people 2". And thank you Ms Fajr Al-Saeed on what you made us enjoy of thought, literature and science. You are really the dawn of the Arab women.

** The Program show and Bassem Youssef:

No one can deny that the Program show at its initiation tightened our attention and made us follow viewing it. And no one also denies that it was also a funny program and had caustic sarcasm on the government of the Brothers; it even reached the presidency of the republic in addition to Islamic channels, some of whose programs received some kind of sarcasm. But the truth about myself, I did not feel the taste of pleasure viewing the program, which was supposed to take me away from the concerns of Egypt and the deteriorating conditions since the parliament of Kandahar until the Brotherhood's Shura Council to the Presidency of Dr Morsi.  We also found from the president himself being cited by the "program pointing to the range of democracy of the rule of the Brotherhood.

After gathering clouds around the presidency of the Brothers, I do not remember that The Program show has continued. Indeed, we read about Bassem Youssef, the cardiologist and his adventures in America as a media star obtaining his prestigious position among the stars of American art, and his pictures covering the major newspapers and magazines.  

What happened occurred and the President departed. The President of the Brotherhood was arrested and a large group of leaders of the Brotherhood leadership, the most recently arrested yesterday was Dr Essam el-Arian and consigned to prison in preparation for his trial with others.

Suddenly, after we read on the pages of social network "Facebook" news that says that Dr Bassem Youssef was stabbed in his side and was between life and death in Kasr Al-Aini Hospital. And other news appear to believe the news and he was okay. We thanked God for his safety and our gratitude increased with more thanks when we learned that The Program will soon be broadcast from the same channel, and it is natural that he would be the presenter of the program and the material to be presented will have him as the cornerstone of its idea and purpose.

I did not see except very little of The Program show, which raised my rage and I did not follow it.

In the Brotherhood days, he would come out as the shadow player moving on the hidden hand of the man holding the dummy without being seen by the people, and the dummy speaking on his behalf. After he returned, I found that he was still a shadow player and speaking in the same voice tongue that he was speaking in the days of the Brotherhood with the transformation of sarcasm on them to defending them and their legitimacy and the coup and the like.

Lord, I did not feel comfortable, and as I said, I did not complete the follow-up viewing. 
By coincidence, I happened to read on the pages of social network "Facebook" an article about the return of Dr Bassem Youssef and his presentation of The Program show in a way that was not suitable to the current situation in Egypt, so I wrote this comment: 
[Bassem Youssef was attacking the Brotherhood and the authority and laughing at them without anyone coming near to him, even the Islamic channels or the authority, "the presidency". The reason is very simple; so that the world would know that the Brotherhood government believes in democracy and it fulfils it. Isn’t it like that or how is it then, brothers!]

This is an indisputable fact; but the cessation of the program is the right of the channel. And about the opinions that condemn this act of the channel "CBC", it is a training good enough to get to democracy.

** Leaders of Egypt and the children of the streets:

I also read on the pages of social network "Facebook" an article about street children written by Egyptian thinker Mr Lewis Francis, in which he explained the very important points in this subject, the subject of street children in Egypt.

Among what he wrote was: "And this is not the text of what he wrote, but what I can remember". Muhammad Ali Pasha in 1806 thought on the subject of street children, which had become a serious social problem threatening the Egyptian society; he ordered their arrest and placement in a safe place.

His thinking guided him to appoint a French instructor who had converted to Islam and was fluent in Arabic, to educate them in a correct scientific and literary education in order that the community would actually benefit from them. It was done for him, as every child of the street children enjoyed a place of reverence in the society. Some of them became craftsmen, farmers, teachers, scientists and legist Sheikhs Etc ... That is how he got rid of the presence of street children in his reign. They benefited and also the state and the society prevailed.

We come to our leaders from among the Egyptians who have ruled Egypt, or those who are not Turks or foreigners and ask what have they done or provided for the children of the streets? The answer is nothing to be mentioned except that anyone of them being arrested, whether a boy or a girl, would be thrown in care settings which have no affinity to what was done by Muhammad Ali Pasha in his rule.

And now their number has increased in a way improper to Egypt's future that we wish and we hope for her.  

Will we find in the current presidency and with it the government someone who will have the courage and forget that he is only transitory and would set his sights on reviving what Muhammad Ali Pasha did in 1806?

This is a hope that I wish to be accomplished; and thank you Mr Lewis Francis for your presentation of that subject, and forgive me for my writing the idea and not the text of your subject, and goodbye.

**This article has been translated from the original Arabic virgin by :

The Translator Mr. Sam Shalalo

Sydney / Australia



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