The Prodigal Son returns home to say: "I am one of you..."

Bishop Antoine Charbel celebrated this evening a Thanksgiving Mass at St Charbel where he served for a decade as a Priest, School Principal and Rector.....
The popular Bishop cut through the crowds assembled outside St Charbel's Church at Punchbowl-Sydney to greet him as one of their own......
In his address, Bishop Antoine Charbel, as he prefers to be called in future. had this to say and in particular to the youth: " You know me and I know you and I am one of you....The venue of my office has changed but everything else remains unchanged...You seek me anytime...and I am there for you..." "and I am open to all denominations and to all. This is our role in the Multicultural fabric of this wonderful nation Australia- We must meet the challenges together".

Bishop Antoine Charbel will board a flight back to Lebanon tomorrow to attend the Bishops’ Synod in Bkerke. We wish him well and look forward to his return towards the end of the month of June. Bon Voyage Sayyidna!

Raymond Abi-Arraj



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