What a great night it was! The return of the popular Bishop Tarabay to Australia.

What a great night it was! The return of the popular Bishop to Australia.
Even the rain could not prevent the faithful from welcoming Bishop Antoine Charbel Tarabay last night.
Escorted all the way from Lebanon by his beloved parents, his Grace Bishop Mounir Khayralla, sponsor and representative of his Beatitude Patriach Bshara El Raii and Abbott Nehme, Bishop Tarabay's plane landed at Sydney Airport at 6.10pm then he made his way to Redfern for the traditional Thanks- Giving prayers at the heart of Maroniteness St Maroun's Cathedral.
Although it was raining, people were waiting for his arrival both inside and outside the Cathedral.
Accompanied by Bishop Ad Abikaram, Bishop Khayralla and Abbott Nehme Bishop Tarabay walked down the aisle to the majestic Maronite Hymns and to the joy of the worshippers on both sides.
Following the Thanks Giving prayers Bishop Antoine Charbel, along with the Bishops, the Abbott, his parents and Members of the Maronite Catholic Society, headed to Beit Maroun in Strathfield, his residence throughout his tenure as Maronite Bishop of Australia.
Welcome back to Dr Antoine Charbel Tarabay our champion as my son Joseph refers to him.
Bishop Tarabay will be officially installed as our 4th Maronite Bishop during a High Mass and Ceremony tomorrow Monday 3 June 2013 at 6.30pm at St Maroun's Cathedral.
Raymond Abi-Arraj



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